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Agency ID1941
TitleWelfare Services Department
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date 16/12/1977
End Date 1/12/1986
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for adminsitration of welfare services including those for youth, ethnic groups, and disabled persons

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Series IDTitleFromTo
3767Draft Family and Community Bill Submissions N/A N/A
16763Youth Services Files 16/12/1977 7/2/1983
437Welfare Services Department Administration Files 16/12/1977 1/12/1986
438Social Work Division Administration Files 1/1/1980 31/12/1983
436Intellectual Disability Service Administration Files 1/1/1980 1/12/1986
16757Miscellaneous Files 3/12/1980 7/2/1983
16761International Youth Year Files 1/10/1982 7/2/1983
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1669Queensland National Fitness Council 16/12/1977 23/9/1982
157Prisons Department 16/12/1977 6/2/1986
1973Department of Children's Services 16/12/1977 1/12/1986
2836Welfare Services Department, Relief Assistance Branch 16/12/1977 1/12/1986
1849State Migration Office 23/12/1980 30/7/1981
10634Welfare Services Department, Migrant Services Division 30/7/1981 1/2/1984
2444Queensland Recreation Council 23/9/1982 1/12/1986
1942Youth Department 7/2/1983 1/12/1986
2622Ministerial Advisory Committee on Youth Affairs 27/6/1983 1/12/1986
10635Bureau of Ethnic Affairs 1/2/1984 1/12/1986
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Subsequent Agencies

Agency IDTitle
1942Youth Department
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Establishing N/A
Abolishing N/A
Administered N/A
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On 16 December 1977, the Community and Welfare Services and Sport Department was renamed the Welfare Services Department, and control of the Department of Sport was transferred to another administrative area.

Welfare services
Welfare services' administration, policy and research
Disabled persons' services
Youth services
Allocation of funds to youth organisations
Migrant and ethnic community services
Administration of endowment schemes for surf clubs and voluntary rescue organisations

The Department exercised direct control over the:
Policy Research Unit (originally Social Policy Planning and Research Unit)
Relief Assistance Branch - 6 May 1986 (except rail passes)
Division of Social Work - c. 1982
Disabled Persons Service 26 May 1982 -
State Migration Office 23 Dec 1980 - c. 1981
Division of Migrant Services c. 1981 - Feb 1984
Department of Ethnic Affairs Feb 1984 -
Division of Youth Affairs 7 Feb 1983 - Aug 1984
Department of Youth Aug 1984 -

The Department provided administrative support to the following sub-departments and bodies:
Queensland Industrial Institution for the Blind (annual report included as Appendix of Department's annual report) - Mar 1984
Queensland Blind Industrial Centre Mar 1984 - (annual report included as Appendix of Department's annual report)
Prisons Department - 6 Feb 1986
Chief Probation and Parole Officer's Office - 6 Feb 1986
Parole Board - 6 Feb 1986
Children's Services Department
Queensland National Fitness Council for Sport and Physical Recreation - 30 Jun 1982
Queensland Recreation Council 30 Jun 1982 -

The Department was represented on the:
Advisory Committee for the Blind
Inter-Departmental Committee for Welfare
Sports and Youth Pools Allocation Advisory Committee (Sport and Youth Fund)
Ministerial Advisory Committee on Youth Affairs
Ethnic Affairs Advisory Council

Minister for Welfare, 16 Dec 1977 - 23 Dec 1980
Minister for Welfare Services, 23 Dec 1980 - 7 Nov 1983
Minister for Welfare Services and Ethnic Affairs, 7 Nov 1983 - 31 Jul 1984
Minister for Welfare Services, Youth and Ethnic Affairs, 31 Jul 1984 - 1 Dec 1986

With the renaming of the ministerial portfolio to Minister for Family Services, Youth and Ethnic Affairs, the Department of Welfare Services became the Department of Family Services on 1 Dec 1986.

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Queensland State Archives Agency ID1941, Welfare Services Department
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