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Agency ID220
TitleWolston Park Hospital
Agency TypeResidential care facility
Start Date 10/1/1865
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Provides mental health and/or psychiatric care [Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum; Goodna Asylum for the Insane; Goodna Hospital for the Insane; Brisbane Mental Hospital; Brisbane Special Hospital; The Park Centre for Mental Health]

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Series IDTitleFromTo
9051Case Books 10/1/1865 25/1/1951
19140Registers of Patients and Admission Books 10/1/1865 18/3/1994
5839Case Books - Male 8/6/1866 1/7/1878
12720Letterbook of Reports of Official Visitors 22/6/1886 27/9/1889
21254Warders' Time and Occurrence Book - Goodna Asylum 31/5/1893 13/5/1894
18202Index to Case Books - Male and Female [microfilm] 1/1/1909 31/12/1941
9063Ward Book 1/1/1923 31/12/1923
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
107Colonial Secretary's Office 10/1/1865 6/8/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 6/8/1896 5/12/1935
126Health and Home Affairs Department 5/12/1935 26/9/1963
105Department of Health 26/9/1963 3/4/2012
11466Queensland Health 3/4/2012 1/7/2012
11524West Moreton Hospital and Health Service 1/7/2012 Current
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
2594Ipswich Special Hospital 1/7/1878 3/2/1910
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Information Sources

Colonial Secretary's Office Inwards Correspondence 1865, 72/1865; QSA Item ID 846793 (COL/A63)
(1) Queensland Votes and Proceedings, First Session, 1868-69, pp.699, 710-730
The Lunacy Act 1884
The Mental Hygiene Act 1938
Queensland Government Gazette 1939, Vol CLIII, p. 2068
The Mental Health Act 1962
Queensland Government Gazette 1963, Vol CCXIII, p507
Mental Health Act 2000
Queensland Health "The Park - Centre for Mental Health: A Walk Through Time", viewed 9 April 2010,

Richards, 2017, Going up the line to Goodna - a history of Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, Goodna Mental Hospital and Wolston Park Hospital, 1865 - 2015
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Mental Hygiene Act 1938
Mental Health Act 1962
Mental Health Act 2000
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In a reference to evidence taken before a Commission of Inquiry into the General Management and Working of the Lunatic Asylum Woogaroo, Asylum staff refer to the removal of asylum patients from Brisbane Gaol to Woogaroo on 10 Jan 1865. The asylum was renamed several times over its history, to Goodna Asylum for the Insane (circa 1890), Goodna Hospital for the Insane (1898), Brisbane Mental Hospital (1963), Brisbane Special Hospital (1964) and finally Wolston Park Hospital (1968). The Park Centre for Mental Health Treatment, Research & Education was established in 2000.

Mental Health services

Under the "Mental Health Act 2000", Wolston Park Hospital (The Park Centre for Mental Health) is an authorised mental health service within the West Moreton Darling Downs District.

Colonial Secretary 10 Jan 1865 - 6 Aug 1896
Home Secretary 6 Aug 1896 - 5 Dec 1935
Secretary for Health and Home Affairs 5 Dec 1935 - 14 Nov 1957
Minister for Health and Home Affairs 14 Nov 1957 - 26 Sep 1963
Minister for Health 26 Sep 1963 - 1 July 2012

Health Department, Division of Mental Hygiene 1 Jan 1940 - 1 Jul 1963
Health Department, Division of Psychiatric Services 1 Jul 1963 - c. 1992
Health Department, Mental Health Branch c. 1992 - c. 2012
West Moreton Hospital and Health Service c. 2012 - current

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID220, Wolston Park Hospital
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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