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Agency ID157
TitlePrisons Department
Agency TypeDepartment
Start Date Circa 1/1/1891
End Date 15/12/1988
Date NotesN/A

Responsible for the administration of corrective services.

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Series IDTitleFromTo
17615Special Leases Map - Prison Reserve N/A N/A
15187Registers of Death Sentences, Brisbane 3/11/1865 20/3/1922
15177General Correspondence (HM Penal Establishment, St Helena / Reformatory for Boys, Lytton) 8/3/1880 13/3/1882
15181Inquiry Into Charges Made Against the Superintendent of HM Penal Establishment, St. Helena 9/11/1883 30/1/1902
22Photographic Records, Descriptions and Criminal Histories of Prisoners - (Male) [Prisons Department] 23/9/1889 13/6/1891
15183Ex-Officers' Staff Files 1/1/1890 31/12/1982
6591Superannuation Fund Contributions Book [Prisons Department] 31/1/1890 28/11/1894
15170Letterbook of the Sheriff/Comptroller General - Letters to Heads of Departments 1/1/1891 27/1/1898
15164Letterbooks of the Sheriff/Comptroller General - Letters to Superintendents and other Gaol Officers 1/1/1891 27/1/1898
15168Letterbook of Financial Statements 1/1/1891 31/3/1900
19130Registers of Prisoners' Requests [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 1/1/1891 19/11/1913
15169General Letterbooks of the Sheriff/Comptroller General of Prisons 1/1/1891 18/3/1920
15189Registers of Inwards Correspondence [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 1/1/1891 31/12/1940
15188Inwards Correspondence [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 1/1/1891 31/12/1947
7341Register of Officials and Warders and Defaulters' Book [Sheriff's Office / Prisons Department] 1/1/1891 31/12/1947
9097Special Subject Batches 1/1/1891 31/12/1976
17680Prison Plans 1/1/1891 22/1/1987
17616Prison Reserve Plans 1/9/1893 13/3/1916
15176Returns of Classification (Prisoners) 1/1/1896 31/12/1896
15184Registers of Forwarded Correspondence ("Minute Books") 1/10/1896 24/11/1905
15166Registers of Outwards Correspondence 1/1/1898 29/2/1920
15186Applicants Book [Prisons Department] 13/6/1898 3/4/1905
6592Prison Officers' Subscriptions Book [Prisons Department] 1/1/1900 31/12/1900
7618Newspaper Cuttings Books 12/2/1903 28/11/1915
20631Salary and Wages Logbook [Register of Officers] 1/1/1904 31/12/1970
16710Prison Weekly Return Book 1/1/1907 30/9/1950
17926Ex-Prisoners' Files 9/4/1925 15/8/1988
7332Prison Rules and Orders Book 1/1/1933 31/12/1938
6207Photographs and Slides of Queensland Prisons 1/1/1950 15/12/1988
7326Diary (Comptroller-General of Prisons) 3/1/1955 12/7/1955
7331Staff Positions Register (Brisbane, Townsville, and Wacol prisons) 1/1/1962 31/12/1965
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Controlling Agencies

Agency IDTitleFromTo
107Colonial Secretary's Office 1/1/1891 6/8/1896
123Home Secretary's Office 6/8/1896 5/12/1935
126Health and Home Affairs Department 5/12/1935 8/12/1941
19Department of Justice (I) 8/12/1941 25/10/1962
126Health and Home Affairs Department 25/10/1962 26/9/1963
105Department of Health 26/9/1963 17/1/1968
19Department of Justice (I) 17/1/1968 9/1/1975
2150Department of Community and Welfare Services and Sport 9/1/1975 16/12/1977
1941Welfare Services Department 16/12/1977 6/2/1986
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260Sheriff's Office
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Information Sources

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Establishing Prisons Act of 1890
Abolishing Corrective Services Act of 1988
Corrective Services (Administration) Act of 1988
Administered Prisons Act of 1890
Prisons Acts Amendment Act of 1945
Prisons Act of 1958
Offenders Probation and Parole Act of 1959
Prisons Act Amendment Act of 1964
Offenders Probation and Parole Act Amendment Act of 1968
Prisons Act Amendment Act of 1969
Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act of 1986
Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act Amendment Act of 1986
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In 1887 a commission was appointed to inquire into the general management of gaols, penal establishments and lockups throughout the Colony. The commission presented their report the same year and the recommendations included the consolidation and amendment of the existing legislation, to make provision for the creation of a prison department and the appointment of a Comptroller General who would be in charge of all prisons.

An exact date for the establishment of the Prisons Department could not be located. The "Prisons Act of 1890" was an outcome of the inquiry of 1887 and took effect in January 1891. In the annual report for 1887, presented in June 1888, the department was called "Department of Prisons" for the first time. The sheriff performed the duties of the Comptroller General from 1 January 1891 until the appointment of an officer to that position on 1 September 1893.

Corrective services including prison administration; prisoner punishment and rehabilitation

A Comptroller-General, appointed by the Governor in Council, was in charge of all prison officers, prisoners and prisons. The Prisons Department remained a sub-department throughout its existence. From 6 Feb 1986, the department responsible for the Queensland Prisons Service was the Corrective Services and Administrative Services Department.

As an outcome of the Commission of Review into Corrective Services in Queensland in 1988, the Prisons Department was abolished and the Queensland Corrective Services Commission took over the administration of corrective services.
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Queensland State Archives Agency ID157, Prisons Department
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