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Agency ID267
TitleSupreme Court, Northern District, Townsville
Agency TypeSupreme Court
Start Date 30/6/1874
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

The Supreme Court is the highest court in Queensland, comprising a trial division and the Court of Appeal.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
6849Minute Book N/A N/A
7230Oaths of Allegiance Made by Justices of the Peace N/A N/A
6847Plaint Book N/A N/A
15571Register of Writs Issued and Amounts Claimed by the North Queensland Registry ("process Book") N/A N/A
7281Rolls of Justices of the Peace N/A N/A
7257Criminal Trials, Depositions and Associated Documents [District Court - Cairns, Cooktown and Townsville] 1/11/1873 31/12/1917
18199Cause Book [Townsville] [microfilm] 1/1/1874 31/12/1950
7261Miscellaneous (Criminal) - Supreme Court, Northern District, Townsville 1/1/1874 31/12/1950
7209Miscellaneous Files (proceedings started otherwise than by Writ) 1/1/1874 31/12/1950
7191Writs - Supreme Court (Townsville) 1/1/1874 31/12/1950
7424Indexes to Ecclesiastical Files (Supreme Court, Northern District) (Wills) 1/1/1875 31/12/1891
7224Oaths of Allegiance 1/1/1875 31/12/1902
7833Criminal Files 1/1/1875 30/11/1958
6243Registers of Ecclesiastical Files - Supreme Court, Northern District, Townsville (Wills) 1/1/1875 31/12/1985
6220Supreme Court (Northern) Ecclesiastical Files (Wills) 1/1/1875 28/6/2017
9201Calendars, Supreme Court, Townsville 12/2/1875 12/11/1979
16109Insolvency Files Dismissed 1/1/1876 31/12/1895
16108Liquidation Files 1/1/1876 31/12/1928
16110Insolvency Files Not Proceeded With 1/1/1877 31/12/1916
7254Indictments [Supreme Court, Northern District, Townsville] 1/1/1877 31/12/1942
7206District Receivers in Insolvency 26/7/1878 31/12/1895
16112Insolvency Files [Townsville] 1/1/1879 31/12/1928
6242Matrimonial Petitions 14/1/1879 31/12/1976
7204Rough Chamber Memos 20/8/1879 2/6/1884
7212Notebook of Insolvency Meetings 24/9/1880 12/5/1927
16113Register of Writs 1/2/1882 31/7/1887
17106Writ (Buckland V. O'Kane) 1/1/1883 31/3/1883
6854Execution and Summons Book 30/5/1883 14/12/1883
10995Briefs, Depositions and Associated Papers in Criminal Cases Heard at Circuit Court, Townsville 1/10/1885 1/1/1924
7286Register of Criminal Proceedings 1/1/1891 31/12/1945
16114Cancelled Bills of Sale, Stock Mortgages and Associated Papers 1/1/1892 31/12/1942
305Stock Mortgages Register - Townsville 1/1/1892 31/12/1955
9302Registers of Insolvencies 4/1/1892 27/6/1928
7218Chamber Book, Acting Judge 2/9/1892 11/2/1898
7219Court Book, Acting Judge 5/9/1892 10/2/1898
18991Order To Show Cause 7/12/1892 30/5/1893
9303Register of Insolvency Meetings 27/6/1893 14/12/1898
306Court of Petty Sessions Returns 1/1/1895 1/1/1943
16111Insolvency Files Dismissed 1/1/1896 31/12/1898
7228Newspaper Registration 1/1/1896 31/12/1942
9304Intestacy Claims Book - Supreme Court - (Townsville) 1/1/1898 31/12/1902
8345Indexes to Writs - Supreme Court (Townsville) 1/1/1899 31/12/1932
7266Registration of Printing Presses and Type 1/1/1899 31/12/1950
8527Registers of Printing Presses and Types 1/1/1899 31/12/1966
8525Registers of Newspapers 13/3/1899 31/12/1971
18198Register of Documents 1/1/1901 31/12/1908
7222Quashing Orders 1/1/1901 31/12/1929
7245Crown Prosecutor's Notebook 1/10/1901 31/12/1906
16115Winding Up of Companies Files 1/1/1902 31/12/1904
7157Traverse Book 23/6/1902 11/7/1904
7220Special Cases 1/1/1905 31/12/1927
7240Intestacy Files, Townsville 1/1/1905 31/12/1950
7207Registrar's Notebook, Insolvency Ex Parte Applications under Supreme Court Act of 1899 18/8/1913 28/1/1920
7217Judgments and Orders 1/1/1916 31/12/1917
18206Registers of Orders and Elections 1/1/1916 31/12/1975
304Liens on Wool 1/1/1918 1/1/1955
7232Warrants of Fi Fa (Fieri Facias) - Northern District, Townsville 1/1/1921 31/12/1931
9267Civil Files [Townsville] 1/1/1922 31/12/1941
9266Miscellaneous Files 23/7/1924 25/10/1932
303Bills of Sale and Stock Mortgages 1/1/1928 1/1/1969
7213Chamber Book - Commonwealth Bankruptcy Acts, 1924 - 1927 22/8/1928 1/6/1956
18207Register of Miscellaneous Files [microfilm] 1/1/1930 31/12/1961
18200Index to Judgments - Supreme Court, Northern District, Townsville 1/1/1933 31/12/1961
7210Registrar's Notebook, Industrial Cases 1/10/1934 12/6/1952
307Liens on Crops 1/1/1942 31/12/1968
16116Indictments - Criminal Sittings [Supreme Court, Northern District, Townsville] 1/11/1945 30/11/1945
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
19Department of Justice (I) 30/6/1874 7/12/1989
33Department of Justice and Corrective Services 7/12/1989 11/4/1991
100Department of Justice (II) 11/4/1991 24/9/1992
34Department of Justice and Attorney-General 24/9/1992 26/2/1996
120Department of Justice (III) 26/2/1996 29/6/1998
8620Department of Justice and Attorney-General (II) 29/6/1998 Current
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
2688Official Trustee in Insolvency, Townsville 1/10/1874 9/9/1998
1861Supreme Court, Northern District, Cairns 9/12/1889 2/10/1997
10598Circuit Court, Cloncurry 1/1/1910 20/10/1970
10599Supreme Court, Northern District, Mount Isa 24/2/1964 Current
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Related Agencies

Agency IDTitleRelationship
1860Supreme Court, Central District, Rockhamptonsupreme court, judge in residence
191Supreme Court, Southern District, BrisbaneSupreme court
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Directory 1998
Queensland State Archives "Brief Guide to Court Records", no. 22
Queensland Government Gazette 1889, Vol XLVIII, pp. 1369-1370
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Supreme Court Acts & Amendment Act 1861 - 1981
Supreme Court Rules 1900
Court Funds Act 1973
Supreme Court Judges Appointment Act 1983
Supreme Court Library Act 1968-1987
Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991
Courts Legislation Amendment Act 1995
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The Supreme Court of Queensland was formerly established under the "Supreme Court Constitution Amendment Act 1861". Under the provisions of the 1861 Act, the Supreme Court of Queensland was to be a court of record to be held at Brisbane. The full powers and legal jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of New South Wales were retrospectively transferred to the Supreme Court of Queensland under the Supreme Court Act 1863.

Until the introduction of the "Supreme Court Act of 1874", the Brisbane Supreme Court and the Circuit Courts were required to deal with all judicial matters of their concern, that might arise within Queensland. The 1874 Act allowed for the creation of Supreme Court districts, and the proclamation dated 24 Sep 1874 established the Northern District's boundaries. On Sep 25 of the same year, a Supreme Court Judge was appointed to reside at Bowen as Northern Judge.

This registry became known as the Supreme Court, Northern District, Bowen and the Brisbane Registry then became known as the Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane. The Bowen Registry was transferred to Townsville in 1889, superseding the Circuit Court, Townsville.

The Supreme Court exercises broad original jurisdiction (ie right to hear cases at first instance) in major civil and criminal matters as well as appellate jurisdication (ie the right to hear appeals from a lower court.

The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court has included powers to administer legislation and to hear cases relating to: equity, insolvency, liquidation and registration of companies, elections, naturalisation, registration of printing presses and types, registration of newspapers and trade marks, ecclesiastical law, matrimony, property, local government laws, trusts and trustees, and the enrolment of barristers and solicitors.
From 31 Mar 1922 to 19 Mar 1959 the Supreme Court took on some of the functions of the District Court which did not exist during this period.

Under the Supreme Court Act 1867, the Supreme Court was constituted by three judges, one of whom was required to be the Chief Justice of Queensland. Under the Chief Justice and Supreme Court judges, was the office of the Registrar of the Court, a Curator of Intestate Estates, associates of the Chief Justice and Justices, a chief clerk, and other minor officials of the Court. Under the Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991 the court consists of the Chief Justice, a President of the Court of Appeal, other judges of appeal, a Senior Judge Administrator, and such judges as are appointed by the Governor in Council.

As the court is a court of record, all documents presented in court matters are required to be filed in the Supreme Court Registry. The Registrar and Prothonotary is the senior officer of the Registry who is responsible for control of all officers of the Court, as well as some quasi-judicial functions under various statutes, including the granting of probate and letters of administration.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID267, Supreme Court, Northern District, Townsville
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