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Agency ID910
TitleOffice of the Governor of Queensland
Agency TypeGovernor
Start Date 10/12/1859
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

The Governor is the Representative of the Crown in Queensland

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Series IDTitleFromTo
12779Duplicate Despatches from the Secretary of State for the Colonies 12/8/1859 18/3/1870
9188Original Despatches from the Secretary of State for the Colonies 12/8/1859 30/12/1910
12774Letterbooks of Despatches to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 18/11/1859 31/12/1904
12771Letterbooks of Official Letters to Various Persons 22/11/1859 14/12/1904
19294The Proclamation of Queensland document 10/12/1859 10/12/1859
1139Official Correspondence 20/12/1859 31/7/2014
12766Minutes of Executive Council Meeting 14 Jan 1863 14/1/1863 14/1/1863
12759Private Secretary's Letterbooks 4/1/1868 27/1/1916
12773Letterbooks of Confidential Despatches to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 29/1/1868 7/10/1904
12778Confidential Despatches from the Secretary of State for the Colonies 1/5/1868 22/10/1904
12777Index to Precedents and Standing Orders Contained in Confidential Despatches 1/2/1870 31/12/1890
8575Proclamation 18/5/1871 18/5/1871
6045Deed Poll under Letters Patent 22/8/1872 22/8/1872
12762Letterbooks of Minutes and Memoranda 2/3/1875 6/12/1904
12786Colonial Office Correspondence 17/12/1884 18/3/1888
12781Correspondence and Reports on Defence 1/1/1885 31/12/1905
12783Registers of Despatches and Circulars 1/10/1885 31/12/1904
4341Registers of Official Correspondence - Office of the Governor of Queensland 1/1/1886 20/11/2011
12768Letterbook of Confidential Letters to Various Persons 1/8/1889 31/12/1904
8068Central Queensland Territorial Separation Petition 4/11/1890 4/11/1890
12776Official Confidential Correspondence 22/5/1891 31/12/1904
12772Letterbooks of Secret Despatches to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 3/2/1892 30/11/1904
12770Secret Despatches from the Secretary of State for the Colonies 9/3/1892 3/11/1904
12775Secret Papers in Connection With Military Matters 1/1/1898 15/7/1902
12760Correspondence to Private Secretary 19/5/1900 31/12/1903
12782Papers Relating to Constituting the Offices of State Governor and Governor-General 31/10/1900 13/1/1904
12765Despatches from the Governor-General 1/1/1901 14/12/1904
12790Letterbook of Secret Despatches to the Governor- General 14/1/1901 13/1/1903
12791Letterbook of Despatches to the Governor-General 28/1/1901 31/12/1904
12789Secret and Confidential Correspondence 13/2/1901 19/12/1904
12769Register of Secret and Confidential Outward Despatches and Telegrams 4/1/1905 9/6/1932
12764Letterbooks of Secret and Confidential Despatches and Telegrams 4/1/1905 17/4/1943
12763Registers of Outward Letters and Telegrams 6/1/1905 28/1/1937
12767Letterbooks of Despatches and Telegrams to Various Persons 6/1/1905 12/7/1943
5269Quarterly Secret Despatches to the Secretary of State for the Colonies 2/12/1909 26/1/1920
12761Notes and Memoranda 1/1/1910 31/12/1915
12788Unofficial Correspondence 1/1/1910 31/12/1917
20749War Telegrams 1/1/1914 12/12/1915
12784Correspondence Regarding Benson's Permanent Way Patent 6/9/1918 26/11/1918
12780Correspondence and Papers Relating to World War Two Civil Defence 2/2/1939 5/5/1943
12785Correspondence Regarding Torres Strait Islands Tour 28/4/1943 28/4/1943
17673Royal Visit 1954 - Maps of Queensland and Places to Be Visited 1/1/1946 31/12/1954
20382Photograph Album and Miscellaneous Documents 1/10/1946 20/4/1956
4607Registers of Unofficial Correspondence - Office of the Governor of Queensland 1/1/1958 31/12/1988
20381Photographs - Office of the Governor 12/4/1970 29/7/2008
20934Index to Official Correspondence and Visits 1/1/2003 31/12/2008
20933Official Visits 1/7/2003 1/8/2008
18685Governors' Speeches 2003 - 2014 29/7/2003 18/7/2014
20573Diary of Her Excellency the Honourable Penelope Wensley AC, Governor of Queensland 2008 - 2014 29/7/2008 29/7/2014
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 1859, Vol.1, No.1, pp.1-3
Queensland Government Gazette 1859, Vol.1, No.3, pp.7-8
Statistical Register of Queensland 1859, pp. 26, 31
Queensland Votes and Proceedings 1860, pp. 447 - 451
Queensland Government Directory 1997, p. 5
Who's Who in Australia 1947, pp. 913, 915
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
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Sir George Ferguson Bowen, K.C.M.G was appointed on 6 June 1859 by Queen Victoria by commission under the Great Seal of the the United Kingdom, and assumed office on 10 December 1859 as the Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of the Colony of Queensland and its Dependencies, and Vice-Admiral of the same, with a salary of 2500 pounds per annum.

Duties and responsibilities of the Office include being the Representative of the Crown, the Constitutional Head of Government and maintaining all administrative functions and activities; and Head of Defence (nineteenth century only).

Under the instructions of Queen Victoria of Britain and Ireland in 1859 the Governor had full power and authority to grant any waste or unsettled lands in the Colony; the authority to grant any offender convicted of any crime a pardon, free or subject to lawful conditions; to make laws and to provide for the administration of justice in the Colony; the power to remit any fines, penalties or forfeitures payable to the Crown or Government under the value of 50 pounds; to maintain the Returns of all Officers and their offices in the Blue Book; and to promote Religion and Education throughout the Colony.

The Governor's Office includes an Official Secretary, Executive Officer, Public Affairs Advisor, Aide-de-Camp and Aide. The Governor presides over the Executive Council which provides assistance and advice on the administration of the Office and of the Government.

The Governor is always referred to in person or correspondence as 'His/Her Excellency AB, the Governor of Queensland' or more simply as 'His/Her Excellency Governor AB'

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID910, Office of the Governor of Queensland
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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