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Agency ID2269
TitleInspector of Pacific Islanders, Childers
Agency TypeRegional or District Office
Start Date 1/1/1896
End Date 31/7/1908
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for the inspection of conditions of employment and welfare of Pacific Island labourers

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Series IDTitleFromTo
7752Ledgers, Pacific Islanders' Wages 3/2/1896 1/1/1907
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1514Immigration Department 1/1/1896 31/7/1908
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Information Sources

Queensland Government Gazette 1895, vol. LXIV, no. 150, p. 1305
Queensland Blue Book 1908, p. 32
"Deportation of Kanakas (correspondence between the Premier of Queensland and the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth respecting)", Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1906, vol. II, pp. 967 - 969
Inspector of Pacific Islanders, Maryborough, "Circulars of the Inspector of Pacific Islanders", Circular No 250, 28 Jul 1908; QSA Item ID18849
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered N/A
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On 1 January 1896, under the "Pacific Island Labourers Act of 1880", an Inspector of Pacific Islanders, Childers was appointed.

Inspections regarding compliance with the Act by masters of vessels and employers including agreements of employment, payment of wages, and medical treatment.

Responsibility for the administration of the Act was assumed by the Immigration Department (from 30 June 1884 the Pacific Island Labour Branch of the Immigration Department), a sub-department of the Chief Secretary's Office. District Inspectors reported to the Inspector of Pacific Islanders who was also the Immigration Agent.

With the enactment of the Commonwealth "Pacific Island Labourers Act 1901", employment of Pacific Islanders ceased and most Pacific Islanders were deported. All Pacific Island offices were closed on 31 Jul 1908.

Chief Secretary 1 Jan 1896 - 31 Jul 1908

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID2269, Inspector of Pacific Islanders, Childers
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