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Series ID5710
Previous System LocationSCT/EQ1-14, 16-33. PRV 11786/1. (RSI15168; SRS388 (TR3140) - MICROFILM); SRS5710
TitlePlaintiffs' Indexes to Writs and Matrimonial Petitions - Supreme Court (Brisbane)
Parent Series
This series does not have a parent series.
Start Date Circa 1/1/1872
End Date Circa 31/12/1991
Date Statement N/A
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Indexes to writs, and matrimonial petitions to 1976 - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane

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Departmental NumbersN/A
System of Arrangement Alphabetical and chronological. Each index is arranged alphabetically by plaintiff's surname within each year. File numbers are annual single numbers (sequential within each calendar year).
How To Use Series Consult the index with the relevant date range and search alphabetically by plaintiff's surname. Note the file number and year.
For further information regarding matrimonial writs please refer to the Search Procedure for Divorces (SP6).

Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
4628Supreme Court of Queensland 1/1/1872 30/6/1874
191Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 30/6/1874 31/12/1991
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Access and Restrictions

Access Category0 Years
Access ProcedureClearance procedure not required.
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 4628
Supreme Court of Queensland
Restriction DetailsN/A
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This series of registers controls Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane Writ Files 1872-1991 and Matrimonial Petitions 1872-1976 (even though after 1961 the latter were filed separately).

For each entry, the index provides summary information including year in which the writ or petition was served, writ number, name of the plaintiff/litigant and the name of the defendant. From 1933 onwards all matrimonial petitions are noted in the left hand column of the index, to distinguish these from other writs. Entries for a particular letter of the alphabet may continue at the end of the index if space runs out. Between 1970 and 1976 common writ entries are marked "W" and matrimonial petitions are marked "M.P." Matrimonial petition entries cease altogether in 1977.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 5710, Plaintiffs' Indexes to Writs and Matrimonial Petitions - Supreme Court (Brisbane)
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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