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Agency ID92
TitleState Library of Queensland
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 16/1/1896
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Provides state library services including historical, reference, arts and public library collections

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Series IDTitleFromTo
15438Accession Book of Books Bought and Donated N/A N/A
15425Agenda Book for Meetings of the Trustees N/A N/A
17064Automation Files in Libraries N/A N/A
15423Bibliographical Check Lists for the Allied Geographical Section, South West Pacific Area N/A N/A
15435Book Catalogue of Holdings of Serials, Reports and Handbooks Ending in 1948 N/A N/A
15416Book of Secretary's Reports to the Trustees N/A N/A
15441Book of Stationary Invoices Received N/A N/A
15440Books of Invoices Received N/A N/A
15444Cash Book in Account With the Queensland National Bank N/A N/A
15418Cheque Butts for Cheques Drawn on the Queensland National Bank N/A N/A
17065Children's Library Diary Book N/A N/A
17076Children's Library Files N/A N/A
15431Copies of Letter Sent by the Librarian and Secretary to the Trustees N/A N/A
15430Correspondence Records With the Chief Secretary's Department, and Associated Papers N/A N/A
17079Education Files N/A N/A
9646File Register Books N/A N/A
15432General Letterbooks N/A N/A
15442Invoice Books N/A N/A
15428Letterbooks N/A N/A
15433Letterbooks N/A N/A
9796Library Legislation File N/A N/A
9743Papers Regarding Regional Library Services N/A N/A
9644Photographic Committee Files N/A N/A
17662Plans from Local Libraries Correspondence N/A N/A
15421Postage and Petty Cash Book N/A N/A
15439Readers' Suggestion Book N/A N/A
15434Recommendation Book of the Selection Committee N/A N/A
15429Records of Requisitions for Books and Materials N/A N/A
15437Register of Newspapers Received (With Index) N/A N/A
15436Register of Patents and Specifications Received N/A N/A
15417Register With Lists of Miscellaneous Items of Expenditure N/A N/A
9764Report - Public Library Service in and from Brisbane N/A N/A
15426Reports, Draft Reports, Associated Correspondence and Memoranda N/A N/A
15443Requisition Book N/A N/A
17063Staff Files N/A N/A
7130Staff Suggestion Book N/A N/A
15420Staff Wages Cards and Sick Leave Cards N/A N/A
7148Time Book N/A N/A
16759Various Submissions, Reports and Working Papers N/A N/A
15422Visitors' Book N/A N/A
15419Vouchers, Receipts and Salary Abstracts N/A N/A
4598General Correspondence 31/10/1895 31/3/1950
15424Minute Book of the Trustees 23/4/1896 26/7/1906
15427Minute Book for Meetings of the Executive Committee 19/2/1897 28/6/1906
8386Miscellaneous Correspondence 4/12/1915 8/3/1945
148Administration Files 10/3/1916 1/1/1996
17827Local Libraries Correspondence Files 1/1/1919 31/12/1981
17705Plans for An Extension of the State Library, William Street 1/1/1974 31/12/1974
17078Files of 'Queensland Images' 10/2/1989 15/6/1990
3802Parliamentary Debates [Microfilm] 1/1/2000 31/12/2000
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
112Chief Secretary's Department 2/8/1906 24/4/1919
40Premier and Chief Secretary's Department 22/10/1919 8/3/1945
166Library Board of Queensland 8/3/1945 Current
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Information Sources

State Library of Queensland, Minute Book of Meetings of the Executive Committee 1897 - 1906; QSA:
Queensland Government Gazette 1896, Vol LXV, No 13, p124
Queensland Government Gazette 1898, Vol LXX, No 16, p117
Minutes of Meeting held on 18 Apr 1902 (LIB 1/D3(b))
Queensland Government Gazette 1906, Vol LXXXVII, No 22, p231
State Library of Queensland. In-letter from the Chief Secretary's Department dated 10 Jul 1906
Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1917, Vol 1, p312 (First mention of Premier and Chief Secretary's Department in the Estimates)
Queensland Government Gazette 1945, Vol CLXIV, No 40, p567
Appendix A of the Annual Report of the Library Board of Queensland for the year ended 30 Jun 1977.
Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1977 (A21-1971)
Queensland Government Directory 1999, p199
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Libraries Act 1988
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On 29 Apr 1902 the Public Library of Queensland was officially opened to the public. The Library was already in existence and had commenced on 16 Jan 1896 as the Brisbane Public Library. This name was changed in 1898 to the Public Library of Queensland. The name was not changed again until December 1971 when it became the State Library of Queensland.

Provision of libraries and library services for the people of Queensland including: reference and research; development of authoritative reference, historical, arts etc collections; provision of funding and other services to local public libraries

The "Libraries Act 1943" established the Library Board of Queensland to manage the operations of the Public Library of Queensland, and to coordinate and improve library facilities throughout Queensland.

In 1947 the position of State Librarian was created and James L. Stapleton was appointed Queensland's first State Librarian.

The "Libraries Act Amendment Act 1949" provided for the legal deposit of Queensland publications with the State Librarian. In December, WH Brown retired as Public Librarian of Queensland, and the position of Public Librarian was amalgamated with that of State Librarian.

In 1971 the departmental and staff structure of the library was remodelled, and then consisted of a Cataloguing Department, Acquisitions Department, Departmental Libraries Section, Reference Section, the Oxley Memorial Library, the Country Extension Service and the Queensland State Archives.

In 1972 a Public Libraries Service was established in conjunction with local authorities.

In 1976 two Assistant State Librarian positions were created: one responsible for user services, the other for resource development.

In 1988 the Library moved to its new building at South Bank, South Brisbane, opening its doors to the public in April. The "Libraries and Archives Act 1988" was passed and a new administrative structure with five divisions was introduced to reflect the new building's organisation.

Departmental libraries became the responsibility of their departments, rather than of the Library Board. The Library Board ceased responsibility for Queensland State Archives in 1991.

Chief Secretary 29 Apr 1902 - 22 Oct 1919
Premier and Chief Secretary 22 Oct 1919 - 8 Mar 1945
Minister for Public Instruction 8 Mar 1945 - 7 Mar 1945
Secretary for Public Instruction 7 Mar 1946 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Education 12 Aug 1957 - 17 Jan 1968
Minister for Education & Cultural Activities 17 Jan 1968
Minister for Culture, National Parks & Recreation 16 Dec 1977 - 23 Dec 1980
Minister for Tourism, National Parks, Sport and the Arts 23 Dec 1980 - 1 Dec 1986
Minister for the Arts 1 Dec 1986 - 19 Jan 1989
Minister for State Development and the Arts 19 Jan 1989 - 24 Sep 1992
Minister for the Arts 24 Sep 1992 -

Trustees of the Public Library of Queensland 29 Apr 1902 - 2 Aug 1906

John Oxley Library

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID92, State Library of Queensland
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