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54022125345 Correspondence

A telegram from the Governor of Queensland and letters to and from Archbishop Duhig and T. J. Ryan, Premier of Queensland concerning the death of Archbishop Dunne


15/1/1917 16/1/1917
54022125353 Correspondence

Acting Premier's speech for the unveiling of the Cross of Sacrifice at Toowong Cemetery

25/4/1924 25/4/1924
54022140138 Correspondence

Addison Gardens School Empire Day celebrations when a Queensland flag sent from West End State School was presented and unfurled by Major Sir T.B. Robinson, Agent General of Queensland


22/5/1914 22/5/1914
54022140137 Correspondence

Addison Gardens School Magazine, England featuring an article and program about Empire Day 1914 when a Queensland flag sent from West End State School was presented and unfurled by Major Sir T.B. Robinson, Agent General of Queensland

1/6/1914 30/6/1914
54022125350 Correspondence

An Act to Constitute Anzac Day as a National Holiday, known as "The Anzac Day Act of 1921"

31/10/1921 31/10/1921
54022131408 Correspondence

Copies of lists of causalities sent to the Chief Secretary from the Agent General in respect to members of the Australian Imperial Force in Egypt and at the Dardanelles


14/5/1915 14/5/1915
54021653882 Correspondence

Copy for cablegram from Ernest G Scriven, the Under Secretary Department of Agriculture and Stock to be sent to the Military Secretary, India regarding offer from the Beco Fruit Canning Company for 50 tons each of marmalade, plum and pineapple jam

Letter no. 9841 of 1917, top-numbered to letter no. 10047 of 1917

9/8/1917 9/8/1917
54022187876 Correspondence

Correspondence about a request for discharge for Private H.C. Keid

27/11/1917 21/12/1917
54022148275 Correspondence

Correspondence about an allegation of disloyalty to the Empire by Mr Buchanan against Mr. Beutel, a Justice of the Peace and of German descent

Letter No 13289 of 1915

13/1/1915 5/11/1915
54022199705 Correspondence

Correspondence about an application for a refund from the Immigration Department initiated by James Solomon

No: 14662

18/6/1914 15/12/1915
54022125349 Correspondence

Correspondence about arrangements for commemoration of ANZAC Day including railway passes and selling of badges


12/2/1924 20/2/1924
54022135947 Correspondence

Correspondence about concerns of Mr. Henschel, a citizen of German descent, who purchased 300 acres of land at Clump Point Townsville, which was a position of considerable strategic importance

Letter No 14700

2/12/1915 19/12/1915
54022131422 Correspondence

Correspondence about German residents collecting gold for the purpose of establishing a fund for a prosecution of war against the Empire

No: 1731

17/9/1915 4/3/1916
54022194007 Correspondence

Correspondence about Miss Lidgard requesting her brother Horace Lalor Lidgard be returned to Australia from the Front

Letter No 14169

22/8/1918 18/12/1918
54022161321 Correspondence

Correspondence about Mr Tolliday, an original Anzac, about his difficulty in finding work in Queensland after he lost his job at his work place for not supporting conscription

Letter 1028 of 1918

18/1/1918 31/1/1918
54022194006 Correspondence

Correspondence about Mrs. Burke requesting her son Lance Corporal G.H. Burke be returned to Australia from France

Letter 14170

17/10/1918 2/1/1919
54022194005 Correspondence

Correspondence about Mrs. M Bell requesting assistance with fares to England so she and her two children could be close to her husband J.E. Bell who enlisted with the Australian Expeditionary Force

Letter No 10646

21/9/1914 21/10/1914
54022148249 Correspondence

Correspondence about Private E.A. Ryan seeking government assistance in his application for discharge from the Australian Imperial Forces

Letter No 625 of 1918

21/10/1917 24/2/1918
54022148252 Correspondence

Correspondence about Private W.F Campbell trying to get into the Army Medical Corps as a Dental Mechanic

Letter No 14211 1915

18/11/1915 6/12/1915
54022135943 Correspondence

Correspondence about returned soldiers suffering from consumption and the funding for their treatment and accommodation

Letter No 2532

24/1/1917 21/3/1918
54022148277 Correspondence

Correspondence about the acquisition of land at West End, Townsville for Defence purposes

Letter No 13270 of 1915

15/1/1913 9/11/1915
54022135941 Correspondence

Correspondence about the character of Jurgen F. Iwers of Mackay

Letter No 3712

24/12/1915 31/3/1916
54022124084 Correspondence

Correspondence about the conduct of the 28 October 1916 referendum polling at Dunwich


9/11/1916 11/1/1917
54022148251 Correspondence

Correspondence about The Succession and Probate Duties Acts Amendment Act of 1915 exempting death duties of persons who die in military and naval service during the war

Letter No 14033 of 1915

26/10/1915 29/11/1915
54022110579 Correspondence

Correspondence about the whereabouts of Norman Travers Simpkin an American who enlisted in the AIF in Queensland

Letter 26451

27/7/1914 21/9/1914
54022426407 Correspondence

Correspondence about working conditions, wages and overtime at Queensland Woollen Company’s Mill Ipswich during the First World War

Letter No 5522

9/2/1915 31/5/1915
54022135942 Correspondence

Correspondence about/from G.J.R. Butler, C.F.W Vieritz and R. Vieritz, citizens of German decent, seeking permission to leave Australia for the United States of America for the purpose of an ingathering

Letter No 4018

15/3/1916 12/4/1916
54022182273 Correspondence

Correspondence and police report regarding an alleged disloyalty claim about W. G. Greisheimen from Leyburn

10/12/1914 16/12/1914
54022131415 Correspondence

Correspondence between Chief Secretary's Office and The Prime Minister's Office, about men who trained as officers that are being sent away as privates

No: 3241

12/3/1918 11/4/1918
54022119784 Correspondence

Correspondence between the Daily Chronicle London and the Chief's Secretary's Office, regarding a New Year message to the British public through the newspaper "The Daily Chronicle"


31/12/1914 6/1/1915
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