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Agency ID547
TitleBurrum Divisional Board
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 11/11/1879
End Date 31/3/1903
Date NotesN/A

Created under the Divisional Boards Acts to provide local administration and public services in areas outside municipalities.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
7603Valuation Register 1/1/1883 31/12/1887
10236Rate Books 1/1/1883 31/12/1896
7574Rate Letterbooks 14/5/1884 20/2/1892
10223Letterbooks 6/8/1885 31/3/1903
7576Minute Books 5/8/1886 4/11/1902
7572Work Letterbooks 21/1/1889 5/8/1903
10230Ledger 4/12/1895 15/4/1901
17058Valuation Register and Rate Books 1/1/1898 31/12/1903
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
8481Public Works Department (I) 11/11/1879 12/12/1887
236Mines and Works Department 12/12/1887 4/1/1890
2723Public Works Department II 4/1/1890 1/7/1891
107Colonial Secretary's Office 1/7/1891 29/7/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 29/7/1896 31/3/1903
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Subsequent Agencies

Agency IDTitle
548Burrum Shire Council I
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Information Sources

Divisional Boards Act of 1879
Queensland Government Gazette 11 November 1879, Vol. XXV, No. 75, pp. 987 - 1008
Divisional Boards Act of 1887
Queensland Government Gazette, 1 Jan 1887, Vol. XL, No. 2, p. 18
Local Authorities Act of 1902 - Queensland Government Gazette, 30 December 1902, Vol VII, No 163, pp. 1455 - 1601
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Establishing Divisional Boards Act 1879
Abolishing Local Authorities Act 1902
Administered Divisional Boards Act 1879
Divisional Boards Act 1887

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The "Divisional Boards Act of 1879" established Divisional Boards for the purpose of providing local government for portions of the colony outside the boundaries of municipalities. The first Divisional Boards, including Burrum, were proclaimed on 11 November 1879.

The primary function of Divisional Boards was to provide such public services and amenities as: parks and reserves, cemeteries, libraries and recreational facilities, water and sanitation services, roads, bridges, wharves, street lighting, public health services (such as immunisations), licences and registrations for businesses, markets and animals, town planning, and the control of noxious weeds and other pests.

Boards were also responsible for administering the Local Fund and for valuing properties within the Division for the purpose of determining and collecting rates. Boards could pass by-laws regarding all matters within its jurisdiction. All such by-laws required the assent of the Governor-in-Council.

Divisional Boards submitted an annual Statement of Revenue and Expenditure to the Minister. By-laws created by Boards required the assent of the Governor-in-Council.

Secretary for Public Works and Mines 11 Nov 1879 - 12 Dec 1887
Secretary for Mines and Works 12 Dec 1887 - 4 Jan 1890
Secretary for Railways and Public Works 4 Jan 1890 - 12 Aug 1890
Secretary for Public Works 12 Aug 1890 - 9 Jul 1891
Colonial Secretary c. Jul 1891 - 6 Aug 1896
Home Secretary 6 Aug 1896 - 31 Mar 1903

Part of Burrum Division became Isis Division on 1 January 1887.

The Local Authorities Act 1902 abolished divisional boards and created city, town, and shire councils. Under this Act, the Burrum Divisional Board was abolished, and its functions were transferred to the Burrum Shire Council on 31 March 1903.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID547, Burrum Divisional Board
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