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856625345 Batch file

(a) Railway station names Caboolture/Kilcoy line

Batch 476

1/12/1909 31/7/1913
856625457 Batch file

(a) Action to be taken in connection with proposed transfers of selections

Batch 898

1/1/1925 31/1/1925
856625329 Batch file

(a) Advances made by Agricultural Bank

Batch 435

1/11/1914 31/12/1916
856625220 Batch file

(a) Agistment sight and sent payable on Woodstock and Inkerman Estates; opening land as occupation licence

Batch 262

1/12/1910 31/7/1912
856625366 Batch file

(a) Agricultural bank's advances to selections to enable them to sink bores

Batch 536

1/6/1916 30/6/1916
856625340 Batch file

(a) Amount of stamp duty applicable to transfers of selections

Batch 453

1/3/1885 30/6/1885
856625239 Batch file

(a) Application form Townsville to have Lands Office there; request from Rockhampton to have local Registrar

Batch 305

1/6/1910 31/3/1913
856625185 Batch file

(a) Application re timber lots sale and purchase of timber in Dawes Range (Many Peaks area)

Batch 194

1/10/1909 30/6/1917
856625086 Batch file

(a) Applications for licences to use mangrove bark for tanning purposes

Batch 30

1/2/1911 23/5/1921
856625179 Batch file

(a) Applications from Brisbane Rowing Club to lease land; land allotments in South Brisbane (Victoria Bridge Lands); Musgrave Whart Reserve - petition from Mayor of South Brisbane to Governor

Batch 186

1/1/1876 29/2/1916
856625100 Batch file

(a) Applications received for position of Under Secretary for Public Lands

Batch 55

1/1/1898 31/1/1898
856625176 Batch file

(a) Applications to cut pine timber on reserve Toowoomba district; possibility of applicants purchasing areas and upset price thereon

Batch 183

1/7/1908 30/4/1913
856625092 Batch file

(a) Applications to cut timber for export as railway sleepers, and monthly statements from firms engaged in timber export trade

Batch 42

1/5/1904 31/5/1907
856625424 Batch file

(a) Bill to amend Section 72 of Land Act 1910

Batch 743

1/10/1918 30/6/1925
856625159 Batch file

(a) Breaches of timber regulations (illegal cutting of Crown timber)

Batch 161

1/10/1908 31/8/1916
856625454 Batch file

(a) Bringing department's roll of honour up to date

Batch 863

1/8/1922 31/5/1924
856625082 Batch file

(a) Compensation lessees for ring-backing and improvements on "Welltown" resumed area

Batch 26

1/12/1901 30/6/1903
856625156 Batch file

(a) Crown timber cut without royalty being paid

Batch 160

1/11/1912 31/8/1919
856625129 Batch file

(a) Disposal of horses used by Department at Churchill and Macalister; use of no 2 surface drainage boring plants; applications to hire boring plants; list of stores

Batch 118B

1/7/1910 30/11/1922
856625230 Batch file

(a) Embargo on export of log timber

Batch 281

1/6/1909 31/1/1925
856625103 Batch file

(a) Estimates made by Shire Councils as to noxious weeds within their boundaries - suitability of land for lease

Batch 67

1/5/1904 31/12/1906
856625233 Batch file

(a) Forestry exhibits at aggricultural shows

Batch 287

1/1/1908 31/1/1922
856625095 Batch file

(a) George Phillips's report on agricultural land in connection with railway extensions

Batch 46

31/12/1903 31/1/1905
856625198 Batch file

(a) Information re Queensland and lists of lantern slides forwarded to Wilson to illustrate his lectures; abridged copy of "Queensland in 1906"; a lecture delivered in Glasgow

Batch 222

1/9/1909 31/3/1910
856625271 Batch file

(a) Inspection with a view to re-evaluation of properties in Dee River resumption

Batch 321

1/11/1911 31/12/1911
856625074 Batch file

(a) Land Agents' lists of lands withdrawn from selection and those lands applied for

Batch 11

1/12/1897 31/3/1898
856625420 Batch file

(a) Land resumptions at Mackay for Returned Soldiers' Homes

Batch 730

1/5/1919 30/6/1923
856625274 Batch file

(a) Land swindle said to have been perpetrated on Hansens in Dalby district by Nobbs

Batch 327

1/4/1911 31/12/1911
85663457564 Architectural plans

Plan (from East Mackay Reclamation Scheme Batch File 257)

[File 257]

1/1/1950 31/12/1971
85663457565 Architectural plans

Plan showing Reclamation Scheme Tentative Design (from East Mackay Reclamation Scheme Batch File 257)

[File 257]

7/3/1951 7/3/1951
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