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Agency ID2172
TitleCroydon Hospital
Agency TypeHealth/Hospital Service
Start Date 21/4/1887
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Provides medical and hospital care

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Series IDTitleFromTo
12302Record of Whisky Consumption N/A N/A
12318Admission Registers - Croydon Hospital 25/3/1888 23/1/1951
12319Plan of Proposed New Ward of Croydon District Hospital 24/10/1891 24/10/1891
12304Registers of Patients 1/1/1893 30/4/1925
12305Register of Out-Patient Monthly Attendances 1/5/1910 30/11/1914
12317Ward Books 4/5/1910 22/1/1914
12300Visitors' Book 11/8/1910 12/7/1935
12308Prescription Books 1/3/1911 29/1/1928
12301In-Patient Case Book 1/5/1914 23/11/1917
12296Inventory 11/6/1917 31/7/1918
12315Ledger 1/2/1925 31/12/1936
12310Day Book Showing Medicines and Dressings 15/1/1929 12/4/1931
12314Minute Books 7/4/1930 12/10/1944
12298Nurses' Daily Report Books 1/4/1934 31/10/1954
12306Out-Patient Case Books 22/1/1936 30/11/1954
12303Doctor's In-Patient Case Book 24/6/1937 1/12/1938
12307Doctor's Out-Patient Case Book 1/7/1937 30/6/1943
12316Register of Certificates of Death 1/1/1938 31/12/1939
12309Monthly Reports (Croydon Hospital) 1/3/1942 30/9/1949
12311Register of Outstanding Fees 11/4/1944 1/5/1951
12313Statement of Cash Received 22/8/1945 31/7/1947
12299Register of Medicine, Tablets, Ointments, Etc. 5/2/1946 13/8/1947
12297Surgery and Dispensary Book Showing Articles Received 8/12/1949 12/9/1956
12312Miscellaneous Papers [Croydon Hospital] 1/1/1955 31/12/1955
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
105Department of Health 1/7/1991 3/4/2012
11466Queensland Health 3/4/2012 Current
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Information Sources

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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered Hospitals Acts 1847 - 1891
Hospitals Act 1923
Hospitals Act 1936
Health Act 1937
Health Services Act 1991
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Croydon was established as gold-mining area in1886 and a medical officer appointed on 21 April 1887. The first hospital patients were admitted in1888. With the end of the gold-mining rush hospital patient numbers decreased, and by the1950s consideration was given to retaining only a cottage hospital. However, new buildings were erected about the late1970s - 1980.

From the 1880s Croydon Hospital provided medical and hospital services including an out-patient clinic. In the 2000s "Croydon Hospital provides services such as Accident and Emergency Care and Primary Health Care in a remote area location in conjunction with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Allied Health Outreach Services. Dressings, clinical assessments, child health, immunisations, medications, women's health clinics, palliative and post acute services, school screening and health promotion, are examples of some of the services provided."

Hospitals were administered by Committees until gradually replaced by district Boards. Croydon Hospital came under the control of the Normanton Hospitals Board in 1945. From 1996 Croydon Hospital was part of the Tablelands Health Service District, and from 8 Feb 2007, the Cairns and Hinterland Health Service District under a district manager and a Council which monitors services.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID2172, Croydon Hospital
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