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Agency ID9326
TitleDepartment of Public Works (III)
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 29/6/1998
End Date 3/4/2012
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for public works including buildings, and various services to other government agencies

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Series IDTitleFromTo
20342Security of Payments - Inquiry Within Building Industry (Scurr Inquiry) 29/6/1998 30/10/1998
3578Charleville Floods files 29/6/1998 31/12/1998
19853Scale Models 29/6/1998 31/12/1998
20344J L Holding Pty Ltd - v - State of Queensland and South Bank Corporation 29/6/1998 30/10/2000
20337Architects Disciplinary Panel 29/6/1998 30/8/2001
19825Administrative Records [CITEC] 29/6/1998 7/5/2003
19824Minutes [CITEC] 29/6/1998 29/3/2007
6395Executive Council Submissions and Minutes - Public Works Department 29/6/1998 9/12/2009
19866Drawings of Restored and Redeveloped Buildings and Sites 29/6/1998 1/1/2010
1162Architectural Drawings of Public Buildings 29/6/1998 1/2/2010
19600Architectural Show Plans 29/6/1998 30/9/2011
20987Honour Board (Public Works) 29/6/1998 31/12/2011
20988Photographs of Chief Executives (Public Works) 29/6/1998 31/12/2011
20170Architectural Art by Ronald Wu, Department of Public Works 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
20863Buildings and Structures of Historical Significance 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
20935Inquiry and Misconduct files 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
20719Legal Files - Housing and Public Works 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
20680Minutes 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
21002Procurement Committee files 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
21001Procurement Policy Files 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
21006Procurement Evaluation and Review files 11/9/1999 3/4/2012
20008Administration Files - Palm Island 11/8/2000 30/6/2007
19823Briefing Notes 10/5/2001 16/12/2005
20011Meeting Transcripts 1/2/2002 31/8/2005
20819Cabinet Submissions 26/3/2009 3/4/2012
20955Annual Reports - Department of Housing and Public Works 1/7/2009 3/4/2012
20887Executive Finance Committee Minutes 21/10/2010 3/4/2012
20936Significant Programs and Events 18/1/2011 15/2/2012
20876Queensland Government Precinct 2011 - Master Plan Report, Master Plan Presentation and Scale Models 1/4/2011 30/6/2011
21005Fraud Investigation files 14/6/2011 3/4/2012
20956Estimates 1/7/2011 3/4/2012
21003Ministerial Briefings [Public Works] 1/2/2012 1/3/2012
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
168Queensland State Archives 29/6/1998 3/9/1998
1177Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
482CITEC (Centre for Information Technology and Communication) 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
2930Goprint 29/6/1998 3/4/2012
168Queensland State Archives 12/2/2004 3/4/2012
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Information Sources

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Establishing Public Service Act 1996
Abolishing Public Service Act 2008: Departmental Arrangements Notice (No. 1) 2012
Administered Architects Act 2002
Building and Construction Industry Payments Act
Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000
Professional Engineers Act 2002
Public Records Act 2002
Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991
State Buildings Protective Security Act 1983
Subcontractors’ Charges Act 1974
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The Department of Public Works was established as a separate department after the 1998 election by the division of the former Department of Public Works and Housing. Subsequently, the following agencies were incorporated into the Public Works Department: Queensland State Archives and CITEC from 12 Feb 2004, Information Economy from 26 Feb 2004 and Racing from 1 Jul 2004. In July 2004, the design and construction functions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Housing also became part of the Department of Public Works.

In addition to leading the Government's capital works building program, the Department provided a number of other essential services to government agencies. Its functions were:
Government building consultancy (Project Services), property facilities management, Government accommodation and Public Service residences, building construction, maintenance, security, horticultural and cleaning services (QBuild),
Government motor vehicles fleet management (QFleet),
Government printing, publishing and information management (Goprint),
Government warehousing and distribution of general supplies and furniture (SDS),
National information and communications technology (CITEC),
Government Purchasing (Qld Purchasing),
Whole-of-government advice and assistance to agencies for capital works, asset management and procurement practices (Works Division),
Whole-of-government Archival and records management (QSA),
Whole-of-government information and communication technologies (ICT),
Professional practices and registration of professional engineers and architects.
Shared Services Provision (except Health and Education, Training and the Arts Department) - from 21 Sep 2007

In addition, the Racing Division provided a policy and regulatory framework which maintained public confidence in the integrity of the Queensland racing industry. From 13 Sep 2006 this Division was transferred to the Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation.

From 26 March 2009, functions under the portfolio of the Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication and Technology are:
Archives; from Feb 2011: Minister for Government Services, Building Industry and Information and Communication Technology:
Government Accommodation and Public Service Residences
Government Buildings including-
• Design, Maintenance and Construction
• Project Management
• Protective Services
Government Communication and Information Services
Government Information Planning
Government Motor Vehicles
Government Printing and Publishing
Government Purchasing (including electronic procurement and the State Purchasing Advisory Council)
Licensing and regulation of the Queensland building industry (1 July 2010)
Queensland home warranty insurance scheme (1 July 2010)
Professional Practices and Registration of Professional Engineers and Architects
Property Facilities Management and Property Related Services for Government
Smart Service Queensland
Shared Services Provision (other than Queensland Health and the Department of the Premier and Cabinet) and Shared Service Systems - to 9 Apr 2009
Shared Services Provision (other than Queensland Health, the Department of Education and Training, and that part of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet that services Arts Queensland) and Shared Service Systems - from 9 Apr 2009
Urban Design and Government Architect
Warehousing and Distribution of General Merchandise and Furniture

The Department's administrative structure introduced in 2004/05 comprised two public works divisions (the Works Division and the Services Division), the Racing Division and the technology service provider CITEC.
The Works Division comprised Infrastructure and Major Projects, Government Office Accommodation Unit, Portfolio and Housing Unit, Industry Policy Unit and Built Environment Research Unit as well as the commercial business units, Project Services and QBuild together with its support areas. These business units have regional offices throughout Queensland.
The Services division comprised Queensland Purchasing, Queensland State Archives, Shared Services, Government ICT and the commercialised business units QFleet, Goprint and SDS together with the Division's support areas.
The Racing Division had two functional units, the Office of Racing Regulation and the Racing Science Centre - to 13 Sep 2006.

Under Departmental Arrangements Notice (No. 1) 2012, the Department of Public Works was restructured and renamed the Department of Housing and Public Works on 3 April 2012.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID9326, Department of Public Works (III)
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