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Agency ID2146
TitleCommissioner of Prices Office
Agency TypeBusiness unit or division
Start Date 11/3/1920
End Date 16/1/1975
Date Notes11 Mar 1920 - 26 Oct 1925; 1930 - 1975 (c)

Responsible for price monitoring and control of consumer products

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Series IDTitleFromTo
16976Traders Financial Files 1/1/1938 6/10/1965
16978Dairy Prices Policy Files 1/4/1941 21/6/1965
11975Files Respecting Prices of Board and Lodging 1/1/1948 31/12/1954
16993Bread Manufacturers Financial Files 1/1/1948 31/12/1958
16994Flour Mill Financial Files 1/1/1948 31/12/1965
17904Miscellaneous Prices Policy Files 1/1/1948 31/12/1966
11971Trading Result Files 1/1/1948 31/12/1970
17903Bread Policy Files 1/1/1948 31/12/1973
16966Footwear Prices Policy Files 10/3/1948 4/1/1962
16977Flour Prices Policy Files 11/3/1948 13/1/1967
16958Building Industry Prices Policy Files 4/4/1948 19/12/1963
16980Salt Prices Policy Files 4/5/1948 20/2/1958
16972Liquor Prices Policy Files 23/7/1948 7/11/1963
16961Special Pricing Scheme Files (North Queensland Merchants Assn.) 16/8/1948 11/11/1958
16974Matches Prices Policy File 25/8/1948 14/7/1958
19400General Policy, Query and Complaint Files 1/9/1948 N/A
6723General File on Controlled and De-Controlled Goods 1/9/1948 30/6/1961
16965Leather & Hides Prices Policy Files 7/9/1948 25/3/1959
16975General Groceries Prices Policy Files 16/9/1948 21/4/1959
17004Clothing Prices Policy Files 20/9/1948 24/4/1959
16970Meat Prices Policy Files 21/9/1948 14/5/1969
16973Tobacco and Cigarettes Prices Policy File 23/9/1948 23/4/1965
16971Potato Prices Policy Files 24/9/1948 8/4/1959
16995Petroleum Prices Policy Files 28/9/1948 30/3/1967
16968Tea Prices Policy Files 1/10/1948 23/2/1962
16969Copper and Lead Prices Policy Files 3/11/1948 7/12/1954
11973Prices Files on Land Sales, Meat and Petrol 1/1/1949 31/12/1950
11972Miscellaneous Correspondence Concerning Prices 1/1/1949 31/12/1957
16967Fruit Prices Policy Files 8/2/1949 18/9/1963
16963Tyres Prices Policy Files 21/2/1949 23/5/1962
16979Sugar Prices Policy Files 27/7/1949 13/10/1964
17002Prosecutions Policy Files 11/11/1949 2/6/1960
11976Prices Files Grouped According to An Alphabetical Arrangement 1/1/1951 31/12/1957
16981Eggs Prices Policy File 17/1/1952 1/2/1961
11974Meat Prices File 1/2/1952 28/2/1957
11970Petrol Prices File 1/2/1952 30/6/1957
16982School Milk Supply Prices Policy File 6/2/1953 30/9/1960
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
40Premier and Chief Secretary's Department 11/3/1920 26/10/1925
223Labour and Industry Department I 1/1/1930 1/10/1942
222Labour and Employment Department 1/10/1942 1/3/1947
2840Labour and Industry Department II 1/3/1947 15/9/1948
19Department of Justice (I) 17/9/1948 16/1/1975
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Information Sources

Queensland Parliamentary Papers 1920, vol. II, p. 1117
Queensland Government Gazette Jul 1948 - Dec 1948, Vol CCXXI, No 107, p. 1918
Public Service List 1949, p. 93
Queensland Government Gazette Jan 1975 - Feb 1975, Vol CCXLVIII, No 5, p. 95
Queensland Parliamentary Papers, 1975 - 1976, p. 2199
State Public Relations Bureau "State Directory" 1975, pp. 32, 70
State Public Relations Bureau "State Directory" 1980, pp.30, 86
State Public Relations Bureau "State Directory" 1985, 77, 118

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Establishing Profiteering Prevention Act 1920
Abolishing N/A
Administered Profiteering Prevention Act 1920
Profiteering Prevention Act 1948
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The Office of the Commissioner of Prices was established under the "Profiteering Prevention Act 1920" which was assented to 11 March 1920. The functions under the Act of the Commissioner were transferred to the Board of Trade and Arbitration in Oct 1925 but the Commissioner was re-instated from 1 Jan 1930 within the Labour and Industry Department. The Office was re-established under the "Profiteering Prevention Act 1948" assented to 17 Sep 1948 and administered by the Justice Department.

The Commissioner was responsible for the investigation of pricing and if necessary the fixing of prices for a wide range of consumer products such as foodstuffs, petrol and building products.

Premier and Chief Secretary 11 Mar 1920 - 26 Oct 1925
Secretary of Labour and Industry 1 Jan 1930 - 15 Sep1948
Attorney General, 17 Sep 1948 - 14 Nov 1957
Minister for Justice and Attorney General, 14 Nov 1957 - 16 Jan 1975

While the position of Commissioner of Prices continued into the 1980s, the Commissioner's Office, in the 1970s, became part of the Consumer Affairs Bureau within the Justice Department. The end date adopted is the date of establishment of the separate Labour Relations and Consumer Affairs Department into which the Commissioner's functions were absorbed.

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID2146, Commissioner of Prices Office
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