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Agency ID2840
TitleLabour and Industry Department II
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 1/3/1947
End Date 10/6/1966
Date NotesN/A

Responsibilities included industry assistance, industrial awards, employment and relief

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17514Registration of Factories and Shops N/A N/A
8103Register of Questions Asked in State Parliament 1/3/1947 31/12/1947
8080Bill Papers 1/3/1947 31/12/1948
8106Instruction Book 1/3/1947 8/12/1949
17542Industrial Prosecution Cards 1/3/1947 31/12/1950
6850General Correspondence 1/3/1947 31/12/1958
17519Register of Shops 1/3/1947 31/12/1961
17511Registration of Factories and Shops 1/3/1947 31/12/1961
7292Index to General Correspondence Batches [Labour and Industry Department] 1/3/1947 31/12/1964
17527Card Index to Files 1/3/1947 10/6/1966
17927Correspondence Files - Acts etc 1/3/1947 10/6/1966
9187General Correspondence Batches 1/3/1947 10/6/1966
18840Staff Cards 1/3/1947 10/6/1966
17825Farmers' Relief Funds - Card Index 1/4/1947 31/10/1949
17512Register of Factories 1/1/1954 31/12/1961
17149Register of Ministerial Questions and Answers 5/8/1959 18/3/1964
17535Card Index to Correspondence Files 1/1/1960 10/6/1966
437Welfare Services Department Administration Files 1/1/1961 10/6/1966
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette Jan - Jun 1947, pp.105, 659
Queensland Government Gazette 6 Jan 1947, Vol CLXVIII, No 8, p.105
Queensland Government Gazette 22 Feb 1947, Vol CLXVIII, No 41, p.659
Queensland Government Gazette 10 Jun 1966, Vol CCXXII, No 56, pp.808-809
Public Service Centenary History p. 53
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Animals Protection Act 1925
Anzac Day Act 1921
Bread Delivery Act 1946
Contractors and Workmen's Lien Act 1906
Co-operative Societies Act 1946
Factories and Shop Acts 1900, 1960
Firearms Act 1927
Firearms License Act 1945
Holidays Act 1912
Income (State Development) Tax Act 1938
Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1951
Inspection of Machinery Act 1954
Labour and Industry Act 1946
Pawnbrokers Act
Police Act 1863
Secondhand Wares Act 1921
State Enterprises Repeal and "The Under Secretary Department of Labour and Industry" Corporation Act 1931
Statistical Returns Act 1896
Trade Union Acts 1915, 1961
Unemployed Workers' Insurance Act 1922
Vagrants, Gaming and Other Offences Act 1931
Wages Act 1918
Workers' Accommodation Acts 1915, 1952

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On 24 Sep 1926 the first Labour and Industry Department was established but from 1 Oct 1942 the name was changed to Labour and Employment Department. Under the "Labour and Industry Act 1946" from 1 Mar 1947 the name was changed back to Labour and Industry Department

The following list of functions was gazetted on 26 Aug 1957:
Secondary industry - assistance
Co-operatives - registration of
Relief assistance to destitute
Industrial affairs
Trade unions - registration of
Actuarial investigations
Economic surveys
Awards, etc - information
Bread delivery
Workers accommodation
Firearms - sale and use of
Prevention of cruelty - animals, etc
Pawnbroker licences
Vagrancy, gaming and other offences
Firearm licences
Traffic control
Collectors and dealers permits
Coffee stall permits
Fuit barrow licences
Motor vehicle drivers licences
Pie cart licences
Second hand dealers' licences
Street advertising licences
Street musician permits
Street stall permits
Taxi licences
Factories and shops - registration of

The Department provided services through various branches and sections including the Secondary Industries Division, the Relief Assistance Branch, the Factories and Shops Branch, and district employment and inspectors' offices. The Chief Inspector of Factories and Shops provided an annual report to the Secretary/Minister.

Secretary for Labour and Industry and Secretary for Mines 1 Mar 1947 - 15 May 1947
Secretary for Labour and Industry 15 May 1947 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Labour and Industry 12 Aug 1957 - 10 Jun 1966

Registrar of Co-operative Societies Office
Government Statistician's Office
State Actuary's Office
Industrial Registrar's Office
Sub-department of the State Immigration Office 15 May 1947 - 17 Mar 1949
Sub-department of Police Apr 1952 -
Office of the Chief Inspector of Machinery, Scaffolding and Weights and Measures 1 Mar 1947 - 12 Sep 1957
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID2840, Labour and Industry Department II
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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