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Agency ID39
TitleDepartment of Agriculture and Stock
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 1/1/1904
End Date 26/9/1963
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for agricultural development, research and education, and disease control

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Series IDTitleFromTo
16854Registers of Estimates 1/7/1900 30/6/1916
10758Letterbook 1/1/1904 2/1/1908
8431Index to Government Gazette Notices 1/1/1904 30/11/1910
7170Meatworks Registration 1/1/1904 31/12/1915
7293Correspondence Index 1/1/1904 31/12/1919
18252Various Papers, Correspondence and Publications 1/1/1904 23/9/1930
5936Departmental Diaries and Notebooks 1/1/1904 31/12/1936
20370Photographs of early primary industry in Queensland 1/1/1904 31/12/1937
1208Subject Files 1/1/1904 1/7/1945
5934Indexes to Executive Council Minutes - Agriculture Department/Agriculture & Stock Department 1/1/1904 31/12/1955
6041Batch Files 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
5935Executive Council Submissions and Minutes - Agriculture Department/ Agriculture and Stock Department/ Department of Primary Industries 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
19146Forestry Camp Maps 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
6035General Correspondence 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
9718Personnel Files 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
10755Outwards Correspondence 25/9/1906 11/11/1914
6011Card Registers of General Correspondence (Department of Primary Industries) 1/1/1909 26/9/1963
6024Correspondence File Movement Control Registers 1/1/1909 26/9/1963
10750Register of Certificates of Exemption Issued or Refused 1/1/1913 31/12/1914
10751Register of Numbers of Certificates of Exemptions and Other Certificates under the Sugar Cultivation Act of 1913 1/1/1913 31/12/1923
20377Cane tester Mill Statistics 1/1/1914 5/10/1915
20375Cost of Manufacture (Mills) 1/1/1914 5/10/1915
5748Award Certificates 1/1/1915 31/12/1915
10746Correspondence Register 1/1/1916 31/12/1923
5937Indexes to Employment Application Correspondence 1/1/1916 31/12/1936
8410Reports on the Queensland Agricultural College, Gatton 1/1/1921 30/4/1953
10752Register of Certificates of Exemptions Granted (Or Refused) under the Sugar Cultivation Act of 1913 1/1/1922 31/12/1923
8403Bill Papers 1/1/1923 31/12/1958
294Wages Register for Fraser Island - Agriculture and Stock Department 1/1/1926 1/7/1937
18162Minutes and Proceedings of the Australian Agricultural Council and the Standing Committee on Agriculture 7/6/1926 26/9/1963
10754Correlation of Positions and Duties of Staff 1/1/1927 31/12/1929
8408Report of Milk Supply Committee of Enquiry 5/5/1927 8/2/1933
10745Index to Inwards Correspondence 1/1/1928 31/12/1928
8404Files Relating to the Operations of the Rural Assistance Board and the Agriculture Bank 1/1/1932 31/12/1945
20750Chemical Registration Files 20/5/1935 26/9/1963
21186Dairy Registration Records 5/1/1936 21/12/1937
18161Reports, Submissions and Committee, Conference Etc. Papers Related to Agriculture 9/3/1936 26/9/1963
8406Correspondence (War Agricultural Committees) 1/1/1942 31/12/1945
8407Accounts of District War Agricultural Committees for Acquired Machinery 1/1/1943 31/12/1944
8405Minutes of Meetings 21/12/1943 17/8/1945
21035Stock Food Chemical Registration Indexes 1/1/1946 26/9/1963
9601History of the Control of Stock Disease in Queensland 1/1/1947 31/12/1947
10749Correspondence Regarding Salary Increase Lists 1/1/1948 31/12/1959
681Films Depicting Queensland Primary Industries 1/1/1950 26/9/1963
8409Reports of Committees Appointed to Investigate the Meat Supply Position in Queensland 1/1/1951 31/12/1954
17517Card Register of Stock Returns 1/1/1952 26/9/1963
8411Reports of Conferences of Commonwealth and State Veterinarians 1/1/1953 31/12/1957
1242Films of Queensland Landscape and Culture 1/1/1954 31/12/1954
6659Correspondence - Applications for Fauna Permits 19/8/1954 6/10/1955
9600Miscellaneous Batch File 1/1/1955 31/12/1958
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1975Agriculture and Stock Department, Chief Office (Publicity) 13/3/1897 1/1/1922
342Board Of Stock Commissioners 1/1/1904 9/2/1905
459Adavale Marsupial Board 1/1/1904 31/12/1918
2069Belyando Marsupial Board 1/1/1904 31/12/1918
2141Clermont Marsupial Board 1/1/1904 31/12/1918
2826Agriculture and Stock Department, Plant Industry Division, Agricultural Chemical Laboratory Branch 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
564Office of the Chief Inspector of Stock 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
1690Office of the Registrar of Brands 1/1/1904 26/9/1963
559Central Sugar Cane Prices Board 6/10/1915 26/9/1963
2187Dawson Dingo Board 1/1/1918 24/12/1930
2477St George Dingo Board 14/11/1918 24/12/1930
11397Adavale Dingo Board 1/1/1919 5/1/1931
2068Belyando Dingo Board 1/1/1919 28/2/1931
2140Clermont Dingo Board 1/1/1919 28/2/1931
2221East Moreton Dingo Board 21/2/1919 5/1/1931
2088Burnett Dingo Board 13/9/1919 1/3/1931
2509West Moreton Dingo Board 13/9/1919 1/3/1931
2510Wide Bay Dingo Board 17/9/1919 1/3/1931
1976Agriculture and Stock Department, Publicity Branch 1/1/1922 1/7/1948
561Cheese Marketing Board 1/1/1922 26/9/1963
10682Queensland Fruit and Vegetable Growers 20/7/1923 26/9/1963
2047Agricultural Bank I 1/9/1924 31/12/1938
1651Queensland Cane Growers' Council 22/10/1925 26/9/1963
1189Cotton Marketing Board 11/3/1926 26/9/1963
1655Queensland Dairy Products Stabilisation Board 8/2/1934 26/9/1963
10519Queensland Milk Board 21/12/1937 26/9/1963
1656Queensland Dairymen's Organisation 26/4/1940 9/6/1960
11338Stock Routes and Rural Lands Protection Coordinating Board 19/4/1945 26/9/1963
2035Agriculture and Stock Department, Plant Industry Division, Horticulture Branch 1/7/1945 26/9/1963
424Primary Industries Department, Plant Industry Division, Horticulture Branch, Food Preservation Research Laboratory 4/8/1960 1/5/1969
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 1904, Vol. LXXXII, No. 149, p. 1796
Queensland Government Blue Book 1904, p.56
Queensland Votes and Proceedings 1905, Vol. II, p.441
Queensland Government Gazette 1963, Vol. CCXIV, pp. 271-279
Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1964-65, p.1103
Law, Cliff: Administrative History of the Department of Primary Industries (QSA)
Queensland Year Book 1976, p.100
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Marsupials Destruction Acts
Native Birds Protection Act
Diseases in Stock Acts
Diseases in Sheep Acts
Brands Act 1898
Meat and Dairy Produce Encouragement Act 1893
Dairy Act Diseases in Plants Act 1896
Slaughtering Act 1898
Agricultural Bank Act 1901
Agricultural bank Amendment Act 1904
Regulation of Cane Sugar Prices Act 1915
Wheat Pool Act 1920
Primary Producers' Organisation Act 1922
Fruit Marketing Organisation Act 1923
Primary Producers' Organisation and Marketing Act 1926
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In 1904 the Agriculture Department and the Stock Branch ceased to operate as separate entities, the Stock Branch was fully integrated into the department, and the name changed to the Agriculture and Stock Department.

The primary production responsibilities of the Agriculture and Stock Department included the following functions and activities:
land utilisation, soil conservation, irrigation, artificial breeding (1955), pest and disease control,
cold storage and transportation of fresh agricultural produce, quarantine, markets, supervision and inspection of exports,
sale of seed, agricultural experimentation, Sugar Experiment Stations, State Farms, promotion of agricultural products,
registration of livestock, encouragement of meat and dairy industries - and other industries including tobacco
agricultural education support,
subsidisation of agricultural societies,
preparation of agricultural statistics and development of standards,
the State Nursery, the Agricultural College (to 1923), Herbarium and Botany Branch, Botanic Gardens, Queensland Museum, the Agricultural Bank

In 1905 responsibility for fauna preservation was transferred to the Department, and over time other branches and functions were also added including the Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations c. 1901, and a Publicity Branch, created c. 1920, which took over the publication of the "Agricultural Journal" (published from 1897); art works and photographs related to primary industries were produced for this and other publications.

In the post-World War II period, the Department was actively involved in land use and development projects, often in conjunction with the Lands Department.

In 1904, the office of the Agriculture and Stock Department under a Secretary (or Minister) for Agriculture comprised: an Under-Secretary for Agriculture who also acted as Chief Inspector of Stock and Sheep, Registrar of Brands, and Inspector under the Diseases in Plants Act; a Chief Clerk who acted as Deputy Chief Inspector of Stock and Sheep; Deputy Registrar of Brands and Secretary of Board of Stock Commissioners; other departmental officers included an Agricultural Chemist, Instructor in Fruit Culture, Colonial Botanist, Government Entomologist and Vegetable Pathologist, Tobaco Expert, Dairy Expert, Inspectors under the Diseases in Plants Act, Inspectors of Stock, Poultry Lecturer, Instructor in Tropical Agriculture, Artist and Photographer.

In 1945, the Department was reorganised and its various branches were grouped into divisions according to their activities: Administration, Animal Industry, Plant Industry, Land Utilisation, Dairying and Fisheries, and Marketing. Following a change of State Government, the Department was renamed, on 26 September 1963, the Department of Primary Industries.

Secretary for Agriculture 1 Jul 1904 - 7 Feb 1911
Secretary for Agriculture and Stock 7 Feb 1911 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Agriculture and Stock 12 Aug 1957 - 9 Jun 1960
Minister for Agriculture and Forestry 9 Jun 1960 - 26 Sep 1963

State Farms 1904 -
Stock Foods, Pure Seeds, Pests Destroyers and Fertilizers Branch 1922 -
Marketing Branch 1927
State Emergency Supply Committee 1941 - 1945

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID39, Department of Agriculture and Stock
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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