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TitleSurvey Field Books
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Start Date 2/1/1886
End Date 15/7/1998
Date Statement N/A
Date Notes The majority of records in this series are between 1912 and the mid 1960's with limited records in the other years.

Survey Field books used by authorised surveyors for recording of land measurements for the Survey Office of the Lands Department

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Departmental NumbersRP48565 - RP69425
System of Arrangement These records are numerical in order and roughly chronological.
How To Use Series These records can be searched by RP number, Parish and County.

Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1871Survey Office 2/1/1886 13/12/1975
53Mapping And Surveying Department 13/12/1975 25/1/1988
116Geographic Information Department 25/1/1988 1/9/1989
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Access Category0 Years
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Agency ID: 11844
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (II)
Restriction DetailsN/A
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Information Sources

Queensland Government (2018). Surveying Process - Land surveys. Retrieved from
Queensland Government (2018). Clem Jones: surveyor and visionary. Retrieved from
Surveyors Board Queensland (2018). About Us - Our Purpose. Retrieved from

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This series consists of Survey Field Books which were created by authorised surveyors for the Survey Office of the Lands Department. They were used by surveyors in the field for the recording of land measurements. The government is responsible for legislation governing the standards for surveying. The majority of survey field work was undertaken by contract surveyors with staff surveyors exercising an executive and supervisory role. Clem Jones was a prominent figure in the surveying profession in Qld and was one of the leading practitioners of this period. Although in private practice his business also contracted to the government. This series contains field books with Clem Jones listed as the authorised surveyor.

Land surveys aim to identify and mark boundaries of land for establishing ownership. All measurements taken were recorded in a field notebook (bearings and distances). From the surveyor's measurements in the field, a survey plan was drawn. Plans of survey were the basis for the issue of deeds and leases, the gazettal of reserves and the compilation of cadastral maps.

These survey field books are in a flip notebook format, bound at one end. The inside cover of the field book is stamped with instructions on what information must be noted for the survey including dates required, instruments used, surveyor’s signature and a description of the datum upon which the survey is based and how it’s been determined. The cover of each survey field book contains the following information: title, portion number, Parish, County, Land Agent’s district, surveyor and field book number.
Some survey books include calculation cards. These cards have the following headings above a table format: Portion No., Parish of, Area, A, R, P. Headings within the table include: Stations, Bearing, Distance, North, South, East, West, Multipliers, North Areas, South Areas. Not all parts of the calculation cards are complete. Some survey books also include folded survey plans.

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Queensland State Archives Series ID 21141, Survey Field Books
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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