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Agency ID368
TitleState Electoral Office
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 1/6/1899
End Date 19/6/1992
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for election enrolment and the conduct of elections

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Series IDTitleFromTo
162Electoral Rolls 1/6/1899 29/8/1992
3741Electoral District Atlases and Maps 1/8/1899 31/12/1986
12614Letterbook of the Returning Officer for the Federal Referendum 29/8/1899 8/12/1899
12613Register of Letters Received Concerning Electoral Enrolment 27/2/1902 31/12/1902
9954Register of Detailed Returns of the 1915 General Election 22/5/1915 22/5/1915
21054Electoral Roll [Marodian Electoral District] 8/2/1949 31/12/1953
12616Electoral Directories 1/1/1953 31/12/1969
20821Electoral Districts Boundaries Reviews 1/1/1958 31/12/1996
9427Computer Cycle Transaction Reports 1/1/1971 31/12/1989
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
123Home Secretary's Office 1/6/1899 14/12/1917
19Department of Justice (I) 14/12/1917 7/12/1989
33Department of Justice and Corrective Services 7/12/1989 11/4/1991
100Department of Justice (II) 11/4/1991 19/6/1992
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
870Electoral Registrar, Dalby 1/6/1899 7/1/1950
871Electoral Registrar, Herberton 1/6/1899 19/6/1992
1510Electoral Registrar, Innisfail 1/6/1899 19/6/1992
1223Electoral Registrar, Normanby 1/6/1899 19/6/1992
2785State Electoral Office, Returning Officer, Kurilpa 29/6/1911 19/6/1992
869Electoral Registrar, Condamine 7/1/1950 19/6/1992
10608Electoral Registrar, Southport 7/1/1950 19/6/1992
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Information Sources

The Queensland Statutes 1828-1962, Vol 4, p769-770
Election Act Amendment Act 1898
Queensland Government Gazette 1899, Vol LXXI, p1153
Queensland Government Gazette 1917, Vol CIX, p1999
Queensland Government Gazette 1992, Vol CCC, No 70, p1331

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Establishing The Elections Acts (Consolidated) 1885-1897
Abolishing Electoral Act 1992
Administered Elections Act 1885
Elections Acts 1885 to 1898
Elections Act Amendment Act 1898
Amendment Act of 1900
Elections Act and The Criminal Code Amendment Act 1952-1973
Elections Act 1983-1989

Elections Acts 1915-1962
Elections Tribunal Act of 1886
Electoral Districts Act 1887-1958
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The main function of the State Electoral Office was to maintain enrolments for the compilation of State, Brisbane City Council and local authority electoral rolls. Overall, the State Electoral Office was responsible for electoral enrolment, elections and jury lists.

As prescribed by the Election Acts 1915-1962, Commonwealth and State governments may collaborate in the preparation of rolls for the election of members of both State and Federal Parliament. The State Electoral Office therefore also assisted in preparing and maintaining Commonwealth/State joint electoral rolls.

The term State Electoral Office does not appear to be used prior to 1948/1949. Previously its functions were carried out by the electoral registration (also known as Department of the Principal Electoral Registrar) sub-department of the Home Secretary's Department and later of the Department of Justice I.

The State Electoral Office was directed by a Principal Electoral Officer (formerly entitled Principal Electoral Registrar) appointed by the Governor under the Elections Acts 1915 to 1962. The staff of the Office were also appointed under the Elections Acts and comprised of electoral registrars, returning officers, and assistant returning officers for each district.

The Principal Electoral Officer was responsible for the execution of Acts throughout Queensland and was assisted by Clerks of the Court appointed as electoral registrars. In accordance with Section 23 of the Electoral Districts Act of 1958, the Principal Electoral Officer was required to prepare annual electoral rolls and supplemental rolls for each electoral district as determined by the Commissioners.

The Chief Returning Officer, who was appointed by commission, was responsible for conducting State Elections. One Returning Officer was appointed for each electoral district and was accountable to the Chief Returning Officer throughout the conduct of the election.

Due to administrative changes in 1917, control of the Electoral Registrar's Office was transferred from the Home Secretary to the Attorney General.

All Clerks of Petty Sessions and other Civil Officers (eg., police) acted, where required as Electoral Registrars for the designated electoral districts.

The State Electoral Office was replaced by the Electoral Commission of Queensland on 19 June 1992.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID368, State Electoral Office
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