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Series ID221
Previous System LocationSRS221
TitleAcquisition Files
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Start Date 3/9/1990
End Date 1/10/1993
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Departmental NumbersA91-1 - A91-101
System of Arrangement Numerical. These files are arranged through an annual single number system by the file/claim number (eg. A91-20, ie. File 20 of the year 1991).
How To Use Series Note that the SRS221 consignment list contains both a numerical list (arranged by the file/claim number) and an alphabetical list (arranged by the name of the appellant). Search either of these lists and note the relevant file number and corresponding box/item number. If file number is not known, consult the alphabetically indexed consignment list. Request the file by citing the series, file and box/item numbers.

Queensland State Archives holds an Index to compensation files (TR1937/6) which provides access into all series of compensation files from 1957 - Jun 1992. For the period 1957 to 1970, a list of files with the names of their attendant appellants and respondents has been created by a Land Court officer.

For further information, consult the Brief Guide to Land Tenure Records (BG5) in the Public Search Room and QA150, Land Court agency description

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150Land Court 3/9/1990 1/10/1993
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Agency ID: 150
Land Court
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The Acquisition files, also known as the 'A' files, were created by the Land Court to record details following court action taken regarding compensation claims relating to land acquisition. This series was created in accordance with a variety of acts such as the Acquisition of Land Act 1967-1986, the Land Act 1962, the Water Resources Act 1989, and the Land Tax Act (State).

The series contains files where a decision has been reached by the Land Court, or the Land Appeal Court with regard to determining compensations. Files dealing with withdrawn appeals have been culled from this series or are retained by the Land Court. This series does however include matters which came before the Court, had a decision recorded against them, and were consequently 'struck out'. The 'struck out' files are also a valuable part of the Court's sittings and reflect an important facet of the Land Court's overall activities.

The files mainly comprise correspondence involving land acquisition cases in the nature of compensation claims. The following main types of documents are included in this series: Court written judgments/reports (eg. states subject of the court hearing, who appeared on behalf of each party, a list of the exhibits, and the Court's written judgment signed by the Land Court President or Acting President), Court Notices (eg. Notifications to parties involved of the Court's judgement, notice of case coming before the Land Court, Notice of Appeal to the Land Appeal Court from the Land Court, notice of appeal against assessment, notificationn of the Commissioner's decision on objection, notice of intention to resume, assessment notices, and acquisition notices).

File documentation may also include: Documents relating to the determination of compensation payable upon resumption, Court orders, Gazette notices, submissions and Court decisions on application for costs, full Court transcripts, various Court exhibits which may include any of the above file documentation along with the following; plans/maps, valuation papers and reports, various submissions (the appeal/case particulars) and reports, photographs, court notes, applications for eg. waterworks licences and the license documents, individual statements; compensation claims; schedules (sales schedules, graphs, tables, facsimiles and correspondence; compensation assessments, Valuer-General's decision upon objection, tax returns, Court transmission reports, Court activity reports and notices of assessment).

Each file has a cover sheet stating the particulars of the claim. In relation to the Court Report, a written judgement was handed down by the Court and a copy each of the judgement was handed to both the Claimant and the Respondent.

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Queensland State Archives Series ID 221, Acquisition Files
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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