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Item ID291343
Previous System LocationA/38998;RSI3071/1/1
Parent Item
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Transfer ID788
Record TypePhotographic material
Item FormatPhotographic image
DescriptionPhotographs of bores, South West Queensland
Departmental Numbers 
Preferred CitationQueensland State Archives Item ID291343, Photographic material
Start Date Circa 1/1/1910
End Date Circa 31/12/1910
Date Statement 
Date NotesThe attribution of this date is based on the content of the photograph and corresponding photographs and journals of bore surveyors.
Series ID: 18612
Irrigation and Water Supply Photographs
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1934Water Supply Department
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Agency ID: 11844
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (II)
Restriction DetailsN/A
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Some of the same photographs are included in Series 17731 Items 123023-123220 glass negatives and 123222-123385 corresponding photographs. Some of the photographs may also be included in Items 291350-291351 which include photographs of bores in the Cunnamulla region during this era.
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Child Items

Child Item IDDescription
1143343Portrait of "Hariman Park" group.
1172705Musterer's Camp, Yarmouth.
1175931Replacing Valve, Woolscour Bore, Dillalah.
1175932Date Palm in bearing, Yarmouth.
1175933Yarmouth Bore.
1175934Horton-Vale Bore, driving shearing plant.
1175935Charlotte Plains No 2 Bore, partially closed.
1175936Camp, Glenyarrah Bore.
1175937Gruey Trees, Tinnenburra.
1175938T Snow's draught horse team.
1175939Fishing at Glencoe.
1175940Coongoola Bore No 2.
1175941Coongoola Bore No 1.
1175942Swan's Nest, Caiwarro.
1175943Tank, Tinnenburra.
1175944Deceased mare.
1175945Parragundy, NSW
1175946Coongoola Bore No 3, pressure test.
1175947Moorabindah Bore, Cunnamulla.
1175948Boorte Well.
1175949Charlotte Plains Bore No 2, partially closed.
1175950Bowra Bore.
1175951Bore No 4 Tinnenburra.
1175952Bore No 9 Tinnenburra.
1175954Metavale Bore.
1175955Bore No 7 Tinnenburra.
1175956Parragundy Bore, NSW
1175957Beel's "Nine Mile" Bore.
1175958Wombah Lake, Caiwarro.
1175959Tinnenburra Sand-hill.
1175960Wool-green, Hariman Park.
1175961Metavale homestead.
1175962Horse drawn buckboard at Moonjaree.
1175963Pumping Station, Caiwarro.
1175964Brumby Yards, Tinnenburra.
1175965Moonjaree No 1 Bore, closed down for pressure test.
1175966Charlotte Plains Bore No 2, partially closed.
1175967Charlotte Plains Bore No 1, partially closed.
1175968Burrenbilla Bore No 1, partially closed.
1175969Caves in Desert Sandstone, Glendilla.
1175970"Sunset" Looking towards Tinnenburra Station.
1175971Bore No 1 Burrenbilla.
1175972Burrenbilla Store.
1175973Hazelfield Bore, partially closed.
1175974"Wild Orange" trees at Tinnenburra Sandhill.
1175975Bore No 1 Burrenbilla, closed.
1175976Bore No 4 Burrenbilla, partially closed.
1175977Grave at No 9 Bore, Tinnenburra.
1175978Moonjaree Bore No 1
1175979Eagle hawk, Baroona.
1175980Kungie Lake, Tinnenburra.
1175981Musterers at Caiwarro.
1175982Moonjaree Bore No 2.
1175983"Goora" Bore and Scour.
1175984"Bogged" at Glendilla Bore.
1175985Blacks' Dugout, Tinnenburra.
1175986Camp at Bore No 4 Tinnenburra.
1175987Swan's nest, bore swamp, Coongoola.
1175988Cunnamulla Town Bore.
1175989Strathlea Bore.
1175990Waihora Bore, closing down.
1175991Waihora Bore.
1175992"The Farm" Bore, Caiwarro, pressure test.
1175993"5 Mile" Well, Caiwarro.
1175994Hazelfield Bore.
1175995"Maranoa Charlie" King of Tinnenburra.
1175996Kahmoo Bore and Scour.
1175997Hazelfield Bore, partially closed.
1175998Beel's Bore, Hariman Park.
1175999Falls, Glendilla Bore.
1176000Woolshed Bore.
1176001Clover Lake Bore, Coongoola.
1176002Woolshed Bore, Coongoola, partially closed.
1176003Offham Bore No 1, partially closed.
1176004Camden Bore No 1.
1176005Bundaleer Bore No 1
1176006Woolerina Bore No 2.
1176007Claverton Bore No 3
1176008Tala Bore.
1176009Offham Bore No 1.
1176010Woolerina Bore No 1.
1176011Toulby Bore.
1176012Noorama Bore No 1.
1176013Murra Murra Bore.
1176014Pioneer Bore.
1176015Pioneer Well.
1176016Beel's "Nine-mile" Bore.
1176017Mooning Bore.
1176018Thurulgoona Bore No 9.
1176019Thurulgoona Bore No 9.
1176020Thurulgoona Bore No 11.
1176021Thurulgoona Bore No 11.
1176022Thurulgoona Bore No 12.
1176023Bundaleer Bore No 15.
1176024Thurulgoona No 7 Bore.
1176025Bundaleer Bore No 4.
1176026Bundaleer Bore No 8.
1176032Tatala Bore No 2.
1176033"65 mile" Bore, St George Rd.
1176034Bendena Bore No 1.
1176035Coomburra Bore.
1176036Brenda Bore.
1176037Camden Bore No 2.
1176039Tatala Bore No 2.
1176040Bendena Bore No 3.
1176041Towry Springs Bore.
1176042Bundaleer Bore No 5.
1176044Bendena Bore No 2.
1176045Bundaleer Bore No 15.
1176046Bendena Bore No 2.
1176047Bundaleer Bore No 6.
1176048Tarko Bore.
1176049Clifton Woolshed Bore.
1176050Clifton Bore No 2.
1176051Bendena Bore No 3.
1176057Bingara Bore, Dyneror Downs.
1176058Bendena Bore No 1
1176059Pioneer Bore.
1176060Bush Spring Boorara.
1176061Weelamurra Bore No 1.
1176062Weelamurra Bore No 1.
1176063Tatala Bore No 2.
1176064Tatala Bore No 1.
1176065Coolibah, Bundaleer.
1176066Pine-ridge, Thurulgoona.
1176067Bendena Bore No 3.
1176068Clifton Bore No 2.
1176069Clifton Bore No 2.
1176070Mulga Downs No 2.
1176071Clifton Bore No 2.
1176072Bendena Woolshed.
1176073Granite Springs, Boorara.
1176074Corio Bore.
1176076Burrenbilla Bore No 1
1176152Burrenbilla Bore No 3.
1176153Sandstone Ridges, Tinnenburra Selections.
1176154Bore-drain No 7 Tinnenburra.
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Extended Description

This photograph album contains many photographs of bores and countryside in the vicinity of the Warrego River. Descriptions of bores include flow, pressure temperature and depth measurements. Properties visited by the artesian bore surveyors in 1910 in the Paroo Shire are featured in the album and include Horton Vale, Charlotte Plains, Tinnenburra, Hariman Park, Metavale, and Thurulgoona. Journals detailing these visits by the surveyors are located in Series 8926.
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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