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Agency ID247
TitleBrisbane City Council II
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 1/10/1925
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Provides local administration and public services in urban areas.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
10799Record of Leases, Insurances, Contracts, Agreements N/A N/A
1689City of Brisbane Maps - A1AG Series 1/1/1923 31/12/1958
4152Minutes of Committees [various] 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
4173Statements of Accounts 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3655Valuation and Rate Books 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3670Valuation and Rate Books 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3687Valuation and Rate Books 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3688Valuation and Rate Books 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
4092Valuation and Rate Books 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
6119Valuation and Rate Books 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3630Valuation Register and Rate Book 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3644Valuation Register and Rate Book 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3694Valuation Register and Rate Book 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
3772Valuation Register and Rate Book 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
4271Valuation Register and Rate Book 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
4782Valuation Register and Rate Book 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
6235Valuation Register and Rate Book 1/10/1925 31/12/1925
10801Correspondence re Breakfast Creek Stone Crossing 1/10/1925 8/3/1926
4106Ledger 1/10/1925 30/6/1926
4161Debenture Stamps 1/10/1925 31/12/1927
4162Title Deeds and Agreements (various) 1/10/1925 10/1/1930
3664Electrical Department Cash Journal 1/10/1925 31/5/1930
10806Local Authorities Agreement Register 1/10/1925 30/7/1930
4114Correspondence Subject Index 1/10/1925 31/12/1930
4073Contract Files 1/10/1925 31/12/1931
10797General Correspondence 1/10/1925 31/12/1941
4174Legal Documents 2/10/1925 31/12/1926
4170Memorial Park Documents 2/10/1925 13/2/1930
4169Foreshore Reserves Documents 28/1/1926 28/1/1926
1690Civic Survey of the City of Brisbane - AIAG2 Series 1/1/1927 31/12/1929
2073City of Brisbane Maps - A1AG Series - Key Map 1/1/1927 1/1/1950
4845Rates Written Off Books 28/3/1928 21/1/1929
4825Contract Ledgers 28/3/1928 31/12/1933
4115Records of Mains Laid 29/3/1928 31/12/1948
14219Reports, Files, Papers and Correspondence - Brisbane Water Supply 2/4/1928 31/12/1940
3614Register of Real Property Dealings 2/4/1928 31/5/1941
19413New Farm Power House Account Books 1/10/1929 31/12/1950
18861Portion Plans 1/1/1930 10/12/1980
5449Register of Special Grants (Toowong Cemetery) 30/7/1930 27/11/1943
5442Right of Burial Certificates 31/7/1930 3/9/1930
5443Register of Fees for Maintenance of Graves (Bald Hills / Sandgate Cemetery) 31/7/1930 18/12/1930
5444Burial Register 31/7/1930 26/3/1940
19297Miscellaneous Papers 31/7/1930 31/12/1940
5435Burial Registers 31/7/1930 10/3/1941
5441Burial Fees Register 31/7/1930 21/4/1943
5431Burial Register 31/7/1930 21/4/1943
5448Register of Cemetery Portions (Bald Hills / Sandgate Cemetery) 31/7/1930 31/12/1943
5428Burial Registers 31/7/1930 31/12/1957
5450General Ledger (Toowong Cemetery) 31/7/1930 31/12/1959
5433Burial Registers 31/7/1930 3/1/1989
1809Tending to Graves Register (Bulimba / Kangaroo Point Cemetery) 13/8/1931 16/5/1940
5429Burial Register 30/11/1931 8/8/1946
10794Budget Statements 31/1/1935 31/12/1936
9762Correspondence Files 11/9/1936 10/4/1946
6113Stock Book 1/1/1938 31/12/1940
1031Register of Permits for Walls and Headstones [Bulimba / Kangaroo Point and Tingalpa / Hemmant Cemeteries] 29/11/1938 11/7/1940
18117St. Lucia Bridge Approach Plans 1/1/1939 31/12/1939
5467Perpetual Trusts for Maintenance of Graves (Toowong Cemetery) 1/1/1940 31/12/1959
5439Burial Register (Military Personnel) 1/6/1940 17/8/1942
5445Maintenance of Graves - Register (Bulimba / Balmoral Cemetery) 8/12/1940 21/6/1973
5463Burial Register (Military Personnel) 8/12/1942 11/9/1961
5460Register of Fees for Maintenance of Graves [Toowong Cemetery] 1/1/1947 31/12/1955
2062City of Brisbane Town Plan Maps 1/1/1950 30/11/1968
21108Key Map - Brisbane City Council Town Plans 1/1/1950 30/11/1968
4966Brisbane Peripheral Buffer Area Maps 13/2/1974 18/2/1974
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Controlling Agencies

Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
10318War Memorial Committee 29/9/1919 31/12/1929
10320Tramways Valuation Board 1/9/1920 31/12/1922
2075Brisbane City Council, Tramways Department 1/12/1925 14/4/1969
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 1925, Vol CXXV, No 104, pp 1351 - 1361
Local Authorities Acts 1902-1923
Local Government Acts 1936-1990
Local Government Acts 1993-
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City of Brisbane Act 2010
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Establishing City of Brisbane Act 1924
Abolishing N/A
Administered City of Brisbane Act 1924
City of Brisbane Act 2010
City of Brisbane (Beneficial Enterprises and Business Activities) Regulation 2010
City of Brisbane (Operations) Regulation 2010
Local Government Act 1993
Local Government Act 2009
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The City of Brisbane was created on 1 Oct 1925 under the "City of Brisbane Act 1924" by the amalgamation of a number of local authorities, boards and public utilities, including:
- Cities of Brisbane and South Brisbane
- Towns of Hamilton, Ithaca, Toowong, Windsor, Sandgate, and Wynnum
- Shires of Balmoral, Belmont, Coorparoo, Enoggera, Kedron, Moggill, Sherwood, Stephens, Taringa, and Toombul and,
- Parts of the Shires of Tingalpa and Yeerongpilly .
Public utilities incorporated in the City of Brisbane included electricity supply, water supply and sewerage and tramways.

The Act conferred on Council full powers and duty to make ordinances for promoting and maintaining the peace, comfort, education, health, morals, welfare, safety, convenience, food supply, housing, trade and commerce of the city and its inhabitants. These powers and duties extended to all manner of direction and administration of the good government of the city, including, for example, public communication - roads, bridges, tunnels, ferries, subways; public places - parks, gardens, conveniences; public health - cleansing, sanitation, suppression of infectious diseases; utilities - water, light and power; public nuisances, markets, abattoirs, milk supply, disposal of the dead, sub-division of land and use and occupation of land and buildings, fire protection, pounds, noxious weeds and pests, etc. Council is responsible for levying and collecting rates and until 1944 for the valuation of land on which rating was applied, for raising of other revenue for example, through loans and for accounting of its finances in the City and other Funds. In addition to the powers conferred upon Council under the City of Brisbane Act, Council is deemed to have those powers and responsibilities of a local authority under the Local Authorities Act/Local Government Act and other legislation. Functions of Council have shifted over time, for example Council ceased supplying electricity in 1977 and a greater emphasis has been placed on economic development, environmental control and community and cultural identity.

Under the "City of Brisbane Act 2010" the Brisbane City Council (the council) is the elected body that is responsible for the good rule and local government of
Brisbane, and may make and enforce any local law that is necessary or convenient for the good rule and local government of Brisbane.

The City was initially governed by an elected Council comprising a Mayor and twenty other aldermen. In 2006, the number of Councillors representing wards had increased to 26 and Council's business is managed through a Civic Cabinet and standing committees. A Chief Executive Officer is responsible for carrying out the decisions of Council and for administration of Council business. Council's commercial services are delivered through business units including water, transport and works.

Home Secretary, 1 Oct 1925 - 5 Dec 1935
Secretary for Health and Home Affairs, 5 Dec 1935 - 10 Dec 1941
Secretary for Public Works, 10 Dec 1941 - 15 May 1947
Secretary for Public Works, Housing and Local Government, 15 May 1947 - 1 May 1952
Treasurer, 1 May 1952 - 12 Aug 1957
Minister for Local Government, 12 Aug 1957 -
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID247, Brisbane City Council II
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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