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Agency ID260
TitleSheriff's Office
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date 15/12/1859
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for administration of court processes

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Series IDTitleFromTo
15169General Letterbooks of the Sheriff/Comptroller General of Prisons 15/4/1857 1/1/1891
15173Index to Letterbook of the Sheriff 22/12/1859 31/5/1865
18684Register of Prison Officers' Appointments [various gaols] 1/7/1864 23/2/1875
15188Inwards Correspondence [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 1/1/1865 1/1/1891
7341Register of Officials and Warders and Defaulters' Book [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 1/1/1865 1/1/1891
15189Registers of Inwards Correspondence [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 1/7/1865 1/1/1891
15170Letterbook of the Sheriff/Comptroller General - Letters to Heads of Departments 25/7/1865 1/1/1891
17680Prison Plans 5/6/1867 1/1/1891
15164Letterbooks of the Sheriff/Comptroller General - Letters to Superintendents and other Gaol Officers 9/1/1869 1/1/1891
18683Register of letters from HM Penal Establishment, St Helena, forwarded by the Sheriff 2/12/1875 14/9/1876
9097Special Subject Batches 1/1/1880 1/1/1891
17616Prison Reserve Plans 1/1/1883 1/9/1893
15191Register of B/Cs (Blank Covers) Forwarded and Received [Sheriff's Office] 13/2/1883 17/8/1887
18680Register of Memos Received by the Sheriff (with summaries) 8/11/1886 7/7/1889
15168Letterbook of Financial Statements 1/7/1889 1/1/1891
18689Expenditure Book - Prisons [Sheriff's Office] 28/7/1889 28/9/1890
19130Registers of Prisoners' Requests [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 7/1/1890 1/1/1891
5991Register of Inwards Correspondence 31/1/1922 27/10/1922
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
19Department of Justice (I) 23/12/1859 7/12/1989
33Department of Justice and Corrective Services 7/12/1989 11/4/1991
100Department of Justice (II) 11/4/1991 24/9/1992
34Department of Justice and Attorney-General 24/9/1992 26/2/1996
120Department of Justice (III) 26/2/1996 29/6/1998
8620Department of Justice and Attorney-General (II) 29/6/1998 Current
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Subsequent Agencies

Agency IDTitle
157Prisons Department
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Information Sources

Gaol Act 1840
The Jury Act of 1867
Jury Act 1995
Sheriff's Act 1875
Supreme Court Act of 1867
The Supreme Court Act of 1895
Supreme Court Act 1995
Queensland Blue Book 1861, p. 31
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New South Wales Government Gazette 1858, Vo. XLI, No. 51, p. 1857

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Establishing Supreme Court Act of 1867
Abolishing N/A
Administered Jury Act of 1867
Jury Act 1995
Sheriff's Act of 1875
Supreme Court Act of 1867
Supreme Court Act of 1895
Supreme Court Act 1995
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A Sheriff, Moreton Bay was appointed on 1 April 1857, and following separation, a Sheriff of Queensland was appointed on 15 December 1859. The Sheriff's Office was given legislative status by the "Supreme Court Act of 1867".

Court administration:
Under the "Supreme Court Act of 1867", the Sheriff's duties included the execution of writs, summonses, rules, order, warrants, precepts, commands and processes of the court. Under the "Jury Act of 1867" the Sheriff was also responsible for the summoning of juries. These duties are currently governed by the "Supreme Court Act 1995" and the "Jury Act 1995".
Prison administration:
Under the "Gaols Act of 1840", the Sheriff also had responsibility for prisons. The position was formalised as Inspector of Prisons on 1 Jan 1873. Under the "Prisons Act of 1890", from 1 January 1891, the Sheriff performed the duties of Comptroller of Prisons until the appointment of an officer to that position on 1 September 1893.

The Sheriff was directly responsible to the Colonial Secretary for prison matters while for all court matters he was responsible to the Justice Department. After the appointment of a separate Comptroller General of Prisons, the Sheriff's Office ceased to have control of prisons.

On 25 September 1874 the Northern Sheriff' s Office, and on 24 January 1896 the Central Sheriff's Office, were created. However, under the terms of the "Sheriff's Act of 1875", and the "Supreme Court Act 1995", the Northern and Central Sheriffs are Deputies of the Sheriff of Queensland.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID260, Sheriff's Office
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