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TitleDiaries of Archivist Robert Sharman
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Start Date 4/11/1959
End Date 7/8/1961
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Diaries kept by Robert Sharman, the first Archivist appointed to Queensland State Archives

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Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
168Queensland State Archives 4/11/1959 7/8/1961
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Access Category0 Years
Access ProcedureClearance procedure not required.
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 168
Queensland State Archives
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Related Series

Series IDTitleRelationship
19588Appraisal, Transfer and Disposal FilesThese functions were carried out by R. Sharman, Archivist at the inception of QSA
17830Batch Files - 'E' Series - Government BuildingsItems: 1306585 regarding name plate for outside of first official Archives office&1306586 request for office room for Archivist
19587General CorrespondenceR. Sharman Archivist refers to Correspondence in his diaries
6477General Correspondence - EducationItem ID 1306583 letter regarding appointment of Archivist & Item ID 1306584 appointment of assistant
19583General Correspondence RegistersR. Sharman, Archivist refers to Correspondence in his diaries
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Finding Aids

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Publication Notes

  • Queensland State Archives: The First Thirty Years. Brisbane Library Board of Queensland, 1989
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Physical / Technical Use

The way Sharman made his entries was first to write on the recto or front side of all the sheets of his diary, chronologically until the end of the notebook and and then to turn the notebook and sequentially use the verso or 'back' sides.
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Copies Elsewhere

Copyright Status

Copyright State of Queensland
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Information Sources

QSA item ID 1306583 re Appointment of Archivist, and ID 1306586 re Archivist's Office
Queensland State Archives: the first thirty years. Brisbane, Library Board of Queensland. pp.7 & 15
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The daily commentary in Robert Sharman's diaries relates the broad scope of his work during the initial couple of years during which he founded the Queensland State Archives. The Archives originally reported to the Library Board, and its first office was located at the William Street side of the Queensland State (Old Commissariat) Stores Building.

Robert Sharman was appointed Archivist on 4 Novermber 1959, and held the position for over 10 years until 1970 when he took up a position at the Australian National University, Canberra. In his covering letter to the donation of these diaries, Sharman states that he gave up keeping a diary after the second one, in which his last entry was 7 August 1961. The official position of State Archivist was not created until 1981.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 20327, Diaries of Archivist Robert Sharman
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