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Agency ID4
TitleState Electricity Commission of Queensland
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 17/1/1938
End Date 1/1/1985
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for electricity generation and supply

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17632Plans and Prints, Bulimba Power Station 1/1/1924 31/12/1956
16800Miscellaneous Records 1/1/1927 31/12/1983
125Inwards Correspondence Register Cards 1/1/1937 31/12/1985
126Outwards Correspondence Register Cards 1/1/1937 31/12/1985
77Sundry Reports 1/1/1938 31/12/1941
71Annual Reports - State Electricity Commission of Queensland 1/1/1938 31/12/1956
15413Personal and Leave Batches of Officers Who Occupied Senior Positions 1/1/1938 31/12/1972
8316Subject Files 1/1/1938 31/12/1972
40Correspondence Files 1/1/1938 31/12/1984
534Executive Council Submissions and Minutes - State Electricity Commission/Queensland Electricity Commission 28/4/1938 1/1/1985
15410Files Concerning Air Raid Precautions (C 36 Series) 1/4/1939 31/3/1951
44Secondary Industries Commission, Correspondence Files 1/1/1944 31/12/1950
17634Plans and Drawings, Bulimba "A" Power Station 1/1/1945 31/12/1970
17626Plans and Blueprints, Howard Power Station 1/1/1946 31/12/1978
15414Correspondence 2/7/1948 17/10/1951
103Power Stations and Personnel - Photographic Proofs and Prints 1/1/1950 31/12/1970
124Negatives [State Electricity Commission] 1/1/1960 31/12/1970
524Ministerial Memoranda [State Electricity Commission] 1/1/1961 4/9/1973
65Regional Electric Authorities Conference Agendas and Papers 1/1/1961 31/12/1984
66Regional Electric Authorities Conference Minutes 1/1/1961 31/12/1984
67Industrial Dispute Transcripts and Reports 1/1/1962 31/12/1970
79Various Publications 1/1/1963 31/12/1985
74Report of the Commissioner's Visit to the United Kingdom 1/1/1965 31/12/1965
4739Reports and Documentation Relating to the Electricity Industry 1/1/1970 1/1/1985
533Papers Relating to the Re-Organisation of the Electricity Supply Industry 1/1/1971 31/12/1976
75Card Index to Queensland Electricity Supply Industry Consultative Council Agendas, Papers and Minutes 1/1/1977 1/1/1985
72Queensland Electricity Supply Industry Consultative Council, Agendas, Papers and Minutes 22/3/1977 1/1/1985
21244Drawings - Enertrade Records 30/6/1982 1/1/1985
21242Enertrade Records 30/6/1982 1/1/1985
21243Indexes to Enertrade Records 30/6/1982 1/1/1985
101Central Records File Classification Index 1/1/1984 31/12/1984
73Executive Agendas, Papers and Minutes 1/1/1984 31/12/1984
538Executive Committee Memoranda [Queensland Electricity Commission/State Electricity Commission] 27/6/1984 1/1/1985
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
40Premier and Chief Secretary's Department 17/1/1938 15/5/1947
2840Labour and Industry Department II 15/5/1947 17/3/1949
258Mines Department (II) 28/5/1956 12/8/1957
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
993Ipswich Electric Supply Company Limited 17/1/1938 2/9/1941
401City Electric Light Company Limited 17/1/1938 18/12/1952
50Southern Electric Authority of Queensland 18/12/1952 1/7/1977
57Mackay Regional Electricity Board 1/3/1957 1/1/1985
51Queensland Electricity Generating Board 1/7/1977 30/6/1982
1Cairns Regional Electricity Board 1/7/1977 1/1/1985
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Information Sources

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Establishing State Electricity Commission Act 1937
Abolishing Electricity Act Amendment Act 1984

Administered Electric Light and Power Act 1896-1962
State Electricity Commission Act 1937
State Electricity Commission Acts Amendment Act 1948
Electricity Act 1976
Electricity Act Amendment Act 1984
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Originally, the responsibility for the generation and supply of electricity was shared by 38 Municipal Councils. Between them, these Councils controlled some 51 power generating plants.

Following the findings of a State Government appointed Royal Commission into the current and future supply of electricity in Queensland, a State Electricity Commission was established under the State Electricity Commission Act 1937. The Commission commenced operation on 17 January 1938.

The new Commission controlled the activities of the municipal councils with respect to all matters relating to electricity.

The planning of Queensland's electrical supply network (including rural electrification), construction and operation of main power stations and main transmission systems, electrical safety, issuing of licences to electrical contractors, certification of electrical workers, as well as supplying electricity to Queensland consumers and promoting the use of electricity.

When it was established the State Electricity Commission had four members, one of whom was the Chairman.

In 1945, a Rural Development Section was established for the primary purpose of rural electrification. In the same year, the first Regional Electricity Boards were founded at Wide Bay and Cairns. The Regional Boards Scheme was initiated in an attempt to establish machinery for implementing a post-war electrification programme. The decentralised structure of the Commission was considered the only approach suited to the requirements of a state so vast and so diverse in its needs. Each Board was headed by the Chairman of the SEC and a Board Manager and operated in close collaboration with other industry agencies such as the City Electric Light Company.

In 1977, the Commission and other electricity authorities underwent a significant restructure. As of 30 June of that year, the Southern Electric Authority, the Brisbane City Council, the Northern Electric Authority, five regional boards and several local authorities no longer functioned as electricity authorities, and as of 1 July their place was taken by a new structure. Under the Electricity Act of 1976, the State Electricity Commision was to continue as the executive arm of the government, and below it there was to be a single generating board for the whole of Queensland and seven district Boards responsible for the retailing of electricity. The regional boards were bodies with which consumers had direct dealings.

In 1982, the Queensland Electricity Generating Board was informally dissolved and the functions of the former Board were informally adopted by the State Electricity Commission. The amalgamation of the two bodies was formerly proclaimed on 1 January 1985. At the same time, the Commission became known as the Queensland Electricity Commission.

Premier and Chief Secretary 17 Jan 1938 - 15 May 1947
Secretary for Labour and Industry 15 May 1947 - 17 Mar 1949
Secretary for Mines and Immigration 17 Mar 1949 - 28 May 1956
Secretary for Mines 28 May 1956 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Development, Mines and Main Roads 12 Aug 1957 - 9 Jun 1960
Minister for Development, Mines, Roads and Electricity 9 Jun 1960 - 26 Sep 1963
Minister for Industrial Development 26 Sep 1963 - 17 Jan 1968
Minister for Mines, Main Roads and Electricity 17 Jan 1968 - 4 Sep 1969
Minister for Local Government and Electricity 4 Sep 1969 - 23 Dec 1974
Minister for Mines and Energy 23 Dec 1974 - 16 Dec 1977
Minister for Mines, Energy and Police 16 Dec 1977 - 29 Jul 1980
Minister for Mines and Energy 29 Jul 1980 - 1 Jan 1985
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID4, State Electricity Commission of Queensland
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