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Agency ID730
TitleCrown Solicitor's Office I
Agency TypeBusiness unit or division
Start Date 23/12/1859
End Date 11/4/1922
Date NotesN/A

Provided legal services to the government

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Series IDTitleFromTo
12222Briefs and Associated Papers in Appeal Cases from the Courts of Petty Sessions in Various Locations N/A N/A
12083Briefs and Associated Papers in Cases and Other Matters Involving Ships N/A N/A
12102Briefs and Associated Papers in Cases Involving Pacific Islanders N/A N/A
12140Briefs and Associated Papers in Cases Involving the Commissioner for Railways N/A N/A
12117Briefs and Papers re Duncan V. Theodore and Duncan V. Beal and Various Cases N/A N/A
12075Briefs in the Case William Frederick Taylor V. Attorney-General re Abolition of Legislative Council N/A N/A
12073Catalogues of Books N/A N/A
12085Crown Solicitor's Notebooks N/A N/A
12107Depositions N/A N/A
12201Depositions Relating to Information Laid Regarding Offences Committed at 1891 Shearers Strike N/A N/A
12280Diaries of the Acting Northern Crown Solicitor (H.E. Harrington) and Other Staff Members N/A N/A
12191Diary re S.S. "Eastern" N/A N/A
12272Documents, Papers, Correspondence, Etc. in the Supreme Court Case re "Eastern" N/A N/A
12181Legal Diary of William Webb, Chief Legal Assistant at the Crown Solicitor's Office N/A N/A
12264Letterbooks N/A N/A
12105Minute Book Relating to Proceedings in the High Court, With Associated Papers N/A N/A
12198Minutes N/A N/A
12247Miscellaneous Indexes to Correspondence and Papers N/A N/A
12069Notebook N/A N/A
12262Opinion Books N/A N/A
12261Opinions N/A N/A
12065Original Documents and Copies of Government Gazettes N/A N/A
12180Papers of William Flood Webb, Crown Solicitor of Queensland N/A N/A
12190Parliamentary Bill Book N/A N/A
12252Press Copies of Certain Legal Opinions N/A N/A
12087Property Papers Concerning Central Sugar Mills and Sugar Companies N/A N/A
12268Railway Property Papers. N/A N/A
12263Real Property Cash Book N/A N/A
12254Records of Proceedings in the Arbitration Case N/A N/A
12267Register of Real Property Handled Through the Lands Department N/A N/A
12068Rough Alphabetical Catalogue of Law Books N/A N/A
12063In-Letters 23/12/1859 31/10/1906
12116Briefs and Transcripts of Depositions Read During Criminal Trials at Various Locations 23/12/1859 11/4/1922
18679Correspondence Files 23/12/1859 11/4/1922
6226Registers of Criminal Depositions Received 22/6/1861 11/4/1922
12077Briefs and Associated Papers Regarding Criminal Trials in Brisbane 1/1/1863 11/4/1922
12084Briefs and Papers Arising from the Licensing Act and Liquor Act at Various Locations [Crown Solicitor] 1/1/1863 11/4/1922
12270Briefs and Papers in Cases Heard in the Supreme Court and High Court re Deceased Estates 1/1/1865 11/4/1922
12274Real Property Papers 1/1/1868 31/12/1916
12271Instruction Papers Received from Various Government Departments 1/1/1868 11/4/1922
12269Register of the Lodging of Real Property Papers in Railway Transfer Cases 20/2/1868 21/8/1871
12255Briefs and Associated Papers in Supreme Court Cases Involving the Commissioner of Railways 1/1/1871 11/4/1922
12086Briefs and Papers Respecting Sugar Lands, Mills, and Price Fixing of Sugar Cane 1/1/1887 11/4/1922
12253Registers of Letters Received 4/1/1892 19/8/1913
12257Indexes to Opinion Books 1/1/1899 31/12/1909
12258Real Property Act Registers 1/6/1900 11/4/1922
12266Register of Opinions and Other Documents 1/7/1901 31/12/1903
12072Briefs and Papers in Land Appeal Cases 1/1/1902 11/4/1922
12256Cross Indexes to Opinion Books 1/1/1903 31/12/1903
12220Briefs and Papers Involving the Commissioner of Income Tax 1/1/1905 11/4/1922
5172Briefs and Papers of the Mungana Mines /Chillagoe Smelters Case:The King Vs. Goddard, Reid, Mccormack and Theodore 10/7/1910 31/12/1931
12071Memoranda Book Recording Various Authorities Issued 1/1/1913 31/12/1916
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
19Department of Justice (I) 23/12/1859 11/4/1922
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1222District Receiver in Insolvency, Ravenswood 1/10/1874 1/7/1890
149District Receiver in Insolvency, Pine Hill 25/10/1883 30/12/1886
384District Receiver in Insolvency, Barcaldine 30/12/1886 1/7/1890
736District Receiver in Insolvency, Cloncurry 24/7/1889 1/7/1890
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Information Sources

Queensland Blue Book 1859, p. 34
Queensland Government Gazette 1859, Vol 1, No. 3, p.10
Queensland Government Gazette 1922, Vol CXVIII, No. 141, p.1232
Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1921, Vol. 1, p. 476 (42)

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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered N/A
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The position of Crown Solicitor has been in continuous existence in Queensland since separation from New South Wales in 1859; however, the position has not always been accompanied by a Crown Solicitor's Office. The first Crown Solicitor's Office was established at the same time as the position of Crown Solicitor on 23 December 1859 and continued until the appointment of a Solicitor General in 1922.

The gazettal notice of 23 December 1859 states that the appointment was "to be Crown Solicitor for civil and criminal business". The Crown Solicitor's Office was responsible for legal services to the State of Queensland and advice to the Attorney General and other Ministers, government departments and other government agencies.

The Crown Solicitor's Office was one of the offices of the Attorney General, later Justice Department. In 1859 the Office comprised the Crown Solicitor and a clerk. By 1921, the Office also included an Assistant Crown Solicitor, a Prosecutions Officer, a Chief Legal Assistant and a Conveyancing Officer.

The Crown Solicitor's Office was abolished with the creation of the Solicitor General's Office on 11 April 1922. The position of Crown Solicitor continued within the new Office.

From 12 August 1890 to 13 March 1893, the Solicitor General was the Minister in charge of the Crown Solicitor's Office. From 1922 onwards, Solicitors General were public servants.

Attorney General 23 Dec 1859 - 21 Jan 1879
Minister of Justice 21 Jan 1879 - 16 May 1879
Attorney General 16 May 1879 - 13 Jun 1888
Minister of Justice 13 Jun 1888 - 12 Aug 1890
Solicitor General 12 Aug 1890 - 13 Mar 1893
Attorney General 13 Mar 1893 - 1 Oct 1898
Minister of Justice 1 Oct 1898 - 28 Mar 1899
Attorney General 28 Mar 1899 - 19 Nov 1907
Minister of Justice 19 Nov 1907 - 18 Feb 1908
Attorney General 18 Feb 1908 - 22 Oct 1919
Minister of Justice 22 Oct 1919 - 7 Apr 1920
Attorney General 7 Apr 1920 - 11 Apr 1922

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID730, Crown Solicitor's Office I
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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