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TitleIdentification Survey Plans
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Start Date 13/9/1871
End Date 13/4/2018
Date Statement The majority of items in this series date from 1928
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Identification Survey Plans used to establish or reinstate existing property boundaries

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Business Queensland (2017). About Survey Plans. Retrieved from
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Identification surveys are conducted to establish, or reinstate part or all of any existing property boundaries. This may be required for a number of reasons (e.g. to build a fence or to settle a neighbouring boundary fencing dispute).

Survey plans are legal documents which depict specific information about a property including property boundaries and dimensions. Tenure is issued over land by using a lot/plan descriptor. To describe the tenure, a plan is required that shows the subject land with a boundary, area and a descriptor. A survey plan is required as there is no longer a diagram on the deed or certificate of title to define the land, the estate is described by a lot on plan in the tenure document. The survey plan then becomes the point of truth for boundaries, area and descriptor (the lot on plan number). Survey plans ares prepared under legislation being the Land Act 1994, Land Title Act 1994 and certified under the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003 by a registered surveyor.

These identification survey plans typically detail boundary dimensions, the position of marks placed and the position of improvements (e.g. fences, etc.) in relation to property boundaries.
A survey plan will include bearings, distances and area for all parcels covered by the survey plan. Sometimes the measurements for an individual parcel are not included. This occurs where the dimensions of one parcel are the same as the adjacent lots (e.g. if lots 1 to 20 are all the same size, the dimensions may only be shown on lot 1).

Depending on when the survey was conducted, the information recorded on the plan may vary. For example:
- Some older plans may include roman numerals, notes and annotations, or the word 'road' when the road had not been named at the time of survey
- A survey plan may also include old street names
- Historical survey plans may include county prefixes and prefix abbreviations.
•Depending on the age of a plan, dimensions may be recorded in a number of formats and you may need to convert from imperial to metric.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 21139, Identification Survey Plans
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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