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Series ID19115
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TitleMaster Card Index
Parent Series
This series does not have a parent series.
Start Date Circa 1/1/1916
End Date Circa 31/12/1998
Date Statement Start date is date of creation of Public Curator Office; end date is date the card system was closed.
Date Notes Dates are approximate for the series as a whole. Individual cards mostly contain dates between 1916 and 1985 but some cards may provide access to files pre-1916.

Public Curator / Public Trust Office card index of client names for all administered files

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Departmental NumbersN/A
System of Arrangement Alphabetical by client surname
How To Use Series Consult this index to gain access to series listed in the Controlled Series. Search by name and record all the details from the card for assistance in locating the matching file. Many of the files are not held by Queensland State Archives. Both cards and microfiche should be checked for later records.

Note: other indexes also provide access to the Controlled Series: check the Related Series and their list of items for the range of years covered.

Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1170Public Curator Office, Brisbane 1/1/1916 1/1/1979
631Public Trust Office 1/1/1979 31/12/1998
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Access and Restrictions

Access Category30 Years
Access ProcedurePermission to access restricted material by responsible agency
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 631
Public Trust Office
Restriction DetailsN/A
Regulation Details
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Subordinate Series

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Controlling Series

Details of controlling series do not exist or are unavailable.
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Controlled Series

Series IDTitleFromTo
335Intestacy Files, Brisbane 1/1/1916 31/12/1975
6047Will Files - Brisbane 1/1/1916 31/12/1975
19538Direct Action Files - Brisbane 1/1/1916 31/12/1998
334Protective Management Files - Brisbane 1/1/1916 31/12/1998
17794Testamentary Trust Files Townsville 1/1/1916 31/12/1998
19436Intestacy Files, Rockhampton 1/1/1925 31/12/1979
19414Will Files - Rockhampton 1/1/1925 31/12/1979
20676Deceased Estate Files - Cairns 1/1/1925 31/12/1998
20335Protective Management Files - Ipswich 1/1/1929 31/12/1998
20698Protective Management Files - Toowoomba 2/11/1934 31/12/1998
18962Deceased Estate Files - Townsville 13/6/1946 31/12/1998
20638Protective Management Files - Townsville 1/1/1955 31/12/1998
21013Direct Action files - Mackay 1/1/1964 31/12/1998
21010Deceased Estate Files - Mackay 1/1/1968 31/12/1998
19320Deceased Estate Files - Ipswich 3/4/1969 31/12/1998
18778Deceased Estate Files - Brisbane 1/1/1975 31/12/1998
20689Direct Action Files - Cairns 1/1/1975 31/12/1998
20814Direct Action Files - Mount Isa 1/1/1975 31/12/1998
20374Direct Action Files - Southport 1/1/1975 31/12/1998
20817Testamentary Trust Files - Mount Isa 1/1/1975 31/12/1998
19437Deceased Estate Files - Rockhampton 1/1/1976 31/12/1982
19577Direct Action Files - Ipswich 1/1/1978 31/12/1998
20409Deceased Estate Files - Gladstone 1/1/1979 31/12/1998
20815Deceased Estate Files - Mount Isa 1/1/1979 31/12/1998
20411Direct Action Files - Gladstone 1/1/1979 31/12/1998
20816Protective Management Files - Mount Isa 1/1/1979 31/12/1998
20410Protective Management Files - Gladstone 1/1/1980 31/12/1998
19578Direct Action Files - Redcliffe 1/1/1981 31/12/1998
19467Protective Management Files - Redcliffe 1/1/1982 31/12/1985
20813Direct Action Files - Toowoomba 1/1/1982 31/12/1998
20640Direct Action Files - Townsville 1/1/1982 31/12/1998
20447Testamentary Trust Files - Ipswich 1/1/1983 31/12/1998
20457Testamentary Trust Files - Gladstone 19/10/1983 31/12/1998
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Previous Series

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Subsequent Series

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Related Series

Finding Aids

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Publication Notes

This series has no publication notes.
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Physical / Technical Use

cards, each card 125x78mm, each card box 165x110x380mm. Later items are microfiche.
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Copies Elsewhere

Copyright Status

Copyright State of Queensland
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Each box of cards has been registered as an item by Queensland State Archives, and the item description lists the names on the first and last card in the box.
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Information Sources


This series consists of a master card index to files administered by the Public Curator and subsequent Public Trust Office, Brisbane. Each card records the type of file, the name, and address of the client as well as other details relevant to the type of file. Some cards are marked "Action Completed" or "File Destroyed".

Files administered include will, intestacy, insanity or mental hygiene or health, special hospital, conveyancing, trust, charitable institutions, unimportant or unclassified letter, notice of intention, legal aid, company liquidation, unclaimed money, safe custody, bankruptcy, loan, enquiry etc. Some Branch Office (for example, Rockhampton, Townsville, Cairns and Mackay) files are also included.

Cards may be included for persons whose wills were superseded by later wills which were not administered by the Office.

From 1982-1998 the index is in microfiche format.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 19115, Master Card Index
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Last updated 9 September 2016
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0) ( )
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