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Series ID10810
Previous System LocationHOS1/11-13; PRV5917; SERIES 19302, 19305, 19306, 19307, 19308, 19309, 19310, 19311, 19312, 19313, 19314, 19315, 19316, 19317, 19318, 19319, 19328, 19329, 19330, 19331, 19332, 19333, 19334, 19335, 19336
TitleRegisters of Provisions, Medicines and Patients in the Moreton Bay Hospital
Parent Series
This series does not have a parent series.
Start Date 1/1/1832
End Date Circa 1/7/1850
Date Statement These dates cover the range for entries for all types of statistics kept.
Date Notes There are gaps between 1834-1842 and 1845-1847

Moreton Bay hospital statistical and nominal records, including names of convicts and soldiers treated at the hospital 1832-1850

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Departmental NumbersVolume HOS1/11 Item ID 2891; Volume HOS1/12 Item ID 2892; Volume HOS1/13 Item ID 2859
System of Arrangement Generally chronological by period required for statistics to be kept, for example monthly or quarterly, then by type of statistical return.
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Creating Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
11077Moreton Bay Hospital 1/7/1832 31/12/1848
102Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital 1/1/1849 1/7/1850
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Agency ID: 11466
Queensland Health
Restriction DetailsN/A
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Physical / Technical Use

Because of the scarcity of paper, all data for all types of statistics required to be kept for a particular period were usually entered in the same volume in chronological and type order, then the entries for the various types would be repeated for the next period and so on.
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Information Sources


This series comprises three volumes (HOS1/11, HOS1/12 and HOS1/13), which cover a range of statistical and nominal data kept by the Moreton Bay Hospital in accordance with the requirements of the Colonial Secretary's Office, New South Wales.

Returns were forwarded to relevant officers in Sydney, or to officers within the Penal Settlement, for example to the Commandant or the Superintendent of Public Works. The entries in these volumes are copies of the data sent to the relevant officers or departments. The entries include names and numbers of patients treated, and medicines and supplies required, received, and issued to patients.

The following information is included in this series:

- ABSTRACTS OF STOPPAGES FROM SOLDIERS' PAY - Monthly and quarterly abstracts record stoppages from pay of soldiers of the 17th, 4th and 99th regiments who were patients in the Moreton Bay hospital - may include regiment, name of soldier, period for which stoppages were made, no. of days, rate per diem, and amount. (55 items) [Previous Series ID 19302]

- DAILY ACCOUNTS OF THE ISSUE AND RECEIPT OF PROVISIONS FROM THE COMMISSARIAT STORE - Provisions issued by and received from the Commissariat Store by the Hospital - may include the date, provisions received by weight together with totals for the month including totals received, diets, extras, totals issued and remaining. Provisions include mutton, pork, flour, bread, oatmeal, rice, tea, sugar, salt, soap, wine, vinegar, lime juice, scotch barley, sago, arrow root and candles. (58 items) [Previous Series ID 19305]

- DAILY ACCOUNTS OF THE ISSUE OF PROVISIONS TO ATTENDANTS AND PATIENTS - Provisions issued by the Hospital to attendants and patients – may include the date, number of attendants and patients, and type of provision by weight and extras issued. Provisions as above. (57 items) [Previous Series ID 19306]

- NOMINAL RETURNS OF PATIENTS TREATED - monthly or quarterly lists of patients received and discharged from the hospital – includes the name of the patient, dates admitted and discharged and may include the status of the patient (bond, military, women, children, pauper etc.), the age of the patient, the disease, diets extras etc. The entries in the volume HOS1/11 also include the name of the ship on which the patient was conveyed to the settlement. (72 items) [Previous Series ID 19307] (Also refer to HOS1/1 Series ID 10822 Registers of Cases and Treatment)

- MONTHLY RETURNS OF SOLDIERS TREATED - monthly record of soldiers who were treated at the Hospital – may include the name of the soldier, station (Moreton Bay) corps or regiment (17th, and 99th in 1842), period in hospital, rate per diem and amount. (13 items) [Previous Series ID 19308]

- RETURNS OF THE SICK TREATED - monthly and some quarterly and annual statistical records of the sick treated at the hospital – may include a list of names of diseases, and against each disease numbers for the period are entered under headings for: remained last return, since received, discharged, died, and remaining; may also include an abstract of patients, whether free or bond, male or female. (23 items) [Previous Series ID 19309]

- RETURNS OF THE RECEIPT AND EXPENDITURE OF MEDICINES - Records the type and amounts of medicines received and used by the Hospital – may include the names of the medicines with entries for amounts or numbers under headings such as remaining last return, expended and remaining. HOS1/12 includes medicines then instruments then materials in one list. (21 items) [Previous Series ID 19310]

- MONTHLY RETURNS OF SICK [SOLDIERS] OF THE 11TH AND 99TH REGIMENTS - Monthly statistical data for the type of diseases of sick of the detachments of the 11th and 99th Regiments stationed at Moreton Bay - may include the number of officers, rank and file, and women and children but all include the name of the disease and number under such headings as remained last return, since admitted, discharged, died and remaining. (27 items) [Previous Series ID 19311]

- RETURNS OF STATIONARY SERVANTS - Monthly, quarterly and annual returns of the names and number of stationary servants employed at the Hospital - may include the number, name, how employed (wardsman, cook, overseer, women's nurse etc.), and period of employment. In some entries the name of the ship on which a particular servant was conveyed to the settlement is also included. (29 items) [Previous Series ID 19312]

- RETURNS OF CROWN PRISONERS DECEASED - Deaths of Crown prisoners at Moreton Bay - may include the name of the prisoner, the name of the ship on which the prisoner was conveyed to Moreton Bay, the age, disease, period in hospital and date of death. Names have been entered in the extended item description. Some returns record no deaths. (31 items) [Previous Series ID 19313]

- RETURNS OF DEATHS - Deaths for monthly and quarterly returns kept at the Hospital - may include the number, name of the deceased, age, ship on which the person was conveyed to Moreton Bay, disease, when admitted to hospital and when died. (6 items) [Previous Series ID 19314]

- RETURNS OF SICK IMMIGRANTS, PRISONERS, PAUPERS AND PENSIONERS TREATED - Combined entries of returns in volume HOS1/13 kept by the Hospital. Entries regarding various types of patients treated by the hospital or by D.K. Ballows - may include the names of those treated or be a statement of payment. (13 items) [Previous Series ID 19315]

- BOARD OF SURVEY REPORTS – Investigations into stores at the Hospital. Boards of Survey were set up by the Commandant to investigate various matters on the Penal Settlement and were comprised of regimental officers and Penal Settlement staff. Include findings and lists and numbers of hospital equipment and supplies and their condition. (5 items) [Previous Series ID 19316]

- REPORTS OF MEDICAL INSPECTIONS - Monthly reports of the medical inspections of prisoners at Brisbane Town, and to January 1834 Eagle Farm. The prisoners were generally "healthy". Reports made on the 7th of the month were usually signed by the medical officer, Dr. J. F. Murray, and include the name of the Commandant. (10 items) [Previous Series ID 19317]

- RETURNS OF SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS ETC. RECEIVED AND EXPENDED - Monthly and quarterly records of surgical instruments and other medical equipment and supplies received and expended – may include lists of instruments and the number remained since last return, expended, and remaining at the end of the period. (13 items) [Previous Series ID 19318]

- RETURNS OF RECEIPT AND EXPENDITURE OF STORES - Monthly and quarterly records of stores issued to and used by the Hospital, such as beds, blankets, clothing to items used by staff such as writing desks, cooking utensils, sewing equipment and tools etc. For each article listed (in alphabetical order) there are numbers for those remaining since last return, those received and expended, and remaining at date of return. (24 items) [Previous Series ID 19319]

- RETURNS OF REQUIRED MEDICINES AND NECESSARIES - Forwarded to the Office of the Inspector of Hospitals or the Superintendent of Public Works with requests for medicines, necessaries, stationery, other articles, and coffins, required for use by the Hospital. Items are listed by name and the amount or number needed. There is also one request for hospital clothing to be marked by the painters. The acknowledgment of receipt of the items or that the request had been "complied with" is sometimes included (13 items) [Previous Series ID 19328]

- RETURNS OF RECEIPT AND DISBURSEMENT OF BOOKS, FORMS, AND STATIONERY - Half-yearly returns (1842-1844) and a monthly return (1848) of the receipt and disbursement of books, forms and stationery at the Hospital – may include the type of book (prescription, letter etc.), form (return forms) and stationery (paper, pencils etc.) and the number remaining from the last period, received, expended, remaining and required, and totals. (11 items) [Previous Series ID 19329]

- RETURNS OF REPAIRS REQUIRED – Requests by the Assistant Surgeon Dr J. F. Murray to the Superintendent of Public Works, Moreton Bay for repairs to articles or brick-work to be carried out at the Hospital. When completed, the words "complied with" were written over the copy. (7 items) [Previous Series ID 19330]

- RETURNS FOR FUEL AND LIGHT EXPENDED - Amount of fuel and light expended by the Hospital on a monthly or bi-monthly basis – may include the period, daily allowance and totals used by the wards and dispensary of the hospital; statements of the totals to be accounted for and the amount actually expended and the type and amount received from the Commissariat stores, signed by Dr Murray. (11 items) [Previous Series ID 19331]

- RETURNS OF DISEASES TREATED - Annual and quarterly returns of diseases treated at the Hospital. Diseases are listed and details include the number of patients with the particular disease remaining from the previous return, admitted, discharged, died and remaining at the end of the period. (3 items) [Previous Series ID 19332]

- RETURN OF INQUESTS HELD - Inquests held before D. Keith Ballows, Coroner for Moreton Bay. Details: Date of Inquest, On whom held, Name of Surgeon, Where held, Verdict of Jury, No. of miles from Surgeon's and Coroner's Residences, Funeral Expenses and taking up of bodies, Total amount of Surgeon's and Coroner's fees, and total amount. (2 items) [Previous Series ID 19333]

- REGISTER OF LETTERS - Account of the letters paid for by Dr. D.K. Ballows at Moreton Bay – may include the date, the Department (Coroner's, Medical , Gaol etc.) to whom addressed, the subject or contents and the amount. (1 item) [Previous Series ID 19334]

- RETURNS OF PAYMENTS RECEIVED FOR PATIENTS TREATED - Payments made to the Hospital for patients treated – may include the name of the ship, the name of the master or agent, the name and age of the patient, the period treated - to and from dates, the number of days, rate per diem, amount and remarks (paid, pauper), and the total. (2 items) [Previous Series ID 19335]. Note: For subsequent series, refer to Series ID 10818 HOS1/14-15 Journal of Accounts for Treatment of Patients at Brisbane Hospital

- RETURN OF COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF CASES OF INTERMITTENT FEVER - Comparative monthly numbers regarding cases of intermittent fever at the Hospital from Brisbane Town and Eagle Farm - may include the month, from whence admitted, daily average of the population divided into soldiers and prisoners, and number of cases of intermittent fever in hospital divided into soldiers and prisoners, total at each station and grand total. The return was forwarded to the Inspector of Colonial Hospitals by Dr Henry Cowper (1 item) [Previous Series ID 19336]

- DAILY REGISTER OF THE NUMBERS OF PERSONS AT THE MORETON BAY SETTLEMENT - Daily register of the health of the settlement and the numbers of persons at the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement was kept in accordance with regulation 26 of 1829 - may include the date, the number of sick military and prisoners and the number of military and prisoners and officers on the settlement sub-divided into men, women and children. There is a daily entry for the weather and thermometer readings for morning, noon and evening. (55 items) [Previous Series ID 10820] (Also refer to HOS1/9 in Series ID 10820 Daily Register of the Numbers of Persons at the Moreton Bay Settlement)

- MONTHLY ABSTRACTS OF THE DAILY REGISTER KEPT AT THE MORETON BAY SETTLEMENT - Monthly abstracts of the daily register of the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement. Numbers are recorded under column headings for Sick in Hospital subdivided into Military and Prisoners - men, women, children; Military and Prisoners on the Settlement - men, women and children and Totals. (55 items) [Previous Series ID 10821] (Also refer to HOS1/8 in Series ID 10821 Monthly Abstracts of the Daily Register Kept at the Moreton Bay Settlement)
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Series ID 10810, Registers of Provisions, Medicines and Patients in the Moreton Bay Hospital
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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