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Agency ID6022
TitleKilbirnie State School
Agency TypeEducational facility
Start Date 28/8/1899
End Date 31/12/1961
Date NotesN/A

Provided primary school education.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
2653Admission Registers - State School 28/8/1899 23/1/1961
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
32Public Instruction Department 28/8/1899 12/8/1957
404Education Department 12/8/1957 31/12/1961
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Information Sources

Kilbirnie State School, "Admission Register - State School", "Kilbirnie, no. 876", 28 Aug 1899 - 23 Jan 1961; QSA: Item ID639055
Education Office Gazette 1899, vol. I, no. 3, p. 25
Education Department, "Teacher Register - All Regions", "Kilbirnie, no. 876", 1960-1961; QSA: Item ID823004
Education Department, "Statistical returns furnished by head teachers of Provisional and State Schools", "Kilbirnie no. 876", 1925-1961; QSA: Item ID11440
Education Department, "Batch Files, Public Works - Schools", "Kilbirnie no. 876", 1929-1963; QSA: Item ID126243
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered State Education Acts 1875-1957
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Kilbirnie State School was initially named Mount Darry Provisional School when it was opened on 28 Aug 1899. About 20 Oct 1914, the school underwent its first name change, being called the Mount Darry State School. After undergoing a second name change about 17 Feb 1921 to Zahley State School, Kilbirnie State School arrived at its final name about 9 Jul 1928. The school closed 31 December, 1961.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID6022, Kilbirnie State School
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