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Agency ID3735
TitlePeel Island Lazaret
Agency TypeResidential care facility
Start Date 31/5/1907
End Date 5/8/1959
Date NotesN/A

Facility established for the detention and treatment of people suffering from leprosy.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
21090Lazaret Patient Registers 22/9/1898 31/12/1940
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
123Home Secretary's Office 31/5/1907 5/12/1935
126Health and Home Affairs Department 5/12/1935 5/8/1959
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4501Fantome Island Lazaret
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Information Sources

Leprosy Act of 1892
Queensland Votes and Proceedings 1898, Vol. IV, pp.635-37.
Queensland Government Gazette 1907, Vol. LXXXVIII, No. 101, p.1541
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Establishing Leprosy Act of 1892
Queensland Government Gazette 1907, Vol. LXXXVIII, No. 101, p.1541
Abolishing N/A
Administered N/A
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The "Leprosy Act of 1892" provided not only for the treatment of lepers but also for their detention and isolation. Moreover, the Act enabled the Governor-in-Council, by proclamation, to appoint any place to be a lazaret for the reception and medical treatment of lepers.

From at least 1896 Peel Island in Moreton Bay was used to accommodate leprosy patients under the care of the Stradbroke Island Lazaret. On 31 May 1907, a parcel of approximately 160 acres of Peel Island was proclaimed a lazaret, and, during 1907, patients from Stradbroke Island Lazaret and Friday Island Lazaret were transferred to the new Peel Island facility.

The Stradbroke Island and Friday Island lazarets treated "white" and "coloured" patients respectively, but Peel Island Lazaret was designed to accommodate all patients, although they were segregated by sex, and into "whites" and "coloureds".

In 1939, under the "Health Act of 1937", Fantome Island in the Palm Island Group, North Queensland, was proclaimed a lazaret for the treatment of aboriginal lepers, and 49 aborigines were transferred to Fantome Island from Peel Island in Jan 1940. 32 patients remained at Peel Island.

With the introduction of new drugs, the number of patients gradually decreased, particularly in the 1950s, and on 5 Aug 1959, patients with Hansen's Disease, as leprosy was now called, were removed from Peel Island Lazaret to the Chronic Diseases Section of Princess Alexandra Hospital, South Brisbane.

Home Secretary, 31 May 1907 - 5 Dec 1935
Secretary for Health and Home Affairs, 5 Dec 1935 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Health and Home Affairs, 12 Aug 1957 - 5 Aug 1959

SUBSEQUENT AGENCY: Princess Alexandra Hospital, Chronic Diseases Section

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID3735, Peel Island Lazaret
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