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Series ID5384
Previous System LocationPRE/1-8, 10-82, 84-137, 140-143; SRS5384
TitleBatch and Miscellaneous Subject Files
Parent Series
This series does not have a parent series.
Start Date Circa 1/1/1871
End Date 31/12/1980
Date Statement N/A
Date Notes N/A

Various Chief Secretary's / Premier's Department files not included in the main series of correspondence and batch files

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Departmental NumbersN/A
System of Arrangement Letters received were registered by annual running number, and as further letters on the same subject were received, letters were "top-numbered" until filed "away" in a batch. (See Queensland State Archives brief guide to "top-numbering")
How To Use Series This series may be accessed by subject from the Item List, or by following the "top-numbering" system to "Away" in the Registers of letters received (COL/B, HOM/B, PRE/B). Sometimes the batch title or number is not indicated at "Away", and sometimes there is no "away" to indicate where, or whether, a letter has been filed; if unsuccessful, researchers should check both this series and the inwards correspondence (PRE/A) for the relevant date and correspondence number.

Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
107Colonial Secretary's Office 1/1/1871 1/4/1886
112Chief Secretary's Department 1/4/1886 24/4/1919
40Premier and Chief Secretary's Department 24/4/1919 24/4/1963
122Premier's Department 26/4/1963 31/12/1980
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Access and Restrictions

Access Category30 Years
Access ProcedurePermission to access restricted material by responsible agency
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 15
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Restriction DetailsN/A
Regulation Details
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Subordinate Series

Details of subordinate series do not exist or are unavailable.
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Controlling Series

Series IDTitleFromTo
11936Registers of Letters Received 1/1/1871 31/12/1896
12844Registers of Letters Received 1/1/1897 1/7/1898
5401Registers of Letters Received 1/7/1898 23/8/1937
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Controlled Series

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Previous Series

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Subsequent Series

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Related Series

Series IDTitleRelationship
20220Clerk's List of Batch Files and Batches De-batchedComplements
20238Correspondence and Reports of the Commonwealth-State Consultative Committee on Defence and Sub-CommitteesComplements
6786Gall Estrays [Gall Collection]Gall - item no 861894
21059Imperial Meat Fund Shipments BooksRelated records regarding the Imperial Meat Fund
5402Inwards and General CorrespondenceChief Secretary' s / Premier's Department correspondence
1043Premier's Batch FilesChief Secretary's / Premier's Department correspondence files
8400Special BatchesChief Secretary's / Premier's Department batch and subject files
9234Subject Index to CorrespondenceChief Secretary's / Premier's Department correspondence
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Publication Notes

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Physical / Technical Use

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Copyright Status

Copyright State of Queensland
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*Note: The portfolio of Chief Secretary was created in 1886 but no separate departmental structure was created outside the Colonial Secretary's/Home Secretary's Office until July 1898.
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Information Sources


This is an artificial series of batch and subject files of the Chief Secretary's Office, later Premier's Department, transferred to Queensland State Archives over a period of time, and not included in the main series of correspondence and batch files. The series consists mainly of batch files, identified by number, for example, batch 19; or title, for example, Commonwealth papers, "Merrie England".

Letters received on the same subject, after being registered (PRE/B), were filed together in batches, instead of being filed in the main correspondence series (PRE/A). These batches covered major responsibilities of the Chief Secretary, and included, for example, immigration, defence, the Great War, the Imperial Meat Scheme, Pacific Islanders.

Some files of correspondence and papers which were not registered in the registers of letters received, but which are related to the batch files, have also been included in this series.

Item 861894 is part of the Gall Collection / Gall estrays [Papers, out of official custody for period of time, extracted by W. Gall, Under Secretary, Home Secretary's Office].

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 5384, Batch and Miscellaneous Subject Files
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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