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Series ID335
Previous System LocationCUR/O1 - CUR/O452; SRS335
TitleIntestacy Files, Brisbane
Parent Series
This series does not have a parent series.
Start Date 16/12/1868
End Date Circa 31/7/2009
Date Statement N/A
Date Notes Files held by Queensland State Archives were created between 1868 and 1975 but documents may have been added to the files up to the 1990s (c.y.).

Deceased estate (intestacy) files of the Public Curator / Trust Office, Brisbane

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Departmental Numbers119/1868 - 1148/1917; 1149 - 37188
System of Arrangement These files are numerical, chronological, name listed
How To Use Series The names of the deceased to number 4695 of 1918 are listed.
All files are indexed by various series as follows:
1868 (c.y.) - 2 Feb 1917, Intestacy Registers, (A/51786 - A/51790) (Microfilm Z2873)
7 Jan 1914 - 25 Jul 1918, Register of Intestate Estates..., (A/51791)(Microfilm Z2873)
1 Jan 1917 (c. y.) - 1975, Numerical Intestacy Indexes, (Series 6431)
1 Jan 1919 (c. y.) - 31 Dec 1975 (c. y.) Alphabetical Intestacy Indexes, (Series 420).

For files from 1917 onwards, consult the relevant indexes to find the file number of the deceased. Then search the item list of SRS335 for the range containing the particular file number. Request the item.

For further information consult the Brief Guide to Will and Intestacy Records (BG19) and the Search Procedure for Intestacies (SP10) in the Public Search Room.

Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
2177Curator Of Intestate Estates Office 16/12/1868 21/2/1891
2176Curator In Intestacy And Insanity Office 21/2/1891 2/10/1893
970Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Office, Brisbane 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
1170Public Curator Office, Brisbane 1/1/1916 1/1/1979
631Public Trust Office 1/1/1979 31/7/2009
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Access and Restrictions

Access Category75 Years
Access ProcedurePermission to access restricted material by responsible agency
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 631
Public Trust Office
Restriction DetailsN/A
Regulation Details
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Subordinate Series

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Controlling Series

Series IDTitleFromTo
9602Intestacy Registers 1/1/1868 2/2/1917
9604Register of Intestate Estates Administered 7/1/1914 25/7/1918
19115Master Card Index 1/1/1916 31/12/1975
6431Numerical Indexes to Intestacy Files - Public Curator Office, Brisbane 1/1/1917 5/12/1975
420Alphabetical Indexes to Intestacy Files 1/1/1919 31/12/1975
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Controlled Series

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Previous Series

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Subsequent Series

Related Series

Series IDTitleRelationship
17798Intestacy Files, Public Curator, Townsville
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Finding Aids

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Publication Notes

This series has no publication notes.
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Physical / Technical Use

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Copyright Status

Copyright State of Queensland
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Information Sources

Public Curator Act 1915-1971
Succession and Probate Duties Act 1892-1969
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This series consists of files of deceased intestate estates which were administered by the Public Curator Office (from 1916, and previous agencies from 1868), later Public Trust Office. The files contain various documents including forms, correspondence and other papers related to the personal details and estate of the deceased.

These documents may include the following information: name, file number, date and place of death, cause of death, date of birth, address and occupation of the deceased, date of election, order or probate, an inventory of property, its value and disposition, assets and liabilities/legal costs, if left a Will, account details of the estates of deceased persons (eg. disbursement details), distribution details (eg. names and addresses of successors, accrued income and debt at the date of death) and real property, personal property and lands registration.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 335, Intestacy Files, Brisbane
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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