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Agency ID992
TitleIpswich City Council
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 1/12/1904
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Created under the Local Government/Authorities Acts to provide local administration and public services in urban areas.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17729Plans of Memorial Park, Cemetery Road N/A N/A
3887Correspondence Registers - Letters Received 31/12/1892 31/5/1920
17077Expenditure Sheets 1/12/1904 31/12/1908
10024Index to Registers of Letters Received 1/12/1904 31/12/1912
10049Statements of Receipts and Expenditures 1/12/1904 31/12/1912
5730Rate Books 1/12/1904 31/12/1914
5731Valuation Registers 1/12/1904 31/12/1914
10057Register of Motions 1/12/1904 26/3/1923
5732Rate Cash Books 1/12/1904 31/12/1924
10032Queen's Park Cash and Bank Book 1/12/1904 31/12/1927
10022Annual Reports - Ipswich City Council 1/12/1904 31/12/1934
17083Daily Cash Books 1/12/1904 30/4/1939
10005Lighting Committee Minute Books 1/12/1904 17/11/1949
10006Lighting Committee Reports 1/12/1904 17/11/1949
10013Park Committee Minute Book 1/12/1904 7/6/1950
10012Water Committee Minute Books 1/12/1904 8/6/1950
10011Water Committee Reports 1/12/1904 8/6/1950
10052Rent Journals 1/12/1904 20/9/1950
17070Water Rate Books 1/12/1904 31/12/1950
10056Rent Ledgers 1/12/1904 31/12/1956
10023Rough Minute Books 1/12/1904 6/6/1963
10044Miscellaneous Correspondence 1/12/1904 31/12/1964
10082Special Committees' Minute Book and Miscellaneous Committees' Minute Book 1/12/1904 8/2/1966
9946Health Committee Minute Books 1/12/1904 14/1/1971
9941Works Committee Minute Books 1/12/1904 26/1/1971
9944Health Committee Reports 1/12/1904 1/7/1971
9938Finance Committee Reports 1/12/1904 6/7/1971
9940Finance Committee Minute Books 1/12/1904 1/12/1971
10016Committee of the Whole Minute Book 1/12/1904 9/12/1971
10055Deeds and Security Ledgers 1/12/1904 4/1/1972
3919Minute Books [Ipswich Municipal Council / Ipswich Town Council / Ipswich City Council] 1/12/1904 11/12/1996
10043By-Laws 1/1/1906 31/12/1962
9931Building and General Purposes Committee Minute Books 12/2/1906 29/4/1949
9934Building and General Purposes Committee Reports 22/3/1906 29/4/1949
10027Letterbooks 18/4/1906 2/12/1911
10061Tramways - Miscellaneous Records 1/1/1909 31/12/1928
10078Register of Inspection and Adjustments (Weights and Measures) 29/1/1909 9/12/1915
10020Councillors Attendance Books 1/11/1909 29/7/1982
10014Reports 11/1/1910 7/6/1950
10018Daily Cash Books (Water Supply) 1/6/1911 11/5/1925
10029Officers Record Registers 1/1/1912 31/12/1949
10025Subject Index to General Correspondence (Inwards and Outwards) 1/1/1912 31/12/1970
17526Registers and Card Indexes to the General Correspondence (Inwards and Outwards) 1/1/1912 31/12/1984
10065Special Committees' Reports and Miscellaneous Committees' Reports 1/9/1912 11/6/1971
3826Rates Cash Book - General, Loan and Health Rates 29/12/1913 13/10/1916
10040Reports 29/1/1914 17/10/1918
9222General Correspondence (Inwards and Outwards) 2/2/1914 21/12/1946
10064Minute Book 20/3/1914 21/7/1914
10062Minute Book 13/7/1914 5/3/1916
17098Valuation and Rate Books 1/1/1915 31/12/1950
10003Reports 16/5/1917 28/6/1971
10063Minute Book 23/11/1917 19/10/1920
10041Minute Book 20/9/1918 21/3/1949
10036Soldiers' Memorial Committee Minute Book 16/3/1920 28/3/1924
10037Baths Joint Committee Minutes Book 8/10/1921 17/8/1926
10067Unidentified Journal 1/1/1923 31/12/1928
10015Accounts Committee Minute Books 24/1/1924 9/6/1950
10069Miscellaneous Records 1/1/1934 31/12/1935
10046Minute Books 8/2/1935 7/6/1950
10051Index to Main Roads Payments 1/1/1936 31/12/1937
3886Contract Registers - Bundamba, Ipswich 25/3/1937 27/6/1957
10002Reports 3/8/1939 7/6/1950
10019Committee Attendance Books 20/6/1940 21/8/1980
10030Return of Fixed Property 25/5/1942 18/9/1942
10038Victory Day Celebrations Records 16/5/1946 10/6/1946
9933Minute Book 13/12/1946 3/5/1949
9937Reports 13/12/1946 3/5/1949
9932Building and General Purposes and Town Planning Committee Minute Book 17/6/1949 9/6/1950
9936Building and General Purposes and Town Planning Committee Reports 17/6/1949 9/6/1950
10066Investigation into T. Wall, Parks Curator 14/3/1956 27/4/1956
10021Aldermens' Attendance Registers 1/7/1963 31/10/1970
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Controlling Agencies

Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1884Three Mile Creek Bridge Joint Care Committee 29/4/1911 11/10/1913
353Bremer Bridge Repairs Joint Committee 19/5/1914 1/1/1916
2246Harlin Road Brassall Bridge Committee 21/4/1915 26/9/1919
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Information Sources

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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Local Authorities Act 1902
Local Government Act 1936
Local Government Act 1993
Local Government Act 2009
Local Government (Brisbane, Esk, Ipswich, Logan & Moreton) Regulation 1994
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On 1 Dec 1904, following applications from the aldermen of theTown of Ipswich, Ipswich was declared a City and the Ipswich City Council was established.

Various boundary changes occurred over time including parts of the Brassall Shire and Bundamba Shire being included in Ipswich City on 13 Oct 1916 and parts of Moreton shire and part of Goodna in 1949. On 11 March 1995 the Shire of Moreton and the City of Ipswich merged to form the new City of Ipswich and in 2000 parts of Ipswich were transferred to Boonah Shire and Brisbane City. On 5 March 2008, the Harrisville/Peak Crossing area was transferred to the Scenic Rim Region.

Local Government Councils under the "Local Government Act 1993" and subsequent "Local Government Act 2009" and through local laws: promote economic development; own and manage public infrastructure including roads and public works, sewerage, and water storage and distribution; regulate activities which affect the environment including air, noise and water quality, land use and waste disposal, pests and noxious weeds, and building control; provide community services including recreational and cultural facilities and public health services.

Under the "Local Government Act 2009". local governments have " the power to do anything that is necessary or convenient for the good rule and local government of its local government area" including conduct joint government activities, engage in business enterprises. construct and maintain roads and other infrastructure. Indigenous Councils which are also Trustee Councils are responsible for business related to trust land while Community Forums may be established to discuss community issues.

Councils generate revenue from rates, service charges, grants and subsidies from state and federal governments, and loans for major projects.

On15 March 2008 the Ipswich City Council is comprised of a mayor and one councillor elected for each of the 10 divisions.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID992, Ipswich City Council
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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