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Agency ID2464
TitleSmall Debts Court, Croydon
Agency TypeMagistrates Court
Start Date 19/3/1886
End Date 3/4/1922
Date NotesN/A

The Small Debts Court dealt with cases relating to minor financial matters.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
15373Registers of Plaints 1/9/1886 19/6/1923
15374Minute Books 20/9/1886 3/4/1922
11297Cash Books 29/12/1886 3/11/1910
15371Registers of Writs of Fi Fa (Fieri Facias) 1/3/1887 3/4/1922
15375Registers of Professional Costs and Costs of Court 5/8/1887 10/4/1908
15372Register of Writs of Fi Fa (Fieri Fascias) and Other Summonses 13/12/1893 30/11/1903
15367Registers of Fees Received 14/12/1893 28/2/1910
15366Debt Attachment Books 12/3/1895 3/4/1922
15370Registers of Summonses 3/9/1895 3/4/1922
15369Register of the Serving of Garnishee Orders 14/4/1904 21/3/1914
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
107Colonial Secretary's Office 19/3/1886 29/7/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 29/7/1896 27/1/1904
19Department of Justice (I) 27/1/1904 3/4/1922
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2777Magistrates Court, Croydon
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Agency IDTitleRelationship
689Court of Petty Sessions, Croydonminor court
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 1886, Vol XXXVIII, p. 104
;Queensland Government Gazette 1922, Vol CXVIII, No 99, p. 999
Penberthy Fry, T., Australian Courts and Administrative Tribunals, University of Queensland, 1946
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing Magistrates Courts Act 1921
Administered Small Debts Courts Act 1867
Distress, Replevin and Ejectment Act 1867
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The "Australian Courts Act of 1828" established courts possessing summary jurisdiction in certain types of civil matters involving the payment or recovery of small debts, known as Courts of Requests. The "Small Debts Recovery Act of 1846" and subsequent Queensland legislation of 1864 provided for Courts of Petty Sessions to administer such actions.

Small Debts Courts were ultimately legislated in Queensland under the "Small Debts Courts Act of 1867". Under this legislation, Courts of Petty Sessions were deemed to be Small Debts Courts.

Under this Act and the "Justices Act 1886", the establishment by the Governor in Council of a place for the holding of a court of petty sessions was deemed to establish a small debts court. The Small Debts Court, Croydon was proclaimed by the Governor in Council on 19 March 1886.

Under the "Magistrates Courts Act 1921", from 3 April 1922 onwards all small debts courts were deemed to be magistrates courts and all officers of small debts courts were deemed to be officers of magistrates courts. Under this legislation, the Small Debts Court, Croydon was deemed to be the Magistrates Court, Croydon.

Under the "Small Debts Courts Acts 1867-1894" and further amending legislation, small debts courts were granted jurisdiction to hear claims under a specific amount in the following civil actions: personal actions, actions for the unliquidated balance of a partnership account, actions for a distributive share under an intestacy or for a legacy under a will, equity suits for recovery of money or damages, actions for replevin concerning distress for rent, summary actions for ejectment between lessors and lessees, and complaints for maintenance.
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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID2464, Small Debts Court, Croydon
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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