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Agency ID997
TitleIpswich Town Council
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 31/3/1903
End Date 1/12/1904
Date NotesN/A

Created under the Local Government/Authorities Acts to provide local administration and public services in urban areas.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
9930School of Arts Committee Minute Book 31/3/1903 9/10/1903
10047Balance Sheets 31/3/1903 31/12/1903
17081Cash Account Book 31/3/1903 31/12/1903
10022Annual Reports - Ipswich City Council 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10055Deeds and Security Ledgers 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
17077Expenditure Sheets 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
9940Finance Committee Minute Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
9938Finance Committee Reports 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
9946Health Committee Minute Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
9944Health Committee Reports 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10024Index to Registers of Letters Received 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10006Lighting Committee Reports 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
3919Minute Books [Ipswich Municipal Council / Ipswich Town Council / Ipswich City Council] 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10044Miscellaneous Correspondence 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10013Park Committee Minute Book 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
5730Rate Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
5732Rate Cash Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10057Register of Motions 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10052Rent Journals 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10056Rent Ledgers 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10023Rough Minute Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10082Special Committees' Minute Book and Miscellaneous Committees' Minute Book 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10049Statements of Receipts and Expenditures 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
5731Valuation Registers 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10012Water Committee Minute Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10011Water Committee Reports 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
17070Water Rate Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
9941Works Committee Minute Books 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
10016Committee of the Whole Minute Book 28/4/1903 1/12/1904
17083Daily Cash Books 1/1/1904 1/12/1904
10005Lighting Committee Minute Books 16/2/1904 1/12/1904
10032Queen's Park Cash and Bank Book 1/4/1904 1/12/1904
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
123Home Secretary's Office 31/3/1903 1/12/1904
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Previous Agencies

Agency IDTitle
994Ipswich Municipal Council
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Subsequent Agencies

Agency IDTitle
992Ipswich City Council
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Information Sources

Local Authorities Act 1902
Queensland Government Gazette 3 Dec 1904, Vol LXXXIII, p1118
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Establishing Local Authorities Act 1902
Abolishing Local Authorities Act 1902
Administered Local Authorities Act 1902
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Ipswich Town was established 31 Mar 1903 from Ipswich Municipality. It changed to City 1 Dec 1904.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID997, Ipswich Town Council
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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