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Series ID1162
Previous System LocationSRS1162
TitleArchitectural Drawings of Public Buildings
Parent Series
This series does not have a parent series.
Start Date Circa 1/1/1857
End Date Circa 1/2/2010
Date Statement N/A
Date Notes N/A

Architectural drawings of public buildings in Queensland including schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals, court houses, police stations etc.

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Departmental NumbersN/A
System of Arrangement Historical arrangement of the series by the agency is alpha-numerical by drawing number. Drawing number systems controlling this series changed over time and no attempt has been made to re-construct these systems.

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Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
10762Colonial Architect's Office, New South Wales 1/1/1857 10/12/1859
107Colonial Secretary's Office 10/12/1859 2/4/1862
108Lands And Works Department 2/4/1862 7/8/1866
8481Public Works Department (I) 7/8/1866 12/12/1887
236Mines and Works Department 12/12/1887 4/1/1890
2723Public Works Department II 4/1/1890 7/12/1989
531Administrative Services Department 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
251Department of Public Works and Housing 26/2/1996 29/6/1998
9326Department of Public Works (III) 29/6/1998 1/2/2010
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Access and Restrictions

Access Category65 Years
Access ProcedurePermission to access restricted material by responsible agency
Agency Now Responsible
Agency ID: 11455
Department of Housing and Public Works
Restriction DetailsDifferent Restricted Access Periods (RAPs) apply to some items in this series
Regulation Details
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Related Series

Series IDTitleRelationship
19806Architectural and Engineering Drawings of Public BuildingsSome buildings are represented in both series.
17690Architectural Drawings of Public Buildings 
19982Batch Cards - Construction ProjectsSome of the same sites covered by both series
17614Plans of Various Government BuildingsOther records relating to the construction of the Executive Building
17680Prison PlansQueensland public buildings including prisons
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Publication Notes

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Physical / Technical Use

Most of the drawings are loose and while the majority are within A1/B1 size, they vary from small foolscap drawings to A0 dimensions. Original drawings are linen, cartridge paper, tracing paper or tracing film while copies are photo-sensitive film, paper, blueprint, dyeline or negative copies.
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Copyright Status

Copyright State of Queensland
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The series comprises architectural drawings for a diverse range of public buildings in Queensland including educational institutions (e.g. schools - all types, universities, colleges), penal institutions (e.g. goals, prisons, reformatories), health facilities (e.g. hospitals, mental institutions, child welfare and rehabilitation facilities, sanatoria), orphanages and aged persons homes, court houses, police stations, pilot stations, fire stations, ambulance centres, agricultural and animal field stations, state employees' residences and cottages, parliament buildings, public facilities (e.g. museums, libraries, botanical gardens) and other public offices (e.g. lands offices, taxation, bank premises, Anzac Square building, Goprint building).

The drawings for the erection of particular facilities generally include building plans, elevations, sections, cross sections, details and block or site plans, depending on the facility. Included in the series also are standard drawings as well as some detail drawings of furniture, etc. Drawings in the series are for both new construction and alterations to existing structures. Most drawings were prepared by the Works Department, with a minority by contractors to the Department.

Along with related series, this series provides an historical record of the development of Queensland's public buildings and in addition, illustrates characteristic Queensland building styles.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 1162, Architectural Drawings of Public Buildings
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Last updated 9 September 2016
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0) ( )
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