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Agency ID7339
TitleSolicitor General's Office II
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 5/8/1937
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Provides legal services to the government

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Series IDTitleFromTo
12116Briefs and Transcripts of Depositions Read During Criminal Trials at Various Locations 5/8/1937 31/12/1945
6226Registers of Criminal Depositions Received 5/8/1937 18/12/1970
18679Correspondence Files 5/8/1937 31/12/1970
8222Case Files (Solicitor-General) 5/8/1937 31/12/1981
20997Legal Files (Crown Law) 11/11/1938 23/10/1989
20759Commission of Inquiry Into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct (Fitzgerald Inquiry) Legal Files (Crown Law) 31/12/1942 23/10/1989
6870Trial papers 1/1/1944 31/12/1958
20766Fitzgerald Inquiry - Terence Murray / Michael Lewis 8/11/1948 31/12/1990
215Common Law Case Files 1/1/1950 14/5/1976
20772Fitzgerald Inquiry - Inquiry Exhibits 12/11/1952 31/12/1988
21076Index to Correspondence and Advices - Solicitor-General's Office 1/1/1957 31/12/1970
20760Fitzgerald Inquiry - Crown Law Correspondence and Instructions 18/11/1957 23/10/1989
20834Newspaper Clippings and Notes (Westbrook Inquiry) 17/5/1961 27/9/1961
20835Statements, Papers, Correspondence, Notes (Westbrook Inquiry) 17/5/1961 27/9/1961
20831Transcripts of Proceedings - Solicitor-General's Office working copies (Westbrook Inquiry) 22/5/1961 14/7/1961
20837Transcripts of Proceedings - Solicitor-General's Office working copies (Herberton Hospital Inquiry) 2/1/1963 2/3/1963
20838Herberton Hospital Inquiry Reports - Solicitor-General's Office working copies 2/1/1963 20/6/1963
20839Solicitor-General's Office File (Herberton Hospital Inquiry) 2/1/1963 20/6/1963
20915Case Files - Reference Material and Working Files - Police Force/National Hotel Inquiry 12/11/1963 10/4/1964
20914Transcripts of Proceedings - Police Force/National Hotel Inquiry 20/11/1963 24/2/1964
21033Committee of Inquiry into Matters Concerning The Valuation of Lands In Queensland 19/1/1966 19/7/1966
20775Indexes to Ministerial Drafts 2/6/1966 12/11/1969
20764Fitzgerald Inquiry - Queensland Police Service Annual Reports 30/6/1970 30/6/1986
20765Fitzgerald Inquiry - Queensland Police Service Submissions 30/6/1970 30/6/1986
16512Appeal File [Stocks Acts] 1/1/1973 31/12/1973
6787Seas and Submerged Lands Act, 1973 - Challenge to Validity 1/1/1973 31/12/1975
20851Reference Material, Working files and Legal Advice - Whiskey Au Go Go Inquiry 9/7/1973 23/10/1989
20841"Enquiry into Checks made on Female Jurors" (Police Talking to Jurors Inquiry) 3/8/1973 5/9/1973
20840Transcripts of Proceedings - Solicitor-General's Office working copies (Police Talking to Jurors Inquiry) 16/8/1973 5/9/1973
20770Fitzgerald Inquiry - Freier Transcripts 27/5/1976 28/6/1976
21074Legal Matters Index - Solicitor-General's Office 9/6/1977 19/9/1991
21075Records Registers - Solicitor-General's Office 9/6/1977 19/9/1991
20177Briefs and Papers [Morgan Inquiry] 1/1/1979 31/12/1983
20189Correspondence [Morgan Inquiry] 1/1/1979 31/12/1983
20188Exhibits 1/1/1979 31/12/1983
20180Notebooks [Morgan Inquiry] 1/1/1979 31/12/1983
20168Transcripts 30/10/1979 22/2/1983
20823Correspondence and Reports - Ministerial Committee on Drug Strategy 1/1/1981 31/12/1983
20853Lorrelle Anne Saunders – Litigation and Legal Advice 10/3/1982 N/A
20404Correspondence Generated by the Defence - Mabo and Ors v the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia (No. 2) 20/5/1982 23/10/1989
20407Exhibits Relating to the Crown's Defence - Mabo and Ors v the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia (No. 2) 20/5/1982 23/10/1989
554Material Relating to the Crown's Defence - Mabo and Ors v the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia (No. 2) 20/5/1982 23/10/1989
19768Court Transcript Evaluations - Mabo and Ors v the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia (No.2) 1/1/1986 31/12/1986
19787Transcripts of Proceedings - Mabo and Ors v the State of Queensland and the Commonwealth of Australia (No. 2) 13/10/1986 23/10/1989
20888Reference Material, Working files and Legal Advice - Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Inquiry 1/1/1987 23/10/1989
20763Fitzgerald Inquiry - Contempt proceedings 26/5/1987 2/9/1988
20769Fitzgerald Inquiry - Jack Herbert 26/5/1987 23/10/1989
20767Fitzgerald Inquiry - Johannes Bjelke-Petersen; Don Lane; Sir Edward Lyons 26/5/1987 23/10/1989
20768Fitzgerald Inquiry - Russell Hinze files 26/5/1987 23/10/1989
20771Fitzgerald Inquiry - Inquiry Transcripts 1/6/1987 3/7/1989
20761Fitzgerald Inquiry - Ruling and Indexes 12/6/1987 9/12/1988
20884Reference Material, Working Files and Legal Advice - Judges Inquiry (Vasta and Pratt) 7/3/1988 23/10/1989
20883Transcripts of Proceedings - Judges Inquiry (Vasta and Pratt) 2/12/1988 23/10/1989
20881Reports - Judges Inquiry (Vasta and Pratt) 12/5/1989 19/7/1989
20882Hansard [Parliamentary Debates] - Judges Inquiry (Vasta and Pratt) 30/5/1989 8/6/1989
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
19Department of Justice (I) 5/8/1937 31/8/1989
148Department of the Attorney-General 25/9/1989 24/9/1992
34Department of Justice and Attorney-General 24/9/1992 26/2/1996
120Department of Justice (III) 26/2/1996 1/1/1997
8783Crown Law (Department of Justice and Attorney-General) 1/1/1997 Current
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Constitutions Act 1867
Crown Proceedings Act 1980
Solicitor General Act 1985
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The public service postion of Solicitor General was first created on 11 April 1922 and, in this first instance, the position lasted until 24 April 1925. During this time the position was occupied by only one man, William Flood, who had formerly been the Crown Solicitor. From 1925 - 1937 there was no Solicitor General until the elevation of the Crown Solicitor to the position of Solicitor General occurred again on 5 August 1937 when the position of Solicitor General was re-established, and has continued to the present day.

The Solicitor General 's Office was also re-established and superseded the Crown Solicitor's Office, although the position of Crown Solicitor remained; an Acting Crown Solicitor was appointed on 18 November 1937 within the Solicitor General's Office.

The gazettal notice of 5 August 1937 states that the role of the Solicitor General is "to conduct Crown cases in the Courts and to have control of crown legal work."
In the Justice Department Annual Report 1974, the Solicitor General's Office is described as attending to "the legal work of the Crown in right of the State of Queensland...advice on legal matters is furnished to all Government Departments, Crown Corporations and Instrumentalities".

Under the Solicitor General Act 1985, "the functions of the Solicitor General are-
(a) to counsel for-
(i) the Crown in right of the state
(ii) the State
(iii) a person suing or being sued on behalf of the State
(iv) a body established under an Act
(v) any other person or body where it is to the benefit of the State that the Solicitor General should so act; and
(b) to carry out for the benefit of the Government of the State such other functions ordinarily performed by counsel as the Attorney General requests."

In 1937, within the Justice Department, under the supervision of the Attorney General, the Solicitor General's Office included the Solicitor General and the Crown Solicitor, a Senior Legal Assistant and Assistant Crown Prosecutor as well as an Officer-in-charge Common Law, and conveyancers. By 1972, the functions of the Office were performed by Prosecutions, Common Law, Conveyancing and Advisory Branches. In 1986, a separate Director of Prosecutor's Office was established, and on 23 October 1989, a Crown Solicitor's Office was re-established. The Solicitor General's Office was redesignated the Crown Solicitor's Office, and the Solicitor General's Office was created with a smaller staff.

With the introduction of a user-pays system on 1 January 1997, the staff of the Solicitor General were integrated into Crown Law, and made subject to the Public Service Act 1996; the Solicitor General remains independent subject to the Solicitor General Act 1985.

From 12 August 1890 to 13 March 1893, the Solicitor General was the Minister in charge of the Crown Solicitor's Office. From 1922 onwards, Solicitors General were public servants.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID7339, Solicitor General's Office II
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