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Agency ID564
TitleOffice of the Chief Inspector of Stock
Agency TypeBusiness unit or division
Start Date 14/2/1868
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for stock quality and movement

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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
18Lands Department 14/2/1868 1/6/1871
107Colonial Secretary's Office 1/6/1871 6/8/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 6/8/1896 1/7/1897
124Agriculture Department 1/7/1897 1/1/1904
39Department of Agriculture and Stock 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
11731Department of Primary Industries I 26/9/1963 25/2/1996
8616Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries 26/9/1963 26/3/2009
535Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry 26/2/1996 28/6/1998
11732Department of Primary Industries II 29/6/1998 12/2/2004
11170Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation 26/3/2009 3/4/2012
11456Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 3/4/2012 16/2/2015
11656Department of Agriculture and Fisheries 16/2/2015 Current
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
984Inspector of Sheep, Wide Bay and Burnett District 25/4/1868 9/9/1896
10817Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Cardwell 17/11/1869 31/12/1980
2272Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Port Douglas 1/12/1880 31/12/1980
10813Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Yuleba 1/1/1881 31/12/1990
2080Broadsound Marsupial Board 1/1/1882 31/12/1895
2781Nebo Marsupial Board 20/9/1883 1/1/1892
2069Belyando Marsupial Board 2/4/1886 31/12/1895
2141Clermont Marsupial Board 2/4/1886 31/12/1895
10812Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Croydon 1/10/1886 31/12/1980
10814Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Montalbion 5/6/1889 24/6/1897
10816Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Biggenden 1/7/1892 31/12/1980
988Inspector of Stock, Springsure 14/1/1893 Current
342Board Of Stock Commissioners 27/7/1896 1/1/1904
2824Inspector of Stock, Cloncurry 8/9/1896 Current
1269Inspector of Stock, Burketown 9/9/1896 Current
985Inspector of Stock, Clermont 9/9/1896 Current
986Inspector of Stock, Herberton 9/9/1896 Current
989Inspector of Stock, Townsville 9/9/1896 Current
987Inspector of Stock, Kidston 12/2/1908 3/3/1965
2488Tick Board 1/12/1917 31/12/1930
2749Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Dimbulah 1/1/1935 31/12/1980
10815Inspector of Slaughterhouses, Cooktown 1/1/1974 31/12/1980
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Related Agencies

Agency IDTitleRelationship
2484Agriculture Department, Stock BranchStock branch
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Information Sources

Chief Inspector of Sheep, Letterbook of B/C and other correspondence, 6 Feb 1871 - 3 Jul 1878; QSA: AGS/G1
Agriculture and Stock Department, "History of the control of stock disease in Queensland, 1859 - c. 1947"; QSA: A/52322
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Diseases in Sheep Act 1867
Diseases in Stock Act 1896
Impounding Act 1863
Live Stock and Meat Export Act 1895
Marsupials Destruction Act 1895
Slaughtering Act 1898
Stock Act 1915
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The position of Chief Inspector of Sheep was established on 14 February 1868. In June 1871, by virtue of his position, the Chief Inspector of Sheep was also appointed Inspector of Cattle for the port of Brisbane. From about 1871, the Chief Inspector of Sheep began to refer to himself also as the Chief Inspector of Stock; however, no official approval for the addition of this title was located. The position of Chief Inspector of Stock, which replaced that of Chief Inspector of Sheep, was gazetted on 9 September 1896. For the years 1896 - 1898, however, the titles of Chief Inspector of Sheep and Chief Inspector of Stock were held concurrently. The current position was given legislative status under the Stock Act 1915.

The functions of the position included reporting on numbers, and improvement of quality of stock; import, export and disease control; quarantine; travelling stock; meat inspection; and marsupial control. In 2003, the Chief Inspector of Stock as part of the Animal and Plant Health Service has responsibility for disease control, quarantine and movement of stock.

Before the establishment of the Agriculture and Stock Department in 1904, the Chief Inspector of Stock reported directly to the Colonial Secretary later Home Secretary, and from 1897 to the Secretary for Agriculture. The Queensland Blue Book 1930 shows the Chief Inspector of Stock as the principal officer of the Stock Branch of the Agriculture and Stock Department. His roles are further listed as Chief Inspector of Stock and Slaughterhouses as well as Registrar of Brands, Chief Veterinary Surgeon, officer controlling Stock Experiment Stations and Sheep and Wool Branch, Member of Tick Board and Member of the Southern District Stallion Board.

When the Department was re-organised in 1945 the Office of the Chief Inspector of Stock became a section of the Division of Animal Industry. The Chief Inspector of Stock was then responsible to the Director of the Division, and no longer produced a separate annual report.

Secretary for Public Lands, 14 Feb 1868 - 1 Jun 1871
Colonial Secretary, 1 Jun 1871 - 6 Aug 1896
Home Secretary, 6 Aug 1896 - 1 July 1897
Secretary for Agriculture 1 July 1897 - 7 Feb 1911
Secretary for Agriculture and Stock 7 Feb 1911 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Agriculture and Stock 12 Aug 1957 - 9 Jun 1960
Minister for Agriculture and Forestry 9 Jun 1960 - 26 Sep 1963
Minister for Primary Industries 26 Sep 1963 -

Inspectors of Stock
Inspectors of Slaughter Houses
Marsupial Boards
Directors of Sheep

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID564, Office of the Chief Inspector of Stock
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