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Agency ID191
TitleSupreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane
Agency TypeSupreme Court
Start Date 30/6/1874
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

The Supreme Court is the highest court in Queensland, comprising a trial division and the Court of Appeal.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
15716Affidavits, Pleadings and Associated Papers [Towns V Campbells & Another] N/A N/A
15551Deeds of Assignment and Affidavits under the Insolvency Act,1864 N/A N/A
15671Execution by Hanging Certificates N/A N/A
15562Files re Sales of Land to Enable Local Authorities to Recoup Unpaid Rates N/A N/A
15684Financial Returns N/A N/A
15480General Correspondence N/A N/A
15492General Correspondence N/A N/A
15563Index to Files re Sales of Land to Enable Local Authorities to Recoup Unpaid Rates N/A N/A
15729Index to Registers of Rules of Court N/A N/A
15544Indexes to Registers of Bills of Sale N/A N/A
15533Judgment Files in Foreign Civil Cases, Including Affidavits and Associated Papers [Brisbane] N/A N/A
18204Ledger N/A N/A
15462Letters Received by the Associate to the Chief Justice Asking for Judicial Reports on Petitions N/A N/A
15466Letters Received by the Registrar N/A N/A
15460Letters Received by the Registrar (Pasted Into Guard Books) N/A N/A
15481Letters Received by the Secretary of the Board of Barristers N/A N/A
15699Liens on Crops, Sugar Cane and Wool N/A N/A
15501Liquidation Files N/A N/A
6674List of Rules of Court N/A N/A
15537Memorials of Stock Mortgages and Bills of Sale N/A N/A
15681Miscellaneous Documents N/A N/A
15630Miscellaneous Ecclesiastical Papers N/A N/A
15463Miscellaneous Letters Received by the Chief Justice or by His Associate N/A N/A
15683Miscellaneous Papers N/A N/A
15691Miscellaneous Papers re Supreme Court and District Court Matters N/A N/A
15467Miscellaneous Petitions N/A N/A
15545Papers in Connection With the Vice-Admiralty Court N/A N/A
15554Papers in Connection With Vice-Admiralty Court, Cases Involving Ships N/A N/A
15547Petitions and Associated Papers for Insolvency Initiated by Debtor's Summons N/A N/A
15510Register of Equity Papers N/A N/A
15724Register of Summonses N/A N/A
15603Registers of Liens on Crops N/A N/A
15611Registers of Liens on Wool N/A N/A
15575Registrar's Minute Books N/A N/A
15717Returned Documents Receipts N/A N/A
15686Returns of Civil Actions Received from Inferior Courts N/A N/A
5729Returns to Writs and Associated Papers 1/1/1857 31/12/1871
15534Index to Judgment Files in Foreign Civil Case - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 1/1/1860 31/12/1924
15698Registers of Precedents 1/1/1868 31/12/1985
15706Registers of Powers of Attorney (Supreme Court, Brisbane) 1/1/1868 31/12/1990
15500Indexes to Liquidation Files 1/1/1874 31/12/1928
6670Chief Justice's Associate's Chamber Book 30/6/1874 27/11/1874
5727Writs of Habeas Corpus 30/6/1874 31/12/1876
15461Applications Received by the Associate to the Chief Justice 30/6/1874 18/12/1877
15701Business Correspondence 30/6/1874 31/12/1877
15490Letterbook of the Resident Judge, Moreton Bay and Associates 30/6/1874 1/5/1878
5752Papers re Admission As Articled Clerks 30/6/1874 30/6/1883
15566Action Book for Vice-Admiralty Court 30/6/1874 14/8/1885
5754Affidavits, Summonses, Orders, Etc. for Cases Heard in Chambers 30/6/1874 31/12/1886
15679Affidavits and Associated Papers in Crown Cases Reserved and Special Cases 30/6/1874 31/12/1893
15497Indexes to Equity Files 30/6/1874 31/12/1895
15505Equity Files 30/6/1874 31/12/1900
15518Index to Files Relating to the Admission of Persons to Practice As Solicitors 30/6/1874 31/12/1900
5721Indexes to Writs of Prohibition 30/6/1874 31/12/1900
5720Writs of Prohibition 30/6/1874 31/12/1900
15548Miscellaneous Insolvency Papers 30/6/1874 31/12/1901
5743Certificates of Naturalisation and Associated Papers 30/6/1874 31/1/1902
5177Registers of Aliens to Whom Oaths of Allegiance for Naturalisation Were Administered 30/6/1874 31/12/1903
5741Oaths of Allegiance Sworn by Aliens Being Naturalised 30/6/1874 15/1/1904
15572Writs and Associated Papers in Cases Heard in the North Queensland Registry 30/6/1874 31/12/1905
15516Register Boards re Admissions to Practice As Attorneys, Barristers and Conveyancers 30/6/1874 31/12/1912
15608Indexes to Registers of Judgments and Orders - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 30/6/1874 31/12/1925
15499Insolvency Files [Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane] 30/6/1874 31/12/1928
6334Insolvency Registers [Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane] 30/6/1874 31/12/1928
15522Files Relating to the Admission of Persons to Practice as Barristers, Solicitors and Other Legal Practitioners 30/6/1874 10/10/1935
5724Register of Writs of Capias and Attachment Issued by the Sheriff of Queensland 30/6/1874 26/9/1947
15634Bills of Sale 30/6/1874 31/12/1950
15521Rolls of Barristers, Attorneys, Solicitors, Proctors and Conveyancers admitted to practice [photocopy] 30/6/1874 31/12/1953
15668Stock Mortgages Register 30/6/1874 31/12/1956
15536Information, Depositions and Associated Papers in Criminal Cases Heard in Sittings in Brisbane - Supreme Court, Moreton Bay/Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 30/6/1874 24/11/1958
5740Indexes to Oaths of Allegiance Administered to Justices of the Peace 30/6/1874 31/12/1976
5688Matrimonial Petitions - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 30/6/1874 31/12/1976
5739Oaths of Allegiance Administered to Justices of the Peace 30/6/1874 31/12/1976
1234Index to Religious and Charitable Files 30/6/1874 31/12/1983
5751Articles of Clerkship Files 30/6/1874 31/12/1984
5733Commissioners for Affidavits (And Writs) Files 30/6/1874 12/2/1987
5170Registers of Ecclesiastical Files - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane (Wills) 30/6/1874 29/11/1991
5174Indexes to Orders and Elections 30/6/1874 30/11/1991
5710Plaintiffs' Indexes to Writs and Matrimonial Petitions - Supreme Court (Brisbane) 30/6/1874 31/12/1991
540Registers of Miscellaneous Files [Proceedings Commenced Otherwise Than by Writ] - Supreme Court, Brisbane 30/6/1874 31/12/1991
5736Registers of Commissioners of the Court Authorised to Issue Affidavits and Writs (Alphabetical) 30/6/1874 21/4/1992
4486Supreme Court (Southern) Ecclesiastical Files (Wills) 30/6/1874 31/12/1999
5176Religious and Charitable Files 30/6/1874 30/6/2002
5171Orders and Elections - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 30/6/1874 4/9/2003
18030Motions 30/6/1874 27/4/2004
5750Miscellaneous Files (proceedings started otherwise than by Writ) Supreme Court, Brisbane 30/6/1874 6/10/2007
5687Writs (Civil - Supreme Court, Brisbane) 30/6/1874 31/12/2013
15550Register of Debtors' Summonses 21/10/1874 31/7/1928
6612Chamber Books 7/12/1874 12/10/1921
18205Account Book 1/1/1875 31/12/1883
15607Register of Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration Recording Ecclesiastical Matters 3/3/1875 29/12/1900
15690Appeal Papers in the Case Hollyman and Others V. Noonan and Others 1/1/1876 31/12/1876
7380Index to Miscellaneous Papers 1/1/1876 31/12/1883
15476Fair Prints of Acts of Parliament Signed by the Governor 1/1/1876 31/12/1969
15553Insanity Files [Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane] 3/5/1876 3/7/1905
6669Associate's Chamber Book 2/6/1876 28/10/1880
15719List of Causes 4/1/1877 17/6/1878
15718Registers of Attorneys 4/1/1877 18/12/1883
15594Registers of Returns of Cases Heard in the North and Central Queensland Registries of Supreme Court 5/3/1877 14/10/1904
15570Returns Received from North and Central Queensland Registries 1/1/1878 31/12/1904
18032Liens on Wool Files 1/1/1878 31/12/1953
5735Registers of Commissioners of the Court Authorised to Issue Affidavits and Writs 15/7/1878 25/3/1927
15676Documents Relating to Civil Cases [Brisbane] 1/9/1878 31/12/1951
19386Chamber Book 27/9/1878 11/8/1879
6673Rules of Court 24/1/1880 14/12/1915
15473Letters Received by the Registrar, With Copies of Some Outward Correspondence 18/5/1880 5/10/1880
15720Butts of Telegrams Sent 15/6/1880 18/2/1884
15457In-Letters 5/7/1880 6/6/1887
15672Documents Relating to the Civil Case of Jordan V. Donovan 24/8/1880 24/8/1880
18033Liens on Crops Files 1/1/1881 31/12/1971
15458Miscellaneous Letters Received and Sent By, and Notes in Handwriting of, Mr Justice Harding 1/4/1881 31/7/1882
15722Receipt Book for Moneys Paid Into Court on Suitor's Account 11/11/1881 5/5/1885
5666Registers of Writs Issued and Amounts Claimed (Cause Books) 22/9/1882 31/12/1991
15682Miscellaneous Documents Filed in Criminal Cases 1/1/1883 31/12/1887
15715Registers of Conveyances Executed by the Sheriff of Queensland 10/7/1883 13/10/1932
15674Documents Relating to the Petition of James Burke for A Deed of Grant 13/8/1883 13/8/1883
15700Exhibits in Case Smith V. Lucas and Another Involving "the Rockhampton and North Side Tramway Co 1/1/1884 31/12/1886
15459In-Letters 1/1/1884 31/12/1892
15616Registers of Judgments and Orders [Supreme Court, Brisbane] 26/8/1884 13/12/1918
15685Record of Proceedings in the Privy Council 1/8/1885 31/8/1885
5734Correspondence Relating to A Survey of Commissioners for Affidavits 1/12/1885 30/4/1886
15474Indexes to Affidavits under the Succession Duties Acts 1/1/1886 31/12/1923
15532Register of Australasian Judgments 1/1/1886 31/12/1947
15472Affidavits under the Succession Duties Act 1/3/1886 30/11/1923
15702Files of Affidavit and Recognizance in Registration of Newspapers 1/4/1886 31/7/1941
15546Registers of Caveats 15/7/1886 19/12/1890
15675Affidavits and Associated Papers re Land Transmitted by Death 1/1/1887 31/12/1900
15713Index to Files re Land Transmitted by Death and Other Cases under the Settled Land Act 1/1/1887 31/12/1900
15565Bills of Costs 1/1/1887 31/12/1905
15695Minutes of Conviction and Documents Respecting Offenders' Probations Act (Brisbane) 1/1/1887 31/12/1911
15579Papers in Election Tribunals 1/1/1887 31/12/1913
15531Judgment Files in Federal Civil Cases, Including Affidavits and Associated Papers [Brisbane] 1/1/1887 31/12/1939
5662Registers of Writs Issued and Amounts Claimed (Cause Books, Civil Sittings) [Supreme Court, Brisbane] 14/3/1887 8/4/1968
15477Register of Settlements 30/10/1887 13/4/1891
15585Register of Orders - Queen V. Patterson 3/12/1887 12/4/1888
15709Register of Companies 1/1/1888 31/12/1898
15577Elections Tribunal Papers 1/1/1888 31/12/1912
15723Register of Mortgages and Memorandums of Satisfaction of Joint Stock Companies 21/2/1888 9/2/1910
15578Register of the Filing of Petitions, and of Action Taken on Them in Election Tribunals 13/6/1888 21/11/1990
15697Register of Shares Held in the Gympie Newspaper Co. Ltd 1/11/1888 11/6/1890
15704Credit Receipts Ledger 1/1/1889 31/12/1894
15584Crown Side Cases 1/1/1889 31/12/1900
15592Indexes to Crown Side Cases 1/1/1889 31/12/1900
7378Indexes (unidentified) 1/1/1889 31/12/1904
15502Files re Trustees under the Trustees Act of 1889 1/3/1889 25/9/1929
15479Miscellaneous Correspondence 1/11/1889 31/12/1890
5723Register of the Receipt and Satisfaction of Writs 5/12/1889 1/8/1930
15692Record of Proceedings in the Privy Council on Appeal from the Supreme Court of Queensland 1/1/1890 31/12/1894
7271Supreme Court (Central) Ecclesiastical Files (Wills) 1/1/1890 1/1/1896
15710Notebook of Commissions 1/1/1892 31/12/1900
15615Returns from Court Registries of Bills of Sale and Stock Mortgages 1/1/1892 31/12/1904
15540Registers of Bills of Sale 1/1/1892 31/12/1956
15588Registers of Taxation 4/1/1892 22/3/1927
15628Register of Claims - Supreme Court (Brisbane) 29/6/1892 7/3/1909
15612Returns of the Official Trustee 1/1/1893 31/12/1911
15725Register of the Issue of Warrants in Execution of Judgments Given by Foreign Courts 13/1/1893 17/1/1922
15721Register of Appeals 3/10/1893 18/12/1896
6672Mr. Justice Real's Associate's Chamber Book 11/3/1895 12/6/1901
15556Register of Admiralty Fees 15/10/1896 4/1/1900
15712Draft Jury Bill and Correspondence Respecting Special Jurymen 10/5/1897 12/4/1904
15491Letterbook of Judges and Their Associates 10/8/1897 30/7/1912
15493Ledger of Moneys Paid Into the Court 29/10/1897 25/4/1898
15568Registers of Proceedings 6/6/1898 24/7/1925
15561Rules of the Court in Prize Proceedings for Vice-Admiralty and Colonial Courts (Printed) 18/7/1898 18/7/1898
15730Account Book of Arthur Leeds' Administration in the Will and Codicil of William Franklin Whitney 1/1/1899 31/12/1901
15557Bills of Costs re Reis Brothers V. Carling & Co 1/1/1899 31/12/1906
15711Documents Respecting Election Petitions 1/9/1899 31/10/1899
15680Record of Previous Convictions Against Prisoners of Brisbane Gaol 4/11/1899 24/5/1902
15478Registers of Inward Correspondence 2/1/1900 5/8/1926
15586Minutes of Applications 22/5/1900 11/3/1927
7102Register of Probates Filed in the Rockhampton and Townsville Registries 1/1/1901 31/12/1906
15622Stock Mortgages Register 1/1/1901 31/12/1955
15555Minute Book for Actions in the Vice-Admiralty Court 1/1/1901 31/12/1959
8531Register of Newspapers 1/1/1901 31/12/1971
18031Petitions 1/1/1901 1/3/1996
18029Orders to Show Cause (Supreme Court Brisbane) 1/1/1901 28/6/1996
5753Originating Summonses (Supreme Court Brisbane) 1/1/1901 19/10/2008
15606Registers of All Documents Filed in the Court 2/1/1901 7/7/1903
15605Registers of Documents Filed and Proceedings Taken 2/1/1901 28/2/1905
15511Judgments and Orders 2/1/1901 31/12/1918
15587Minutes of Proceedings 29/7/1901 14/6/1923
15637Chamber Books 6/12/1901 29/6/1951
15564Files re Sales of Land to Enable Local Authorities to Recoup Unpaid Rates 1/1/1902 31/12/1932
15728Register of Rules of Court 20/2/1902 22/12/1921
15487Account of Cash Accruing from the Sales of Land under Local Authorities Acts 1/1/1903 31/12/1927
15539Memorials of Stock Mortgages 12/7/1904 31/12/1953
15589Registers of Jurors 14/12/1904 13/1/1958
15483Inward Correspondence 1/1/1905 31/12/1959
15726Register of Plaints from Foreign Courts 3/1/1907 4/5/1922
15636Search Books 5/1/1908 2/1/1920
15591Taxing Costs Notebook 30/8/1910 14/1/1932
15488Subject Index to Register of Correspondence 1/1/1912 31/12/1917
15489General Indexes to Registers of Correspondence 1/1/1912 31/12/1925
15567Judgments and Warrants for Sales of Land to Enable Local Authorities to Recoup Unpaid Rates 1/1/1912 31/12/1937
15482Inward Correspondence With Copies of Some Outward Letters 17/9/1912 13/12/1912
15559Papers Connected With the Prize Jurisdiction of the Court 1/1/1914 31/12/1915
15560Marshall's Minute Book 1/9/1914 31/3/1916
15468Cash Book, Marshall-In-Prize (Vice-Admiralty Court) 15/9/1914 3/3/1915
15486Correspondence and Correspondence Regarding Staff Received by the Registrar 1/1/1915 31/12/1946
8528Registers of Printing Presses and Types 1/1/1915 31/12/1971
17991Instruments of Renunciation 24/4/1915 10/2/1992
15693Record of Proceedings in the Privy Council on Appeal from the High Court 1/1/1916 31/12/1917
5745Applications for Copies of Records of Naturalisation, and Related Correspondence 1/1/1918 31/12/1948
15604Registers of Fees Paid to the Court 4/2/1918 13/3/1930
5989Registers of Criminal Cases Tried (Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane) 1/3/1918 14/7/1988
15484Correspondence in Respect to Recognition of Legal Practitioners 1/1/1920 31/12/1946
15677Log Book of the Ship Matthew Flinders 1/2/1921 31/7/1922
15573Judgments Respecting Sales of Land Against Unpaid Rates 28/11/1922 19/5/1932
7484Civil Case Files [Brisbane] 1/1/1923 31/12/1946
15569Registers of Applications 30/4/1923 6/11/1926
15620Registers of Bills of Sale Returns Received from Various Local Court Registries 1/1/1924 31/12/1934
15583Register of Printed Notices of Sales of Land Against Unpaid Rates 1/1/1925 31/12/1932
15707Register and Loose Correspondence Relating to Insurance Companies 1/1/1925 31/12/1942
15538Register of Stock Mortgage Statistics 1/1/1927 31/12/1928
15619Registers of Liens on Crop Returns Received from Various Local Court Registries 1/1/1927 31/12/1945
15496Chief Justice's Correspondence 1/1/1928 31/12/1944
15617Register of Stock Mortgage Returns Received from Various Local Court Registries 1/1/1928 31/12/1946
15609Registers for Recording Grants in Ecclesiastical Matters (Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane) 1/1/1928 31/12/1960
15646State Securities 1/1/1928 31/12/1960
15665Registers of State Securities 1/8/1928 1/8/1928
15475Cash Account of the Administration of Land Sales and General Cash Book 1/1/1929 31/12/1954
15705Briefs for Taxation 1/1/1931 31/12/1953
15610Register of Liens on Sugar Cane 1/1/1932 31/12/1952
15708Register of Powers of Attorney Appointed (Supreme Court, Brisbane) 1/1/1933 31/12/1942
18051Library Fund - Quarterly Statements 8/6/1933 17/3/1959
20713Registers of Appeals to a Single Judge 1/1/1934 31/12/1967
15613Reasons for Judgment - Full Court 1/1/1935 31/12/1940
15465Correspondence Relating to Supreme Court Buildings 1/1/1935 31/12/1946
5726Writs of Dedimus Potestatem Correspondence 27/12/1935 9/12/1937
20717Farmers' Assistance Registers 1/1/1936 31/12/1938
15696Correspondence Respecting Taxation 1/1/1936 31/12/1955
15470Cash Book 1/9/1936 29/2/1968
15625Minutes of Proceedings 8/6/1937 7/11/1946
15469Cash Books, Suitors' Accounts 3/3/1938 30/6/1961
18038Criminal Depositions - Supreme Court, Brisbane 1/1/1939 31/12/1985
15614Reasons for Judgments - Single Judge 1/1/1940 31/12/1962
18000Judgment Files 1/1/1940 31/12/1984
17993Primary Producers' Co-operative Securities 1/1/1940 31/12/1989
15727Register of Motions and Appeals under the National Security Regulations 1/1/1941 31/12/1945
5714Writs of Fi Fa (Fieri Facias) - Southern District, Brisbane 1/1/1943 31/12/1964
15485General Cash Books, Sheriff of Queensland 4/7/1944 27/9/1967
18047Appointment of Justices - Marriage of Minors 1/1/1945 31/12/1963
7375Registers of State Securities 1/1/1945 31/12/1968
5175Registers of Matrimonial Petitions - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 2/7/1945 19/1/1976
15494Ledger of Fines and Restitution 19/11/1948 15/11/1954
17984Registrar's Notebooks 1/1/1950 31/12/1990
17873Bills of Sale and Stock Mortgages 1/1/1951 31/12/1969
15731Ledger and Exhibits re Dittmer Gold Mines Ltd 1/12/1952 31/12/1952
17054Stock Mortgage Memorials 1/1/1953 31/12/1956
18043Recognizances - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 1/1/1953 31/12/1969
17985Orders to Administer - Inventories 1/1/1953 31/12/1978
17995Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments 1/1/1953 31/12/1990
18041Orders - State Childrens Acts - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 17/2/1953 20/1/1967
17992Maintenance Orders 1/1/1954 31/12/1967
18048Registration of Newspapers 1/1/1954 31/12/1967
18046Registration of Printing Presses 1/1/1954 31/12/1967
15714Notebook of Statistics Required by the Commonwealth Statistician 1/1/1955 31/12/1957
7374Registers of Bills of Sale and Other Instruments 1/1/1955 31/12/1968
15663Notebooks for Fines and Restitution 14/2/1955 3/11/1966
18049Applications for Admission to Practice As A Barrister 1/1/1956 31/12/1960
18040Bail Recognizances - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 1/1/1956 31/12/1968
18042Bench Warrants 29/2/1956 12/12/1968
15661Under Sheriffs Notebooks for Criminal Sittings 18/2/1957 11/4/1968
15471Cash Book - Suspense Account 29/5/1957 4/12/1961
18050Bankruptcy Notices 17/10/1957 22/10/1957
20714Practice Directions 1/1/1958 31/12/1958
10327Mr. Justice Stable, Judgments 1/1/1958 31/12/1979
15662Jury Attendance Books 17/2/1958 13/3/1967
18044Probation Orders - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 1/1/1959 31/12/1968
15703Criminal Subpoenas - Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane 1/1/1959 31/12/1984
18034Indictments [Supreme Court, Brisbane] 1/1/1959 19/6/2018
17999State Securities 1/1/1960 31/12/1973
15495Special Register and Loose Correspondence of Restitutions and Fines 1/1/1961 31/12/1965
20712Registers of Matrimonial Applications, Decrees and Appeals 1/1/1961 31/12/1976
7377Registers of Fines and Restitutions 4/9/1962 18/5/1964
17981Warrants 1/1/1965 31/12/1989
18039Trial Calendars 26/9/1966 24/11/1969
17989Certificates of Treasurer 1/1/1968 31/12/1975
17982Miscellaneous Correspondence 1/1/1970 31/12/1975
20711Registers of Commercial Causes 1/1/1973 31/12/1983
17994Chamber Certificates 1/1/1979 31/12/1987
20744Originating Applications (Supreme Court, Brisbane) 1/1/1980 1/3/2019
17980Applications for Winding Up Companies 1/1/1985 16/12/2005
17987Consent Orders Dismissing Appeals 1/1/1986 31/12/1990
17986Notices of Abandonments of Criminal Appeals 1/1/1986 31/12/1990
6339Originating Applications - Probate and Letters of Administration (Supreme Court, Brisbane) 1/1/1999 8/4/2019
20742Claims (Supreme Court, Brisbane) 30/1/2009 26/2/2016
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
19Department of Justice (I) 30/6/1874 7/12/1989
33Department of Justice and Corrective Services 7/12/1989 11/4/1991
100Department of Justice (II) 11/4/1991 24/9/1992
34Department of Justice and Attorney-General 24/9/1992 26/2/1996
120Department of Justice (III) 26/2/1996 29/6/1998
8620Department of Justice and Attorney-General (II) 29/6/1998 Current
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Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
1463Official Assignee Office 30/6/1874 1/10/1874
2177Curator Of Intestate Estates Office 30/6/1874 1/1/1889
1464Official Trustee In Insolvency, Brisbane 1/10/1874 1/1/1889
2506Accountant In Insolvency 19/11/1874 1/1/1889
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Previous Agencies

Subsequent Agencies

Details of subsequent agencies do not exist or are unavailable.
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Related Agencies

Agency IDTitleRelationship
1860Supreme Court, Central District, Rockhamptonsupreme court, judge in residence
267Supreme Court, Northern District, TownsvilleSupreme court
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Finding Aids

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Publication Notes
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Information Sources

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Establishing Supreme Court Act 1874
Abolishing N/A
Administered District Courts Act 1967
Justices Act Amendment Act 1964
Supreme Court Constitution Amendment Act 1861
Supreme Court Acts 1861 - 1995
Supreme Court Rules 1900
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The Supreme Court of Queensland was formally established under the "Supreme Court Constitution Amendment Act 1861". Under the provisions of the 1861 Act, the Supreme Court of Queensland was to be a court of record to be held at Brisbane. The full powers and legal jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of New South Wales were retrospectively transferred to the Supreme Court of Queensland under the "Supreme Court Act 1863".

Until the introduction of the "Supreme Court Act of 1874", the Brisbane Supreme Court and the Circuit Courts were required to deal with all judicial matters of their concern that might arise within Queensland. The 1874 Act allowed for the creation of Supreme Court Districts, and the proclamation dated 24 Sep 1874 established the Northern District's boundaries. On Sep 25 of the same year, a Supreme Court Judge was appointed to reside at Bowen as Northern Judge.

This registry became known as the Supreme Court, Northern District, Bowen and the Brisbane Registry then became known as the Supreme Court, Southern District, Brisbane.

The Supreme Court exercises broad original jurisdiction (ie right to hear cases at first instance) in major civil and criminal matters as well as appellate jurisdication (ie the right to hear appeals from a lower court).

The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court has included powers to administer legislation and to hear cases relating to: equity, insolvency, liquidation and registration of companies, elections, naturalisation, registration of printing presses and types, registration of newspapers and trade marks, ecclesiastical law, matrimony, property, local government laws, trusts and trustees, and the enrolment of barristers and solicitors.

Under the "Supreme Court Act 1867", the Supreme Court was constituted by three judges, one of whom was required to be the Chief Justice of Queensland. Under the Chief Justice and Supreme Court judges, was the office of the Registrar of the Court, a Curator of Intestate Estates, associates of the Chief Justice and Justices, a chief clerk, and other minor officials of the Court.

The Supreme Court can be presided over by no more than seven justices. A single judge, sitting in Brisbane, exercises original jurisdiction, whilst appellate jurisdiction is exercised by three or more justices of the Full Court of the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

As the court is a court of record, all documents presented in court matters are required to be filed in the Supreme Court Registry. The Registrar and Prothonotary is the senior officer of the Registry who is responsible for control of all officers of the Court, as well as some quasi-judicial functions under various statutes, including the granting of probate and letters of administration.

From 31 Mar 1922 to 19 Mar 1959 the Supreme Court took on some of the functions of the District Court which did not exist during this time period.
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