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Agency ID8904
TitleBrisbane Central Boys State School
Agency TypeEducation Provider
Start Date Circa 1/1/1880
End Date 31/12/1919
Date NotesN/A

Provided primary school education for boys only.

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2987Admission Registers - Brisbane Central Boys State School 1/1/1882 18/6/1917
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32Department of Public Instruction 1/1/1880 31/12/1919
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8518Brisbane National School
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10552Brisbane Central Girls State SchoolThe two secondary depts amalgamated 1920
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Information Sources

Department of Education, Queensland. School Files, EDU/AB1
Department of Education, Queensland. School Files, EDU/Z326
Queensland Parliamentary Papers, Session of 1921, Vol. 1, p. 643
Queensland Parliamentary Papers, 1922, Vol. 1, p. 641[17]
Queensland Parliamentary Papers, 1928, Vol. 1, p. 671
Education Office Gazette 1927, Vol. XXIXI, No.8, p.279
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered State Education Acts & Amendment Acts 1875-1957
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Brisbane Central Boys' School (Number 1) has its origins in the National School opened in Brisbane in 1860. In August 1860, the boys were separated from the girls. In 1862, the National School became officially known as the Normal School when it was reorganised to include a training school for teachers.

The name Brisbane Central Boys' School would appear to have come into usage about 1880 when the Annual Returns give this name. The Admission Registers from 1889 also use the name Brisbane Central Boys' School. However, the names Brisbane Central Boys' School and Brisbane Normal Boys' School were used interchangeably both in official documents and by the wider public for many years.

The school closed at the end of 1919 and reopened at the beginning of 1920 as the Brisbane Central State School when the secondary department of the Girls school was amalgamated with the secondary department of the Boys school to form the Brisbane Junior State High School. The new Central School was a mixed primary school formed from Brisbane Central Boys' and Central Girls' and Infants' Schools.

In 1922, it became the Brisbane Central Practising School until 1927, when the buildings were demolished and the Head, staff and pupils were transferred to the Leichhardt Street State School. (The latter school was renamed Brisbane Central School in 1954.) The Normal School was demolished at the end of 1927.

N.B Thoughout the changes explained above, the school retained its original number 1.

There is an overlap in dates between this Agency and the Brisbane National School (QA08518) because although the Brisbane Central Boys' School became virtually a separate entity, the National (Normal) School of which it was part, continued to exist until 1927.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID8904, Brisbane Central Boys State School
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