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Agency ID2784
TitlePublic Service Board III
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 19/12/1968
End Date 8/9/1987
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for the administration of the public service

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17540Index Cards to Submissions Presented at Board Meetings N/A N/A
17893Minute Registers N/A N/A
16705Staffing Approvals - "s" Series Minutes N/A N/A
17896Registers of Staff File Numbers 16/12/1968 8/9/1987
6412Junior Public Examination Results 19/12/1968 31/12/1970
17897Registers of Disposal of Staff Files 19/12/1968 31/12/1970
6413Senior Public Examination Results 19/12/1968 31/12/1972
17891Public Service Departmental Staff Seniority Lists 19/12/1968 31/12/1973
6417Queensland Institute[s] of Technology (Q.I.T.) and Technical Education Examination Results 19/12/1968 28/2/1974
17293Registers of Departmental Staffing and Salary Expenditure 19/12/1968 31/12/1977
17887Draft Departmental Estimates and Salary Increase Lists 19/12/1968 31/12/1981
20811Public Service Staff Appeal Registers 19/12/1968 30/4/1982
17248Record Book 19/12/1968 31/12/1982
17886Discipline and Promotion Appeal Files - "K" Series 19/12/1968 8/9/1987
17894Executive Council Submissions and Minutes - Public Service Commissioner's Department/Public Service Board 19/12/1968 8/9/1987
17884General Correspondence Files - "M" Series 19/12/1968 8/9/1987
17895Registers of Executive Council Minutes - Public Service Commissioner's Department/Public Service Board 19/12/1968 8/9/1987
17888Reports and Publications 19/12/1968 8/9/1987
6219Staff Files 19/12/1968 8/9/1987
5317Minutes 1/1/1969 7/9/1987
3408Submissions and Decisions 1/1/1969 7/9/1987
6420Senior Education Assessments (Senior Examination Results) 1/1/1972 31/12/1983
17284Establishment Files 1/1/1972 8/9/1987
17292Public Service Applicants - Senior (Examination Results) Order of Merit 1/1/1973 31/12/1983
6421Post Junior Office Training Courses Examination Results - Technical Colleges 1/8/1973 30/11/1976
1211Investigation Into Allegations Concerning the Commissioner of Housing and Management of the Queensland Housing Commission 1/1/1986 8/9/1987
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122Premier's Department 19/12/1968 8/9/1987
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Information Sources

Public Service Board, Annual Report, 1968-1969
Queensland Government Gazette, 1987, Vol. CCLXXXVI, No. 6, pp. 93-4
Report on Public Sector Reform, 1988, p. 6
Public Service Management and Employment Act 1988
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Establishing Public Service Act Amendment Act 1968
Abolishing Public Service Management and Employment Act 1988
Administered The Public Service Act of 1896
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Under "The Public Service Amendment Act of 1968", the office of the Public Service Commissioner was abolished and replaced by a Public Service Board of three Commissioners.

The Public Service Board had powers to create regulations and make recommendations with respect to the general administration of the Service; staff selection; Public Service examinations and scholarships; staff training, promotions, retirement, leave, accommodation, etc; Public Service expenditure; the classification of Public Service officers and the determination of salaries and wages and discipline. As part of the Public Service Board's responsibility for the efficient, economic and general working of the Public Service and its Departments, the Board made inspections, inquiries, investigations and recommendations with regards to these matters.

The new Public Service Board was constituted by three Commissioners (including a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman) appointed by the Governor in Council.

Apart from the creation of the Board, the amending Act also provided for a separate Department of the Public Service Board to comprise the Public Service Commissioner's Department subsisting before that Act. The Chairman of the Board was to be the permanent head of the Department of the Public Service Board. The principle function of the Department was to provide management and secretarial support to the Public Service Board. It also implemented public administration policy as established by the Public Service Board.

Prior to being dissolved in 1987, the Board was constituted by the following units which sat under the Board's Executive: Industrial Relations Division (responsible for industrial relations issues), Accommodation Services Unit, Administration Division, Personnel Division, Promotion Appeals Committee (appeals), Technology Services Unit, Policy Co-ordination Unit, Consultancy Services Division (responsible for management consulting and establishment), the State Service Superannuation Board and Internal Operational Audit Unit.

The dissolution of the Public Service Board was proclaimed 8 September 1987. It was to be replaced by the Office of Public Service Personnel Management (Premier's Department).
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID2784, Public Service Board III
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