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Agency Details

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Agency ID2448
TitleQuilpie Shire Council
Agency TypeLocal government authority
Start Date 17/7/1930
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Created under the Local Government/Authorities Acts to provide local administration and public services outside of major urban areas

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Series IDTitleFromTo
15266Letterbooks 17/7/1930 8/12/1930
10732Miscellaneous Correspondence 17/7/1930 31/12/1930
15264Contract Ledger 17/7/1930 30/6/1949
15274Ledgers 17/7/1930 30/6/1950
10736Valuation and Rate Books 17/7/1930 30/6/1978
20130Minutes 26/10/1930 12/11/1999
15261General Cash Books 1/11/1930 31/7/1942
20113Register of Notifiable Diseases 5/6/1935 13/7/1989
20121Sewerage Connection Applications 1/1/1936 31/12/1941
15454Stock Routes Improvement Fund Minute Book 11/1/1938 12/7/1974
15262Budget Ledgers 1/6/1938 30/6/1952
15273Cash Book 1/7/1938 31/12/1939
15267Cash Per Post-Inward Register 14/1/1939 2/11/1945
15268General Ledger 30/10/1939 30/7/1945
15271Valuation Register 1/1/1940 31/12/1949
15270Payments Cash Books 1/1/1940 31/12/1950
20114By-Laws 1/1/1940 31/12/1951
15455Stock Routes Improvement Fund Cash Books 2/1/1940 28/7/1945
15265Water Charges Travelling Stock Register 6/3/1940 3/9/1946
15272Receipts Cash Books 2/7/1940 30/9/1952
15263Journal 1/1/1945 31/12/1951
20107Correspondence Files 1/7/1947 31/12/1971
20126Agendas 8/12/1961 8/10/1999
20133Rates Cards 1/7/1978 30/6/1999
20119Declarations of Polls 16/12/1998 16/12/1998
20124Minutes and Agendas 12/11/1999 11/12/2012
20111Road Asset Registers 1/1/2005 31/12/2005
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
123Home Secretary's Office 17/7/1930 5/12/1935
126Health and Home Affairs Department 5/12/1935 10/12/1941
231Local Government Department I 10/12/1941 7/12/1989
248Housing and Local Government Department 7/12/1989 24/9/1992
249Housing, Local Government and Planning Department 24/9/1992 26/2/1996
10727Local Government, Sport and Recreation Department 26/2/2004 26/3/2009
10848Infrastructure and Planning Department 26/3/2009 21/2/2011
11320Local Government and Planning Department 21/2/2011 3/4/2012
11460Local Government Department II 3/4/2012 4/2/2013
11552Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience Department 4/2/2013 16/2/2015
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Controlled Agencies

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Previous Agencies

Agency IDTitle
288Adavale Shire Council
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Subsequent Agencies

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Related Agencies

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Finding Aids

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Publication Notes

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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 17 Jul 1930, Vol. CXXXV, No. 14, pp. 191-3
Local Government (Areas) Regulation 2008, Schedule 1
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Local Authorities Act 1902
Local Government Act 1936
Local Government Act 1993
Local Government Act 2009
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Quilpie Shire was established under the "Local Authorities Act 1902" on 17 Jul 1930 from parts of Adavale, Barcoo, Bulloo, Murweh and Paroo Shires.

Local Government Councils under the “Local Government Act 1993” and through local laws: promote economic development; own and manage public infrastructure including roads and public works, sewerage, and water storage and distribution; regulate activities which affect the environment including air, noise and water quality, land use and waste disposal, pests and noxious weeds, and building control; provide community services including recreational and cultural facilities and public health services.

Councils generate revenue from rates, service charges, grants and subsidies from state and federal governments, and loans for major projects.

The Quilpie Shire is undivided and the Council is comprised of 5 councillors including the mayor.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID2448, Quilpie Shire Council
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