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Agency ID7164
TitleLands Department, Information Division
Agency TypeBusiness unit or division
Start Date 7/12/1989
End Date 26/2/1996
Date NotesN/A

The Information Division of the Lands Department

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Series IDTitleFromTo
49371:2500 Cadastral Town Maps 7/12/1989 31/12/1990
48951:50 000 Scale Cadastral Maps 7/12/1989 31/12/1990
17610Town Maps 7/12/1989 31/12/1990
48931:25 000 Scale Cadastral Maps 7/12/1989 31/12/1992
20151:2500 Scale Cadastral Maps 7/12/1989 31/12/1992
612Aerial Film Negatives 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
21138Aerial Photographic Key Maps 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
21124Aerial Photographic Prints 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
21139Identification Survey Plans 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
21135Queensland Topographic Survey Files 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
17965Survey Instruction Files 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
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18Lands Department 7/12/1989 26/2/1996
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Information Sources

Lands Department Annual Report 1989/1990 - 1995/1996
Queensland Government Gazette, Vol.CCXCII, No.117, 7 Dec 1989, p.2491
Queensland Government Gazette, Vol.CCXCVII, No.89, 4 Jul 1991, p.1316N
Queensland Government Gazette, Vol.CCCXI, No.42, 26 Feb 1996, p.926
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Land Act 1994
Place Names Act 1994
Surveyors Co-ordination Act 1952
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In December 1989 the former Departments of Freehold Land Titles, Geographic Information, Land and Valuer-General were amalgamated to form a new and expanded Lands Department, taking responsibility for a number of functions including cadastral and topographical mapping, Land Information System Co-ordination, Administration Boundary Mapping, Thematic Mapping, Image Services and Remote Sensing.
The rationale for the merger was to promote efficiency and greater co-ordination in the land activities of the state.

Place names
Maps, tourist
Map, sales
Map, exhibitions
Maps, registration of Crown Land surveys
Surveys, road
Surveys, agricultural
Surveys, grazing
Surveys, town
Surveys, town allotments
Surveys, suburban allotments
Surveys, suburbs
Surveys, reserves
Deeds, preparation of
Photography, aerial
Boundaries, state

The Lands Department reported to the Land Administration Commission which was an advisory and regulatory body. Under the Lands Act Amendment Act 1992 the Land Administration Commission was abolished on 7 December 1992. In its place the Brigalow Corporation was established.
A review of public sector management in the early 1990's resulted in the re-organisation of each government department into a corporate structure. Consequently, the position of Surveyor-General was changed to Program Director, Information.

The name of the Lands Department was changed to the Department of Natural Resources on 26 February 1996.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID7164, Lands Department, Information Division
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