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Agency ID263
TitleMoreton Bay District Survey Office, New South Wales
Agency TypeNew South Wales government authority
Start Date Circa 1/1/1840
End Date 23/12/1859
Date NotesN/A

Land surveys and mapping of the Moreton Bay district were undertaken by this agency prior to the establishment of Queensland as a separate colony.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
16117Correspondence re Deeds of Grant for Lands Sold in Moreton Bay District N/A N/A
8483Letterbook (Incomplete) N/A N/A
16118Reports of Sales, Descriptions of Lands Sold, Schedules of Leases Taken Up and Renewed N/A N/A
10476Trigonometrical Survey N/A N/A
2043City of Brisbane and Suburbs Maps - A1A Series 1/1/1839 18/5/1858
1752Moreton District, County of Ward Maps - A5 Series 1/10/1840 31/10/1840
17469Survey Catalogue of Plans Books for Pastoral Districts 1/11/1840 23/12/1859
2058Moreton District Maps - A Series 1/1/1842 30/11/1846
1748Moreton District, County of Stanley Maps - A1 Series 1/1/1842 31/12/1859
16119Lists of Land Sold - Colony of Queensland 1/9/1842 31/8/1859
16131Letterbook - Letters to Surveyors 28/11/1845 23/12/1859
4314Survey Plans, Charts and Maps of Moreton Bay Settlement and Queensland 28/11/1845 23/12/1859
2119Scale Maps - 25 Miles Series 1/1/1847 31/12/1847
1911Scale Maps - 16 Mile Series 1/1/1847 31/12/1848
2060Darling Downs District Maps - B Series 1/1/1848 31/12/1848
16158Gazettal References - Various 1/1/1848 23/12/1859
678General Correspondence Relating to Land Reservations 1/1/1848 23/12/1859
1853Cook District Maps - N Series 1/6/1848 31/1/1850
1754Darling Downs District, County of Aubigny Maps - B1 Series 1/1/1849 31/12/1857
17667Survey Plans 1/1/1853 23/12/1859
16154General Correspondence 1/1/1855 23/12/1859
9963Registers of Sales of Crown Lands, Town and Suburban Lands 16/1/1855 9/12/1959
16151Registers of Letters Received 1/7/1855 23/12/1859
1756Darling Downs District, County of Merivale Maps - C1 Series 1/5/1857 30/11/1859
1750Moreton District, County of Cavendish Maps- A3 Series 1/1/1858 31/12/1858
1910Scale Maps - 10 Mile Series 1/1/1858 31/12/1858
2115Port Curtis District Maps - F Series 1/1/1859 23/12/1859
1751Moreton District, County of Churchill Maps - A4 Series 1/10/1859 31/10/1859
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7160Surveyor-General's Office, New South Wales 1/1/1840 23/12/1859
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Information Sources

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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered N/A
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The survey of lands within the colony of New South Wales was the responsibility of the Surveyor General. Surveying and mapping of the Moreton Bay area was initially undertaken by surveyors sent from Sydney. Coastal surveys had been made in the 1820s and following the British government's decision to close the penal settlement at Moreton Bay, surveyors Dixon, Stapleton and Warner were sent to Moreton Bay in 1839 to survey crown lands in preparation for opening the district to free settlers. Dixon was appointed surveyor in charge of the Moreton Bay District. He was succeeded in 1842 by Wade and the following year by Burnett.

Surveyors of the Moreton Bay district undertook the primary survey of the public estate, the boundaries of public roads and reserves and surveys relating to the alienation or leasing of Crown Lands and the associated mapping, record-keeping within the district. In particular the first surveyors were instructed to commence a trigonometrical control survey of Moreton Bay and subsequently the Darling Downs, to select reserves for future towns, villages and roads and to report on the nature of the soil and timber.

The agency operated as a district office of the New South Wales Surveyor General in Sydney and instructions were generally issued by the Surveyor General.

The Surveyor General's Office, New South Wales ceased its Queensland responsibilities with the proclamation and publication of Letters Patent creating the colony of Queensland on 10 December 1859. Upon appointment of Queensland's Surveyor General on 23 December 1859, control of land administration within the new colony was automatically transferred to the Queensland Government. The Queensland Surveyor General's Office which was administered as a single sub-department within the Colonial Secretary's Office assumed responsibility for the functions previously undertaken by the New South Wales Surveyor General and its Moreton Bay district office.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID263, Moreton Bay District Survey Office, New South Wales
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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