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TitleElectoral Rolls
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Start Date Circa 1/1/1860
End Date 24/6/2016
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Electoral districts and names of persons enrolled to vote in elections

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System of Arrangement Alphabetical and numerical: alphabetical by electoral district; voters' names appear in alphabetical order within each electoral district; voters are numbered sequentially as they appeared in the alphabetical listing.
How To Use Series Find the relevant electoral district for the town or division required by referring to the electoral maps in the Public Search Room. Search the item list of this series for the relevant electoral district and year. Note the item number; most electoral rolls are available on microfilm in the Public Search Room. Search the catalogue as some electoral rolls are available digitally through the catalogue.
Queensland State Archives has no electoral rolls dated 1872 - 1873.

For further information consult the Brief Guide to State Electoral Rolls (BG8) and the Search Procedure for State Electoral Rolls (SP15) in the Public Search Room.

Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
107Colonial Secretary's Office 1/1/1860 6/8/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 6/8/1896 1/6/1899
368State Electoral Office 1/6/1899 29/8/1992
101Electoral Commission of Queensland 29/8/1992 24/6/2016
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Access and Restrictions

Access Category0 Years
Access Procedure 
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 101
Electoral Commission of Queensland
Restriction DetailsN/A
Regulation Details
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Finding Aids

  • QSA Search Procedure 15: Electoral Rolls - Available in the Public Search Room
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Historical Resource Kits – Electoral Rolls 1860 – 1900 (with gaps) are held by various libraries and family history organisations throughout Australia.
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These rolls record information regarding persons entitled to vote in State and Federal elections, as well as referenda. Each voter is identified by a unique number on the roll of each electoral district.

Details given for each entry in the rolls include: number, surname, first names, address, occupation, date on which enrolled in the electorate, and sex.

State Electoral Office staff have annotated the rolls by hand where appropriate to provide additional information. Annotations can record both additions and deletions including new entries, objections, deaths, and name of electorate to which an elector has moved. After 1971, the electoral rolls continue to record deletions but not new entries. From 1971 there is a separate series of computer transaction reports which record both additions and deletions.

NOTE: after 1989 no annotations are recorded on the hard copy.

Until 1975 rolls for all electorates in Queensland were issued annually. These rolls are arranged alphabetically by electorate within each year. In the roll for each electorate, entries are arranged alphabetically by name of elector. After 1975, electoral rolls were issued periodically as required, for example, prior to elections, rather than annually.

On 1 Jan 1992 a Joint Roll Arrangement between the Governor General of Australia and the Governor of Queensland came into effect and from this date all state electoral rolls are generated by the Australian Electoral Commission (Commonwealth). The electoral rolls compiled for the Daylight Savings Referendum were the last produced by the State Electoral Office.

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Queensland State Archives Series ID 162, Electoral Rolls
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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