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Agency ID246
TitleKedron Divisional Board
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 11/11/1879
End Date 31/3/1903
Date NotesN/A

Created under the Divisional Boards Acts to provide local administration and public services in areas outside municipalities.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
3661Minute Books 7/1/1890 5/11/1895
292Corporate Seal 1/1/1901 1/1/1903
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8481Public Works Department (I) 11/11/1879 12/12/1887
236Mines and Works Department 12/12/1887 4/1/1890
2723Public Works Department II 4/1/1890 1/7/1891
107Colonial Secretary's Office 1/7/1891 29/7/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 29/7/1896 31/3/1903
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Information Sources

Divisional Boards Act 1879
Queensland Government Gazette 11 Nov 1879, Vol. XXV, No. 75 p 993
Queensland Government Gazette 13 Feb 1880, Vol XXVI, No 27, p.354-356
Queensland Government Gazette 3 Nov 1883, Vol XXXIII, No 66, p 1183-1184
Queensland Government Gazette 19 Jan 1901, Vol. LXXV, No. 3 p 169
Local Authorities Act 1902 (proclaimed 30 Dec 1902, commenced 31 March 1903)
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Establishing Divisional Boards Act 1879
Abolishing Local Authorities Act 1902
Administered Divisional Boards Act 1879
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Nundah Divisional Board was established by the Divisional Boards Act of 1879 with the boundaries of the new Board gazetted on 11 November 1879. Householders then had sixty days to elect their own governing boards and if they failed to do this the Governor in Council was given the authority to appoint board members.

The Board was responsible for constructing and maintaining all public highways, streets, bridges, ferries, wharves, wells, reservoirs and other necessary public works within their division. They were to accomplish this with the funds raised through rates, tolls and rents of tolls and state government grant money. Boards were also given powers to help them achieve this, such as the ability to resume land for public purposes, and other miscellaneous provisions regarded as the domain of local authorities (eg. arranging the burial of destitute people).

For electoral purposes, the Board was divided into three subdivisions each of which could elect 3 representatives. The names of the first elected members of the Board were gazetted on 13 February 1880.

After the initial appointments, the Board was to hold annual elections where one-third of the members were to be re-elected and a vote was to be taken to determine the auditors for the coming year.

Changes to the initial boundaries of the Division of Nundah occurred in November 1883 when a new Division of Toombul was created from part of Nundah. A second change occurred in January 1901, when Nundah Division was renamed as Kedron Division by an order in council and the board correspondingly changed its name to the Kedron Divisional Board.

Kedron Divisional Board was abolished in 1902 by the Local Authorities Act which replaced all of the boards with a new system of city, town and shire councils. The Kedron Divisional Board was succeeded by the Kedron Shire Council.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID246, Kedron Divisional Board
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