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Series ID6694
Previous System LocationEDU/E1-32; A/5933-A/6128; RSI210
TitleExecutive Council Submissions and Minutes - Education
Parent Series
This series does not have a parent series.
Start Date Circa 1/1/1876
End Date 26/6/2013
Date Statement Gap 1965 - 1997.
Date Notes N/A

Executive Council records relating to Ministerial portfolios for the period - Department of Public Instruction/Education/Training/Employment/Arts

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Departmental NumbersN/A
System of Arrangement Annual single number (see notes re. numbering system above)
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Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
32Department of Public Instruction 1/1/1876 12/8/1957
404Department of Education 12/8/1957 12/2/2004
10713Department of Education and the Arts 12/2/2004 13/9/2006
10887Department of Education, Training and the Arts 13/9/2006 26/3/2009
11172Department of Education and Training 26/3/2009 3/4/2012
11451Department of Education, Training and Employment 3/4/2012 26/6/2013
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Access and Restrictions

Access Category30 Years
Access ProcedurePermission to access restricted material by responsible agency
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 11842
Department of Education (II)
Restriction DetailsDue to their sensitive nature, some items in this series are not available in the public catalogue until their Restricted Access Period (RAP) has expired
Regulation Details
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5251Executive Council Minutes 
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This series consists of copies of Minutes of Proceedings of the Executive Council. The usual practice was for each Minister to present recommendations from their own Department to the Executive Council. Each recommendation would then either be approved and embodied in an Executive Council Minute, or disapproved. A copy of the minute would be sent to the Minister so that their Office could take the necessary action.

There is a separate form for each recommendation. Each form contains a statement as to whether or not the recommendation was approved by the Council and the date and number of the Executive Council Minute which includes the recommendation. Where the minute has been published in the Queensland Government Gazette, the date of the notice is given. The letter number of any previous correspondence on the subject is shown on the top left hand corner of the form. The date of any subsequent action taken by the Department is also given. There might be remarks written such as "Crown Solicitor informed", "Confirmed", "Immediate action", etc.

The matters dealt with concern appointments, transfers, promotions, resignations, classification, leave of absence, etc. of teachers; awards of exhibitions to universities, scholarships; repairs to state schools; payment of subsidies to certain local bodies.

Format of Minutes: (a) 11 Jan 1892 - 5 Jan 1906: Letters from the Executive Council to the Dept. of Public Instruction forwarding copies of minutes of proceedings of the Executive Council for 6 Jan 1892 - 4 Jan 1906. (b) 9 Jan 1906 - 23 Dec 1964: Drafts of recommendations forwarded to the Executive Council by the Dept. of Public Instruction and returned for action.
Department numbering system: (a) 11 Jan 1892 - 23 Jun 1904: There are large gaps in Departmental numbers as minutes were extracted from the general in-letter annual single numbering system. (b) 9 Jan 1906 - 23 Dec 1964: Consecutive Departmental annual single numbers as minutes kept separately from the general in- letters. There are no Departmental numbers between 23 Jun 1904 and 9 Jan 1906 exclusive.
Executive Council numbering system: (a) 11 Jan 1892 - 30 Jun 1904; 7 Sep 1909 - 23 Dec 1964: Annual single numbers on minutes. (b) 14 Jul 1904 - 31 Aug 1909: Combination of letter and annual single number on each minute. The symbol "(?)" indicates the Executive Council number is too faint to read.
1998 - 2013 - filed by departmental reference number by year, not by minute number. Unnumbered items located in folders at back of boxes within the relevant year
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 6694, Executive Council Submissions and Minutes - Education
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Last updated 9 September 2016
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0) ( )
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