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Series ID3788
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TitleCorporal Punishment Registers - Mitchell State School
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Start Date 11/2/1927
End Date 12/2/1992
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Record of physical punishment legally administered to students as a corrective for misdeeds - Mitchell State School

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5491Mitchell State School 11/2/1927 12/2/1992
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Information Sources

QS 149 Clause 113 of the Regulations (Issue of 1914) pasted in front cover of admission register.
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Corporal punishment registers were kept by the Head Teacher of each school, and record all corporal punishment administered by the Head Teacher or an assistant (authorised by the Minister). The corporal punishment register for Mitchell State School contains the following information for each entry: the date in full, the name of the pupil or pupils receiving corporal punishment, the "fault " or incident requiring punishment and the kind and extent of punishment.

Historical Note
Corporal punishment was to be administered not for trivial breaches of school discipline, but rather only as a last resort when the student had committed offences against morality, gross impertinence, and/or wilful and persistent disobedience. Girls over the age of twelve were not to receive corporal punishment.

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Queensland State Archives Series ID 3788, Corporal Punishment Registers - Mitchell State School
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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