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Agency ID1690
TitleOffice of the Registrar of Brands
Agency TypeStatutory authority
Start Date Circa 1/1/1872
End Date Current
Date NotesN/A

Registration of stock brands

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Series IDTitleFromTo
8421Index to Old Earmark District Books N/A N/A
8422Register of Cancelled Brands N/A N/A
8417Registers of Cattle Brands and Earmarks N/A N/A
19741Registers of Transfers of Brands 1/1/1872 31/12/1985
19737Registers of Brands 1/1/1872 31/12/1986
8414Letterbooks 27/1/1872 30/12/1903
10748Registers of Letters Received Pertaining to Brands 14/3/1876 13/5/1890
19747Registers of Sheep Brands and Earmarks 1/1/1877 31/12/1987
19739Registers of Cattle Earmarks 1/1/1878 31/12/1985
8415Registers of Sheep Brands and Marks 8/12/1881 8/8/1910
19746Registers of Transfers of Sheep Brands and Earmarks 1/1/1891 31/12/1987
19748Legislation, Proclamations and Regulations 1/1/1895 31/12/1932
5915Schedule of Special Brands 30/5/1899 2/12/1901
19738Registers of Brands Cancelled and Re-allotted 14/3/1900 31/12/1985
19798Brands Inspectors' Notebooks 1/1/1903 31/12/1977
19745Registers of Distinctive Brands 1/1/1915 31/12/1987
19744Indexes to Cattle Earmarks 1/1/1960 31/12/1969
19743Indexes to Sheep Earmarks 1/1/1960 31/12/1969
19742Registers of Special Brands for Associations, Public Instrumentalities and Police 1/1/1966 31/12/1990
19740Registers of Marks 1/1/1971 31/12/1978
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Controlling Agencies

Controlled Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
974Inspector of Brands, Longreach 28/6/1872 Current
975Inspector of Brands, Maryborough 1/7/1872 Current
973Inspector of Brands, Clermont 12/7/1872 Current
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Information Sources

Brands Act 1872
Brands Act 1915
Registrar of Brands, Letterbook, 27 Jan 1872 - 22 Nov 1872; QSA: A/34629
Queensland Blue Book 1872, p. 24
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Establishing The Brands Act of 1872
Abolishing N/A
Administered The Brands Act of 1872
Brands Act 1915
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Following the assent on 22 January 1872 of the The Brands Act of 1872, the Chief Inspector of Sheep, by virtue of his office, was officially appointed Registrar of Brands from 1 July 1872. Records relating to that office, however, date from January 1872.

Registration of brands
Compilation and publication of the brands directory

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Preferred Citation

Queensland State Archives Agency ID1690, Office of the Registrar of Brands
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Last updated 9 September 2016
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