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Agency ID970
TitleInsolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Office, Brisbane
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 2/10/1893
End Date 1/1/1916
Date NotesN/A

Administration of estates in insolvency, intestacy and insanity was combined in the Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Office from 1893 to 1916

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Series IDTitleFromTo
9615In-Letter Register N/A N/A
7637Insanity - Register of Patients N/A N/A
7636Intestacy Ledger No. 7 N/A N/A
9620Register of Liquidations under the Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Act of 1893 N/A N/A
9610Suspense In-Letter Registers N/A N/A
9616Suspense Registers N/A N/A
9613Miscellaneous Register 2/10/1893 30/1/1896
6333Insolvency Registers (By Supreme Court District) 2/10/1893 27/7/1898
20247Intestacy cash books and ledgers 2/10/1893 4/1/1902
9618Miscellaneous in Suspense In-Letter Indexes 2/10/1893 9/1/1909
15201Audit Insolvency Files 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
19469Indexes to Protective Management Files 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
15200Insolvency Files [Public Curator Office] 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
9589Insolvency Registers [relates to Public Curator and Supreme Court files] 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
335Intestacy Files, Brisbane 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
9602Intestacy Registers 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
20235Personal papers of managed estates 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
334Protective Management Files - Brisbane 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
6047Will Files - Brisbane 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
9640Indexes to Estate Registers 3/10/1893 1/1/1916
9619Audit Liquidation Index 1/1/1894 31/12/1915
20334Charitable institutions patient registers 1/1/1898 1/1/1916
9596Insolvency Index 10/5/1901 16/5/1904
9607Jubilee Sanatorium Register 18/1/1904 31/12/1915
9605Diamantina Hospital Registers 5/1/1914 31/12/1915
9604Register of Intestate Estates Administered 7/1/1914 31/12/1915
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Agency IDTitleFromTo
19Department of Justice (I) 2/10/1893 1/1/1916
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Information Sources

Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Administration Act 1893
Public Curator Act 1915
Queensland Government Blue Book 1893, p. 59
Queensland Government Blue Book 1899, p. 73
Queensland Government Blue Book 1908, p. 74
Queensland Government Blue Book 1915, pp. 99-100
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Establishing Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Administration Act 1893
Abolishing Public Curator Act 1915
Administered Insanity Act 1884
Insolvency Act 1874
Intestacy Act 1877
Charitable Institutions Act 1885
Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Administration Act 1893

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On 2 October 1893 under "The Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Administration Act of 1893", the offices of Curator in Intestacy and Insanity, and Official Trustee in Insolvency were combined to form the Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Office.

Administration of estates in insolvency (including liquidation), intestacy and insanity .
These duties included the administration of intestate estates and unadministered deceased estates, and estates of the mentally ill and inmates of charitable institutions.

A position of Curator in Intestacy and Insanity and Official Trustee and Principal Receiver in Insolvency was created in Brisbane and a position of Deputy to this position was also created under the Act. Offices were also established in Townsville and Rockhampton. Police Magistrates and Clerks of Petty Sessions acted as District Receivers in Insolvency and Curators in Intestacy and Insanity in towns throughout the state.

Attorney General 13-Mar-1893 - 1 Oct 1878
Minister for Justice 1 Oct 1898 - 28 MAr 1899
Attorney General 28 Mar 1899 - 19 Nov 1907
Minister for Justice 19 Nov 1907 - 18 Feb 1908
Attorney General 18 Feb 1908 - 1 Jan 1916

On 1 January 1916 under "The Public Curator Act of 1915" the Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Office was replaced by the Public Curator Office.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID970, Insolvency, Intestacy and Insanity Office, Brisbane
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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